(Clearwidom.net) After I was abducted and illegally detained at the Anshan Forced Labor Camp, many other Dafa practitioners and I were continuously persecuted both physically and mentally. Prison guards Zhang Zhenyang, Zhang Yongli, and others brutally persecuted the Dafa disciples who persisted in following the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and who upheld basic human rights and advocated for justice. They used many underhanded methods to persecute practitioners, depriving them of such basic human rights as food, drink, used of a restroom, and sleep.

Prison guard Zhang Zhenyang once said to us, "All the torture methods we use on you have been approved by the Party and the government."

The director of the prison, Xu Baoyu, challenged us, "Which one of you wants human rights?" Dafa disciple Li Peisheng stood up and said, "I want human rights." The prison guards later beat Li for 20 minutes.

Another Dafa disciple, Ma Jiangyuan, was once beaten so badly by the brigade leader that his eardrum was perforated. Over ten other practitioners were also beaten and sworn at during this time.

On the morning of May 8, 2001, prison guards Xu Baoyu, Zhang Zhenyang, and Zhang Yongli directly ordered and permitted prisoners to beat up practitioners. Several dozen prisoners swarmed and dragged Dafa disciples to an office, and started beating them. Afterwards, they cuffed the practitioners' hands behind their backs. The entire male "Falun Gong brigade" was filled with the sounds of beatings and screaming. This commotion disturbed the entire forced labor camp. Practitioners were beaten so severely that they sustained serious injuries, including internal bleeding, facial disfigurement, and so on. The prison guards then sent the practitioners to various other brigades to further monitor and "transform" them. The "transformation" includes sitting on small benches. The small benches were made under the direct order of prison guard Zhang Zhenyang. The bench is around 10cm long, 3cm wide, and 10 cm high. Practitioners were forced to sit for 16-17 hours per day, while the beatings and verbal abuse continued. You could hear Dafa disciples' being beaten up everyday. The atmosphere in the forced labor camp was filled with terror.

Xu Baoyu and Zhang Zhenyang said ferociously during a meeting, "We are just beating up you guys, so what? Beating you is just a light punishment. If you don't transform, you are doomed to get killed." The brigade leader, Sun Yude, said, "There are no human rights in China. What human rights are you talking about? We are specifically persecuting you guys. You can't do anything about it. There is no reason. No reason is needed." The prison guards often ordered prisoners to persecute practitioners.

Not long after that, they started holding mandatory brainwashing sessions for persistent Dafa disciples. They tied practitioners to beds, so that they could not move. Practitioners were also not allowed to use the bathroom or sleep. Prison guards covered practitioners' heads with safety helmets in the hot summer of 2001. The second brigade of the forced labor camp beat up and injured many practitioners. The leader is Mr. Wang. Once practitioners fall asleep, they would punch and hit the safety helmets with sticks. The strikes created strong vibrations affecting the practitioners' heads and ears. They also used cymbals to make loud noises to hurt practitioners' eardrums and handcuffed practitioners to a heater so that they could not stand up nor sit down for the whole night. There are many more persecution methods used. The above-mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg of the persecution that occurs in Anshan City Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province.

We hope kind-hearted and righteous people will step forward and help to stop the persecution of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" in China.