(Clearwisdom.net) I am a person who once followed a wicked path and missed a lot of precious time that I could have spent with fellow practitioners eliminating evil. After I joined Fa-rectification again, practitioners told me the key posture and the formula for sending forth righteous thoughts. When I got home and started sending forth righteous thoughts, I immediately saw dark minions and rotten ghosts turning into many circles of dark air. I continued and they eventually disintegrated completely.

That night I heard a conversation between two evil beings in my dream. One said, "Let's go quickly, we can't stay in this place any longer!" The other said, "I already saw that this place will not be good any more and found a better place."

Several days later, when I was sending forth righteous thoughts with other practitioners and cleansing myself, there was a noise, as a bottle was dropped in front of me and broke into pieces. I knew that it was the evil trying to scare me. I used my righteous thoughts to get rid of it. When I put my palm straight in front of my chest, a dark hand approached my fellow practitioners. I sent forth my righteous thoughts quickly and that hand disappeared in a second. After changing my hands to the lotus palm in front of my chest, when I thought of the formula and focused on "Mie", some beings wearing the clothing of Buddhas, Daos and Gods became smaller and smaller and settled inside my palms. When I focused my power and thought "Mie" again, they immediately disintegrated and I felt a stream of cold water drip down my arm.

Once when it was time to send righteous thoughts, I sat and my mind started to curse people and it would not stop. I knew that these thoughts were not my own. I started to clear away all the evil that interfered with my sending forth righteous thoughts. Suddenly, a woman knelt down in front of me and said, "No cursing, no blaming any more, I am wrong!" But it was too late, and it disintegrated quickly.

Because of laziness, I did not pay serious attention to the midnight time for sending forth righteous thoughts. My laziness left opportunities for the evil beings. One night, I sat for a long time. When I opened my eyes, it was still not 12 a.m. yet. I continued sending righteous thoughts. Even though the second hand on the clock moved continuously, the minute hand did not move at all. Time seemed to be frozen. I sent forth righteous thoughts: "Eliminate all the evil dark minions and rotten ghosts who interfere with my sending righteous thoughts; I am a Dafa disciple of the Fa-rectification period, and even though I have shortcomings, the evil should not interfere with me. Master, please strengthen me. I need to use the time in this dimension." Shortly, everything returned to normal and the clock started to run as usual.

One morning at 6 a.m., I did not send forth righteous thoughts. At 6:10 a.m. Master's Law Body came. I saw that, half way in the air, Master was collecting homework, one after another. Some had a full page, others only a few lines. In contrast, I handed in a blank page.

After the battle between good and evil started in Beijing, fellow practitioners and I decided to go to Beijing on October 1 and send righteous thoughts close to the evil beings. My son, who doesn't cultivate, said to me suddenly, "Mom, I dreamed that you went to Beijing on a big spaceship. You were having a furious fight with monsters and finally you won."