Dafa practitioner Yang Guang has been transferred from the "nude area" of the Jilin Prison to the Labor Camp Prison in Jilin Province for further mistreatment. The Labor Camp Prison is located in a hidden place behind the Tiebei Prison. It is surrounded by high walls and barbed wire. Each Dafa practitioner detained there is confined in a so-called "simple house" (a solitary confinement cell) alone.

Yang Guang's legs were broken when he was cruelly beaten by the camp guards. He has been intensively monitored by criminal inmates and guards. During the winter months, the temperature falls below minus 25o Celsius (minus 20o Fahrenheit) in northeastern China. In these "simple houses" the temperature is very low. Yang Guang, with barely any clothes on, was fastened to a bed full of bumps.

According to insiders, ever since he was arrested towards the end of 2000, Yang Guang has suffered cruel tortures on more than ten occasions. This has resulted in loss of hearing in his left ear and paralysis of his lower limbs, and he has been suffering from extreme emaciation. For several years, Yang Guang had been held in the "nude area" of Jilin Prison in Jilin province, where he was forbidden to wear any pants. The police also tried to force his wife to divorce him. No words are able to express his great physical and mental suffering. However, even in such a condition, he still continued to clarify the facts, which is a manifestation of his great compassion and steadfast faith in Dafa.

Related telephone numbers:

(Note: dial country code + area code before all numbers below except cell phones. Country code: 86, area code: 431)

The Central Hospital of the Prison Administration of Jilin Province,
Post code: 130000

Wang Haiqing, head: 2920337(Home), 2938005(Office), 86-13504432618(Cell)
Wang Shimin, deputy head: 7918560(Home), 2939621(Home)
Zhou Fangfang, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection:
2701990(Home), 2939024(Home)
Chen Yuxia: 2939257(Home), 2939024(Home)
Liu Zhiwen: 5663152(Home), 2388001(Home)
Meng Jie: 5604991(Home), 2939836 or 2938959(Home)

The Jilin Prison Administration of Jilin Province,
Address: Xinfa Road No. 46-1, Changchun City
Post code: 130061

The appeals office: 2750074, head: 2750001
Secretary Xu: 2750003, the section chief Yu De: 2750018
The political section of the Prison Administration of Jilin Province: 2750062

(Note: area code: 432)
The Jilin Prison of Jilin Province,
Address: 100 Junmin Road, Post code 132012
Postal address: P. O. Box 315, Jilin City, Post code 132012
Entry: 4881551
The prison political section: 2409418
People's Procuratorates stationed in the prison: 4881515, Fax: 4881559
The documentary and secretary section: 432-4881559

(Note: Because the Jilin Prison was afraid that more and more people of justice would call them to inquire about the persecution, they recently closed the automatic dialing system from the entry 4881551 to all sections. But the entry remains to be 86-432-4881551. Those who call, please ask to be directly put through to those sections when you are connected to the entry 4881551.)

The latest list of police in Jilin Prison:

Prison head of the Jilin Prison: Li Qiang
The new Political Committee member: Liu Wei
The new head of the Education Section: Li Zhuang
Police of the Education Section: Li Yongsheng, Wang Yuanchun, etc.