Two Older Practitioners from Qinghuangdao City, Hebei Province Died Due to the Persecution

( Ms. Zhang Yuqing, around 60 years old, was a resident of Houliutuo Village, Nijing Township, Changli County, Hebei province. During the past years, she was arrested many times because she clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa. In November 2004, police officers from the Nijing Township police station took her to the Changli County Brainwashing Center. She was tortured in the brainwashing center because she continued to do the Falun Gong exercises. She was forced to sit on a steel wire chair for a long time. Due to the torture her health deteriorated and she was near death's door. The brainwashing officers told her family that they could come and get her for 2,000 yuan. She was deeply troubled. On January 15, 2005, soon after Ms. Zhang Yuqing returned home, she passed away. Before she died, she said: "I still have duties to fulfill. I regret that they are left undone."

Retired Teacher Xiong Guoshou from Banan District, Chongqing City Died in 2003

( Mr. Xiong Guoshou, in his 60's, was a retired teacher from the Shitan Elementary School in Banan District, Chongqing City.

Mr. Xiong started cultivating Falun Dafa at the end of 1998. The practice made him a healthy man, with a kind and optimistic nature.

Falun Dafa Practitioner Ms. Wang Liyun Died in 2001 as a Result of the Persecution

( Ms. Wang Liyun was 40 years old, and an employee of the Zhongxin Bank in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. She was detained in the Gu-kuang-ao Detention Center, and was tortured until her life was in danger. She died on August 6, 2001, due to severe injuries during her detention.

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