In Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, former police Chief Dong Jianmin, current police Chief Liu Jun and others of Hongqilou Police Station brutally persecute Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Additionally, police Chief Deng Jianming of Wuyi Road Police Station, Secretary Wang Shutian of Wuyi Road Community Office, Deputy Secretary Chang Xiaoqing and Director Zhang Jun, actively persecute practitioners. They illegally search practitioners' homes, impose fines, order illegal surveillance, seize practitioners' personal property, extort money, beat, "hang-up," torture, interrogate with torture, illegally detain practitioners, and send practitioners to forced labor camps, brainwashing centers, and prisons.

1. Facts of the Persecution Perpetrated by Hongqilou Police Station

1) Persecution Suffered by Practitioner Wang Huai

At the beginning of January 2001, Wang Huai borrowed some money and bought a small photocopier. After less than two months, the Hongqilou Police arrested Wang Huai with surveillance gained through phone tapping and other illegal measures. They sentenced him to seven years and sent him to Zhangjiakou Prison. Wang Huai's wife was sent to Qiaodong Party School for forced brainwashing. She was released after suffering inhuman torment and being extorted 1100 yuan.

2) Persecution Suffered by Practitioner Ms. Wang Xiu

Ms. Wang Xiu went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa on October 6, 2000. She was arrested and taken to Chongli County Detention Center by Hongqilou Police Station. Ms. Wang was detained there for 15 days. On November 2, 2000, Wang Xiu was forcibly transferred to Tangshan No. 1 Women's Forced Labor Camp and jailed there until the Chinese New Year in 2001.

One day in April 2001, policemen from Hongqilou Police Station illegally arrested Wang Xiu, her husband, her sister-in-law, Xiumei, and two other people, and held them at a detention center. Wang Xiu was detained at Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp in Baoding City for 21 months. She was not released until January 26, 2003.

3) Persecution Suffered by Practitioner Wang Zhong

On September 1, 2001, Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Zhong went to "the two offices" (1) to present the true situation of Falun Dafa, but was arrested and extorted 5000 yuan by Hongqilou Police . Wang Zhong went to Beijing to validate Dafa again in October 2001, and was held for 14 days at Shisanli Detention Center and extorted 10,000 yuan.

4) Persecution Suffered by Practitioner Ms. Gao Yuzhen

In April 2000, Hongqilou Police Station illegally arrested Dafa practitioner Ms. Gao Yuzhen, who was practicing Falun Gong exercises in a small park at the time. The police sent her to Shisanli Detention Center where she was force-fed. They even demanded 50 yuan each time for force-feeding. Later, Ms. Gao went to Beijing to appeal, but she was arrested by police officers in Beijing. Hongqilou Police Station detained her for 15 days and extorted 1000 yuan from her workplace.

In October 2000, Gao Yuzhen was seized by police at Tiananmen Square without cause while she was sitting on the square. She was later sentenced to three years in prison. She was force-fed many times, and finally released when she weighed only 35 kg (about 70 lb), and was severely emaciated from the torture.

5) Persecution Suffered by Practitioner Mei Junkun

Falun Dafa practitioner Mei Junkun went to appeal at Tiananmen Square in December 2000. Mei was detained for more than 20 days and extorted for over 10,000 yuan. Hongqilou Police Station also threatened and forced Mei Junkun's family to pay 200 yuan. They later extorted 5000 yuan as bail money. The police extorted over 17,000 yuan in total, including for so-called "meal expenses" incurred while in the detention center. Mei's family became penniless due to the extortion from the government and police officers and was even unable to afford their child's school fees.

6) The Persecution Suffered by another Practitioner (name unknown)

A Dafa practitioner went to Beijing to appeal on December 31, 2000, and was arrested. Hongqilou Community Office Secretary Jia Yong confiscated the practitioner's 50 yuan. The practitioner was forced to sit on the tiger bench and was held for three days. Police Chief He of the local police station extorted the practitioner's family 3000 yuan. In addition, Hongqilou Community Office led seven to eight people to the practitioner's home. They then rushed into the home and confiscated the refrigerator, TV and other belongings. Hongqilou Community Office's 610 Office personnel, Deng, Lu, Wang and others, harassed the practitioner at his home during the day. On April 14, 2001, Hongqilou Police Station Chief Dong Jianmin sent people to wait around the practitioner's home and then four people seized the practitioner and took him/her to the local police station. This practitioner was detained for 102 days at Xuanhua Detention Center. Since then, whenever there are sensitive dates where the government is afraid of public complaints, unlawful personnel monitor and harass the practitioner.

2. Wuyi Road Police Station in Qiaodong District

1) Dafa Practitioner Ms. Sun Yumei Suffers Persecution

Ms. Sun Yumei, 55, is a worker at Zhangjiakou City Coal Machine Factory. In June 2000, the Wuyi Road Police arrested Sun Yumei at home, and detained her at Shisanli Detention Center for 15 days. On October 27, 2000, Sun Yumei, her husband Chen Xue, and other practitioners went to Beijing to validate Dafa. After being detained for over 60 days, Sun Yumei's entire body became swollen due to repeated torture. Detention center authorities tried to carry Ms. Sun into a forced labor camp, but she was rejected by the forced labor camp a few days later due to poor health. After she went home, Deng Jianmin from Wuyi Road Police Station and an officer from Wuyi Road Community Office, paying no attention to Sun Yumei's life or death condition, again sent her to Shisanli Detention Center. She was picked up by her family when she was near death. At the end of September 2001, it was said that the police would arrest practitioners again, so Sun Yumei was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution. Having suffered persecution numerous times and her body being seriously injured, Sun Yumei became critically ill. She died on October 25 in Yutian County, Hebei Province.

2) Dafa Practitioners Ms. Bai Junjie, Ms. Zhang Zhongli and Ms. Fang Xiuzhen Suffer Persecution

Around 10 p.m. on February 18, 2000, Deng Jianmin, Li Yingbin and other police officers from Wuyi Road Police Station illegally arrested Dafa practitioners residing in their jurisdiction, including Ms. Bai Junjie, Ms. Zhang Zhongli, Ms. Fang Xiuzhen and Ms. Pang. They detained the practitioners at the Wuyi Road Community Office for one day and two nights, deprived them of sleep, forced them to stand and attempted to force them to write a guarantee statement. Later they were transferred to the Wuyi Road Police Station, where the police chief, named Deng Jianming, ordered others to strip the practitioners down to their underclothes, cuff their hands together and then cuff one hand in the garage out in the courtyard. In the cold sub-zero temperatures, they were cuffed and hung up for five to six hours. They were later sent to a detention center for one and a half months. They were released when their lives were in danger due to extended hunger strikes.

3) Dafa Practitioners Ms. Cao Guilian, Ms. Zhang Zhihua, and Ms. Feng Suqin Suffer Persecution

On February 16, 2000, three female Dafa practitioners named Cao Guilian, Zhang Zhihua and Feng Suqin went to Beijing National Appeals Bureau to present the truth of Falun Gong, but instead of receiving the practitioners' appeal the authorities sent them to Wuyi Road Police Station that night. Police Chief Deng Jianming inhumanely tortured them for the entire night. Wuyi Road Community Office Secretary Wang Shutian and Director Zhang Jun forcibly pulled off Cao Guilian's pants and underpants. Wang Shutian then took off his shoes and used them to ruthlessly whip Ms. Cao's buttocks and thighs. He stopped only after his shoes were broken. Wang Shutian and Zhang Jun again pulled off Ms. Cao's pants that she had already pulled up. Wang Shutian then grabbed her hair and pressed her head onto the floor and Zhang Jun brought in a basin of water, dipped a washboard into the water and fiercely hit her with it. Ms. Cao's buttocks and thighs instantly bled under the skin. These animals did not stop until dawn. The other two female practitioners also suffered the same types of torture until after dawn. They were then sent to a detention center, where they suffered another 45 days of inhuman torment.

4) Zhang Zhongli and 12 Dafa Practitioners Suffer Persecution

On October 24, 2000, thirteen practitioners of Zhangjiakou City collectively appealed in Beijing and were arrested. Under the command of Yan Zhiyou, the police chief of Qiaodong District Police Department Ma Fuwei, and Wuyi Road Police Station Chief Deng Jianming, led Li Yingbin and others to brutally torture Dafa practitioners. They deprived practitioners of sleep for more than a week, forced them to sit on the "tiger bench" day and night and interrogated them with torture. Deng Jianming kicked Zhang Zhongli with his boots. Due to the brutal punching and kicking, Zhang Zhongli's waist and thighs suffered severe internal injuries, and he was unable to walk for more than ten days.

5) Dafa Practitioners Ms. Wang Suhong and Ms. Wang Junmei Suffer Persecution

Ms. Wang Suhong is a professor at Hebei Construction Institute, which is in the jurisdiction of Wuyi Road Police Station. On February 19, 2002, she and her colleague Ms. Wang Junmei went to Beijing to appeal. They were arrested at Tiananmen Square and sent back to Wuyi Road Police Station. These two elderly practitioners (over 60 years old), were cuffed to a bicycle shed out in the yard and later detained at a detention center for 43 days. Wang Junmei was extorted for more than 6000 yuan.

6) Dafa Practitioner Ms. Yuan Po Suffers Persecution

Dafa Practitioner Ms. Yuan Po of Zhangjiakou Medical Institute was sentenced to two years of forced labor by the Wuyi Road Police for posting two Falun Gong truth-clarification materials in the yard. She was sent to Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp for persecution. Ms. Yuan Po's family suffered greatly as her daughter lost her mom and her husband lost his wife.

7) Dafa Practitioner Ms. Guo Guiyuan Suffers Persecution

Ms. Guo Guiyuan, a retired worker of City General Department Store has been to Beijing five times to appeal for Falun Gong. She was arrested four times, sent to a forced labor camp, detained for 90 days and illegally fined 19,000 yuan. Therefore, her entire family suffered hardship. After the first arrest, she was cuffed and hung up in the air for four to five hours in the freezing cold at Wuyi Road Police Station. Afterwards, her right hand could not open up and her arm was numb. She could not write a single word for more than half a year. She was detained at Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp for one and a half years - from December 25, 2000, to May 17, 2002. When she returned, she was very emaciated due to the torture. The four years of persecution caused her severe physical suffering.

8) Dafa Practitioner Ms. Fang Xiuzhen Suffers Persecution

On November 17, 2000, Deng Jianming, Li Yingbin and others rushed into Dafa practitioner Ms. Fang Xiuzhen's home, illegally arrested her, took her to Xuanhua Detention Center, and later sent her to a forced labor camp. After half a year, Ms. Fang was released from the forced labor camp. At that time she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and became disabled.

9) Dafa Practitioner Ms. Cui Xinxiang Suffers Persecution

Dafa practitioner Ms. Cui Xinxiang has been to Beijing to appeal for justice for Dafa and Teacher many times. Wuyi Road Police Station ransacked her home many times and sent her to forced labor twice. At the end of December 2003, she was sent to Zhangjiakou City Brainwashing Center, where she suffered barbaric force-feeding twice. The evildoers secretly added unknown drugs to her meal, causing her to have abnormal physical symptoms. At the same time, her whole body became swollen, she lost the capability to take care of herself, and soon her life was in danger. The brainwashing center was afraid to take responsibility for her death, so they extorted money from her and let her go home on May 29, 2004.


10) Dafa Practitioner Ms. Liu Liying Suffers Persecution

Ms. Liu Liying has appealed in Beijing twice, was escorted back by Wuyi Road Police Station twice and sent to a detention center.

On the night of October 23, 2000, Wuyi Road Community Office Deputy-secretary Chang Xiaoqing and several policemen rushed into Ms. Liu's home, took her to a brainwashing center, and held her at Wuyi Road Community Office for eight days before releasing her on October 31. Unexpectedly at 7 a.m. the next morning, three policemen from Wuyi Road Police Station again rushed into her home and took her directly to Tangshan No. 1 Forced Labor Camp. Sixty year-old Liu Liying was then illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor.

11) Dafa Practitioner Ms. Wang Ailing Suffers Persecution

On October 6, 2000, Wuyi Road Community Office deputy secretary Chang Xiaoqing and a plainclothes police officer arrested Ms. Wang Ailing and another male practitioner from Qiaoxi District with the excuse that they were "looking familiar." They had only been sitting on the sidewalk on the south side of Beijing People's Great Hall. The male practitioner was detained for two months and sentenced to three years of forced labor, while Wang Ailing was detained for a month. She conducted a hunger strike and was rejected by the forced labor camp. Due to further torture, Wang Ailing died in May 2002.

12) Dafa Practitioner Ms. Ji Xiumei Suffers Persecution

Dafa practitioner Ms. Ji Xiumei was arrested when she was distributing Falun Gong truth-clarification material in residential buildings within the jurisdiction of Wuyi Road. Wuyi Road Police Station detained her at Xuanhua Detention Center for more than 100 days. They later transferred her to Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp for two years of forced labor.

13) Dafa Practitioners Ms. Bai Junjie and Others Suffer Persecution

On September 2, 1999, Ms. Bai Junjie and some other practitioners practiced Falun Gong exercises together in Zhangjiakou City Park. Wuyi Road Police Station's police chief Deng Jianmin led people to send her to Shisanli Detention Center, held her for 10 days and extorted 200 yuan. She has been arrested many times since 1999.

After 11 p.m. on February 18, 2000, Cheng Heli and three policemen from Wuyi Road Police Station rushed into Bai Junjie's home. They illegally arrested her and another practitioner to Wuyi Road Police Station. The police threatened and interrogated them with torture, and later sent them to Shisanli Detention Center for 15 days of detention.

On October 24, 2000, Ms. Bai was again detained at Shisanli Detention Center for 49 days. The criminal police brigade of Qiaodong District Police Department, along with the medical staff of the No. 3 Hospital, cruelly force-fed Ms. Bai nine times. During the force-feeding, six men pressed down her head, feet and arms, and pinched her nose at the same time. They forcefully inserted a tube as wide as a little finger into her nose and caused her to vomit blood. Her chest was so painful that she could not even stand straight.

On February 9, 2002, Wuyi Road Police Station police chief Deng Jianmin issued an order to arrest Ms. Bai's daughter and son-in-law. They then sent them to Shisanli Detention Center. While they were illegally detained, Bai Junjie's family was successively extorted more than 180,000 yuan in total by unlawful personnel from the public judiciary and legal system.

On January 28, 2005, Wuyi Road Police Station seized Bai Junjie and held her at Shisanli Detention Center. On February 17, Qiaodong Court of Zhangjiakou City sentenced Bai Junjie, whose mind was already unclear due to the persecution, to seven years in prison

14) Dafa Practitioner Zhang Zhongli Suffers Persecution

On October 25, 2000, Zhang Zhongli went to Beijing to validate Dafa, but was held up by Wuyi Road Police Station, and later sent to Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. Zhang Zhongli suffered all sorts of torture and humiliation but eventually escaped.

15) Dafa Practitioner Ms. Wang Lihua Suffers Persecution

On February 17, 2000, Ms. Wang Lihua went to Beijing to validate Dafa with fellow practitioners. As soon as they arrived at Tiananmen Square, they were arrested by police in Beijing, and later sent to Wuyi Road Community Office in Zhangjiakou City. Policeman Deng Jianmin took Wang Lihua into a room on the second floor of the police station. He pushed her body underneath the stool with her head sticking out. He then fiercely whipped her buttocks with a rubber club. Ma Zhu and other policemen kicked and stepped on Ms. Wang's buttocks with their leather boots at will. They also fondled her buttocks. The torture lasted until after 6 p.m. Wang Lihua's buttocks were wounded over a large area and she fainted. During the detention, Wuyi Road Police Station attempted to extort 10,000 yuan, but the family had no money. Ms. Wang's daughter had to give her 2000 yuan which she had scrimped and saved for her wedding. The police also forced her family to write a "guarantee statement" and detained her for a month. At 6 a.m. on August 8, 2000, Wang Lihua was forcibly sent to Kaiping Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City. During the 130 days while Wang Lihua was on hunger strike to protest the persecution, guard Yan Hongli pulled her down from the bed by dragging her hair. They tied her up for the "death bed torture." Ms. Wang could not move a bit and was forcibly injected with unknown drugs. Due to long-term brutal persecution, Wang Lihua's blood pressure fell to between 40 and 60 mmHg and she felt dizzy after any slight movement. Her body became very emaciated and she weighed only 30 to 35kg (about 70lb). Her life was in danger. The forced labor camp was afraid to take responsibility for her death, so they released her.

Wang Lihua's mother, Yang Chunmei, died from persecution on July 15, 2005.

16) Dafa Practitioner Ms. Liang Fuqing Suffers Persecution

In January 2001, police from Wuyi Road Police Station illegally arrested Ms. Liang Fuqing from her workplace dormitory to the police station. They searched Liang Fuqing's personal property and the computer at her workplace. She was later sentenced to four years of forced labor.

17) Dafa Practitioner Ms. Zheng Xiaohong Suffers Persecution

At 10 a.m. on January 3, 2001, Wuyi Road Police Station officer Wu Jingshen led two more police officers to forcibly arrest Dafa practitioner Ms. Zheng Xiaohong, who lived on South Mingde Street. They cuffed her to the bed in the reception room of Wuyi Road Police Station and detained her for five days and nights. They also sent Zheng Xiaohong and her husband to Shisanli Detention Center for 15 days, and then sent a summons extending the detention term for another 15 days. Zheng Xiaohong's two daughters were left at home alone without care, causing them tremendous mental anguish.

18) Dafa Practitioner Ms. Li Yuying Suffers Persecution

Ms. Li Yuying, a staff member of Zhangjiakou No. 3 Hospital, went to Beijing to appeal in May 2000. She was arrested, detained at Shisanli Detention Center, and extorted 1600 yuan. Wuyi Road Police Station police chief Deng Jianmin seized the opportunity to extort Li Yuying's workplace 3000 yuan.

On October 25, 2000, Li Yuying went to Beijing to appeal with fellow practitioners and was sentenced to one and a half years.

The above are only some facts of the persecution of Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners over the past several years by Qiaodong District Political and Judiciary Committee, Qiaodong District Police Department, the district local police station and community office and Qiaodong District Legal System School. Their common means of persecution are: repeated imprisonment, arresting and detaining practitioners, imposing large fines and searching practitioners' homes. This is the genocidal policy the Jiang regime has implemented against Falun Gong practitioners who follow "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and who do not fight back when beaten or cursed. Jiang's orders of "Ruin their reputations, bankrupt them financially and destroy them physically" are fully carried out in Zhangjiakou City. The persecution imposed on Dafa and Dafa practitioners by Jiang's regime and the evil Communist Party is intolerable to human nature.


(1) "The Two Offices" -- They are the State Council Appeals Office and the People's Congress Appeals Office.