(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Zhu Feng, I am the younger brother of Ms. Zhu Hang, an associate professor of Humanities at the Social Science Department at Dalian Technology Institute in China. My sister and I started practicing Falun Gong at the beginning of 1998. After we started practicing, our health improved tremendously and we benefited both mentally and physically.

Right after the persecution of Falun Gong began, we appealed to our municipal government for several days straight in an attempt to have justice returned to Falun Gong. The police beat us and detained us repeatedly.

In late August 1999, my sister and some other practitioners went to their practice sites one morning to do the exercises, but we were arrested and taken to the Dalian City Yaojia Detention Center. Because my sister still insisted on her right to practice the exercises and study the Falun Gong teachings, she was handcuffed and her feet were shackled. The shackles were very rusty and usually used only for inmates on death-row. After the people in charge of the detention center failed in their attempts to make her give up her beliefs, the guards instigated many prostitutes from the same cell to surround her and try to force her to give up her beliefs. The prostitutes were promised reduced detention terms.

In order to have their terms reduced, these prostitutes swore at Zhu Hang, both day and night to deprive her of sleep. As soon as they saw Zhu close her eyes, they poked her with toothpicks on her body and face. In protest, Zhu went on a hunger strike. She was later force-fed and as a result her mental and physical health deteriorated. Within just two weeks, she was tortured to the point of deformity, with wounds covering her body. Under her family's strong request, on September 16 she was released.

The skin around her ankle had broken from the friction with the rusty foot shackles which caused her ankle began to swell and fester. As a consequence of the state of the shackles and her health, she developed a high fever the day of her release. On the following day, she was sent to Dalian City No. 2 People's Hospital to receive treatment for her wound. Without giving an anesthesia shot, the doctor performed an operation on her ankle. He cut off her rotten skin and flesh, and cleaned up the blood and pus. Zhu endured tremendous pain, but she didn't say a word.

The pictures that were posted on Clearwisdom.net were taken the day after she was hospitalized. The authorities were made aware that pictures were posted on the internet, and in retaliation, my home was ransacked and my home PC was confiscated. My wife divorced me because she couldn't stand the fear of having her home ransacked.

In order to avoid further persecution by the police, I had to leave home and settle down in a city in Southern China. I lost contact with my sister. It was said by her family that after she was discharged from Dalian City No. 2 People's Hospital, due to the mental and physical torture from the detention center, she suffered from mental trauma and couldn't take care of herself. After her family contacted her university, the university arranged for her to be sent to the Dalian City Mental Hospital located at Luanjin Village.

In the summer of 2003, I went to the Dalian City Mental Hospital to visit my sister. She was on the third floor. Outside her ward is the reception area. Her ward is normally locked. Any visitor has to sign their name and be granted permission from doctors and nurses before they can visit. The doctors even examined the day-to-day stuff that I had brought for her.

When I saw my sister again, I couldn't believe my eyes, she was a completely different person, her face was pale and she had a dull expression. She spoke very slowly, and she had to pause from time to time when talking about her experience at the hospital. She said that she had once been permitted to go outside to buy some daily necessities. She made use of the opportunity to mail materials to various work units containing the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution that she had written. Because some of the letters were overweight, they were returned to the return address at her university, where they opened the letters, discovered the Falun Gong materials, and notified hospital authorities about what she had done. The hospital then denied her the right to go out to buy things, plus they stopped all her phone calls and tampered with her medicine. There was one time when she tried to hide the medicine by placing it underneath her tongue, but it was found and from then on the doctors and nurses have always forced Zhu to open up her mouth to check that she has swallowed her medicine.

Having been forced to take various forms of medicine for a long time caused my sister to be muddle-headed and very weak. She appears to be very sleepy. She always sits in one spot and looks dull, and doesn't want to talk.

In the summer of 2004, my mother passed away. Initially people from her university and hospital refused to allow my sister to return to our hometown to console our dying mother. My sister later insisted, and with the permission of the Secretary of the Communist Party Committee, she was able to return home under the surveillance of two past co-workers. She was only given one and a half day's leave.

After she returned home, everyone in our family felt sad for her upon seeing her lifeless figure. Soon after she returned home, the two co-workers prompted her to take her medicine. I took some of the pills away from her when she was about to take them without being noticed by her coworkers. I can't identify the drugs, however. I asked her what medicine she had been force to take at the hospital. She said that it was not limited to these few, but she didn't know what they were. After I asked a few more questions, she couldn't say anything, as if she had lost her memory. For the time being, she completely lost ability of taking care of herself. Even when she walks, she needs someone to lead her. A lot of the time, when you talk to her, she won't pay attention to you, as if she can't hear you. She is a completely different person than before. She said that she didn't want to stay at the hospital, where there is no freedom, the food is terrible, and people around her truly suffer from mental illnesses.

Due to my efforts to let more people know about this horrendous persecution against those who practice Falun Gong, the police were trying to follow and arrest me. I eventually fled overseas. Now I am publishing two pictures of my sister, before and after she was persecuted, in order to expose these atrocities to the world's people, and to expose the lies of those responsible.

My sister used to be so healthy and vibrant. She was such a good person! Just because she didn't want to give up her belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," she was seized and taken to the Dalian City Yaojia Detention Center. She was persecuted by the Dalian City Police, the Technology Institute where she worked, and by the Mental Hospital, to the point of losing the ability to take care of herself. These are facts that no one can deny.

Address of Dalian Mental Hospital: No.179 Lingshui Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City
Switchboard: 86-411-84671212
Postal code: 116023
Telephone of nurses room on the third floor at the Patient's Unit where Zhu Hang is: 86-411-84671212 ext. 346