(Clearwisdom.net) At the Jilin Province Women's Prison, deputy prison head Wu Zeyun, and Li Jian, head of the Prison Administration Section personally tortured Falun Gong practitioners, using various brutal methods. They are unscrupulous and are conniving in doing their best to cover up their crimes. They tie the practitioners in spread eagle positions in bed, and they force-feed the practitioners, beat the practitioners and subject them to additional corporal punishment.

The jailers torture the practitioners by tying their wrists and ankles with cloth ropes. They tighten the ropes until they cut into the practitioner's wrists and ankles so the practitioner cannot move. They then tie the other end of the ropes to bed posts, and pull on the rope until the practitioner's body is fully stretched out and hanging in the air. They constantly tighten the rope. They don't untie the rope when the practitioner eats or relieves herself. Almost all practitioners who were tortured this way had ongoing pain in their backs and legs. Some had heart problems, some had menstrual problems, bled constantly and could not walk normally. Some practitioners had blisters on their arms and legs, and some practitioners had swollen hands and feet that were black and blue because the ropes impeded blood circulation. This method of tying people is unprecedented in terms of cruelty.

Beatings and other corporal punishment are commonplace at the Women's Prison. The guards order the inmates to force-feed practitioners who hold hunger strikes. In August 2002, one practitioner refused to "reform" and held a hunger strike. The guards ordered inmates to brutally force-feed her, causing her death. Inmate Zhao Yanju from Division 6 and Zhang Honghua from Division 8 force-fed the practitioners. I want to give an account of the persecution I witnessed at the Women's Prison.

Newcomer's Team

I was beaten, tortured and deprived of sleep in the Newcomer's Team. After the 6:00 p.m. roll call, the guards made me stand up for an entire night. Dozens of inmates were held in the Newcomer's Team. The prison authorities transferred ten inmates from the small workshop to coerce me to "reform." The inmates jostled and shoved me around and they cursed me. Liu Yangchun, an inmate from the small workshop beat me.

One day, a guard came to "reform" me. I firmly refused to cooperate with him. He struck me to the ground, kicked me, pinched my arms and pointed at my face said, "You must 'reform' by tonight. If you don't, I'll be very upset and I'll 'take care' of you." Other perpetrators brought a pen and a sheet of paper. They held my hand and tried to make me write a "guarantee statement." They tortured me for an entire night. In the morning, after other people got up, they still made me stand there and forbid me to wash myself. Later, they took me to an empty room in an old building. The room was filled with garbage and the window glass was all broken. They made me stand in there.

After breakfast they forced me to continue to stand. All of the inmates in the Newcomer's Team were forced to stand with me. By punishing the other inmates who didn't do anything wrong, the prison authorities were trying to incite hatred against Falun Gong and pressure me.

Division 8

The persecutors at Division 8 tied the practitioners in a spread eagle position to their beds. More than ten Falun Gong practitioners are held at Division 8, and at least six of them are tied up this way. Some are beaten and mentally tormented, as the perpetrators coerced them to "reform."

Practitioner Guo Yuhua was tied for thirteen days. Large purple bumps appeared on her Achilles heel. The scars are still clearly visible. She experiences great pain when she walks.

After practitioner Guan Zhifeng was tied up, the inmates left her there. Inmate Sun Xiuli went to the room where Guan Zhifeng was tied to look for guard Gong Zhifeng. She didn't see anyone except Guan Zhifeng tied to the bed. Guan Zhifeng's tongue stuck out of her mouth and her eyeballs bulged out. Sun Xiuli was frightened and cried for help. They untied Guan Zhifeng but she could not speak for a very long time.

Practitioner Chen Yanmei was tied up twice for over thirty days. Practitioners Qiao Hui and Dong Huiling were also tied up this way.

Practitioner Zhang Shuqin was detained in solitary confinement for several months, and she was mentally and physically traumatized. One day she ran out of the room, sat in the hallway and cried. She had suffered a mental collapse.

Guard Gong Zhifeng and others tried to "reform" practitioner Ban Huijuan by torturing other people, in an attempt to "soften" her. Ban Huijuan refused to reform, and the guards beat inmate Liu Yunjie. Gong Zhifeng kicked inmate Liu Yunjie with so much force that she landed more than six feet away. Liu Yunjie could not move her back and did not recover until a long time afterward.

Educational Division

Many practitioners are held at the "study class," that is in fact a brainwashing class in the Education Division. They isolate the practitioners from the outside. The authorities block information on the persecution so the public does not know about it. They set up this brainwashing class on the fifth floor. Practitioner Liu Shujuan who was sent to the prison around April resisted "reform" and was sent to the brainwashing class. During the days she was held there I heard painful screams every day from the fourth floor. How many practitioners have been persecuted on the fifth floor? The truth will come to light one day and the perpetrators of these atrocities will receive just punishment.

The above facts are enough to prove that the "reform" at Jilin Province Women's Prison is the result of the violent and inhumane persecution.

(Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers, 86-431. For cell phone numbers, dial country code only 86 before the numbers)

Labor Reeducation Bureau of Jilin Province Judicial Department
(Name, Position, office phone, home phone, cell phone)
Wang Tingjun, head, 2795093, 7925515, 13804337355
Yang Yong, deputy head, 2794283, 5304435, 13904330951
Ding Zhaowei, deputy head, 2750228, 2761566, 13844066777
Liu Tiejun, deputy head, 2750166, 8960838, 13504301166

Jilin Province Women's Labor Camp
(Name, Position, office phone, cell phone)
Ma Liting, head, 5384323, 13843020118
Chen Li, deputy head, 5384312 ext. 802, 13086825555
Fan Youlan, deputy head, 5384312 ext. 803, 13009129333
Zhao Zhiyuan, deputy head, 5384312 ext. 804
Tian Yuan, deputy head, 5384312 ext. 805, 5643627 (home)
Liu Benwen, head of Disciplinary Committee, 5384312 ext. 806, 7932581

Jilin Province Prison Administration Bureau
(Name, Position, office phone, home phone, cell phone)
Zhu Guozhi, head, 275000, 8969266
Zhang Zhensu, deputy head, 2750004, 7919580, 13704366006
Yu Guangsheng, deputy head, 2750005, 8586398, 13904333821
Xu Fumin, deputy secretary of Party Committee, 2750006, 2744928, 13604326388
Zhao Xiande, deputy head, 2750007, 2707063, 13704366106
Wang Chengwu, secretary of Party Committee, 2750015, 2779496
Liang Xing, head of Prison Administration Division, 2750062, 8959063, 13904333831
Wang Xishan, deputy head of Prison Politics Division, 2750062, 8942042, 13180828678
Wang Dehui, head of Punishment Execution Division, 2750063, 7815658, 13843056198
Liu Dewei, deputy head of Punishment Execution Division, 2750063, 2925600, 13179005106
Liu Zhongxin, head of Education Reform Division, 2750075, 7811766, 13843093993
Li Gang, deputy head of Education Reform Division, 2750075, 2931352, 13943095519
Cong Chunhua, head of Hygiene Division, 2750030, 2919686, 13086814279
Liu Mengyi, deputy head of Hygiene Division, 2750030, 5644226, 13086884865

Jilin Province Judicial Department
(Name, Position, office phone, office phone, home phone)
Zhu Guozhi, head, 2750001, 2750020, 8969266
Feng Mingfang, deputy head, 2750199, 2750169, 2700185
Liu Zhenyu, deputy head, 2750185, 2750205, 7630589
Li Wencai, deputy head, 2750206, 2750186, 2763656
Yu Wanzhou, head of Political Division, 2750209, 2750189, 8977918
Lu Jun, secretary of Disciplinary Committee, 2750181, 2750208, 8588638