(Clearwisdom.net) On September 21, 2005, policemen rushed into Mr. Min Huirong and Ms. Sun Hong's home located in Xiaoweng Village of Licang District, and made off with everything in their home. They had just put together everything in their home in the previous 10 months.

1. Practicing Falun Dafa happily together

From 1993 through 1998, Mr. Sun Hong and Ms. Min Huirong studied as undergraduate classmates in the Department of Acupuncture at Shandong Chinese Traditional Medicine University. In January and June of 1994, the founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi, came to Jinan to spread the Fa in person, and they were lucky to attend both of the classes. Later, they served as volunteers in charge of helping newcomer students study the Fa and practice the Falun Gong exercises. Ms. Min was warmhearted, pure, demure and intelligent, receiving a scholarship every year. Mr. Sun was honest, compassionate and steady. Both of them received praise from their teachers, fellow students, friends and relatives. In 1998, they both got their bachelor degrees and came to Qingdao to work.

2. Stepping forward bravely and going to Beijing to appeal

In July of 1999, Mr. Sun and Ms. Min went to Beijing to appeal to the government and to explain that the persecution of Falun Gong was not right. Armed policemen beat them brutally. Afterwards, their faces were covered with blood. In the hottest summer in July, they, together with about ten thousand fellow practitioners who went to Beijing from all over the country to appeal, were detained in a stadium in Beijing. They did not receive a single drop of water for three days. Detained there also was a Qingdao Marine University graduate student, Zou Songtao, who was later tortured to death in the Wangcun Labor Camp in Zibo City. The violence however, did not destroy their desire to guard righteousness and the truth.

3. Despite the wind and rain, two hearts remained firm and determined.

The 610 Office of Qingdao City was angry because many Qingdao practitioners went to Beijing to appeal. They decided to escalate the persecution. In November 1999, Mr. Sun was sentenced to a labor camp for three years, and was detained in the Qingdao Labor Camp. In July 2000, Ms. Min was illegally sentenced to a labor camp, and was detained in the notorious Jiangshuiquan Women's Labor Camp in Jinan City, Shandong Province. At the same time, Ms. Min's mother Ms. Cui Weirui was also sentenced to three years in jail. Only Ms. Min's father and her grandmother who was bedridden with paralysis were left at home.

After being released from the Labor Camp, Mr. Sun was rehired by his original work unit, the Central Hospital of Qingdao (the former Qingdao Textile Hospital). Soon after that, he became a key member in the professional work of the Chinese Traditional Medicine Section because of his warmth and patience with the patients, and the exquisite medical techniques he used. The Qingdao 610 Office threatened Ms. Min's original work unit, the Qingdao City's School for the Blind. Therefore, at the end of 2004, they fired her because they were afraid of the 610 Office. Ms. Min Huirong had to leave the blind children she had always cared for.

In the end of November 2004, the couple had a child.

4. Persecuted again, we appeal for your help to rescue them.

November 1, 2005, was a so-called "sensitive day." The Qingdao 610 Office, in collusion with the National Security Department, arrested, in two separate actions, about thirty Dafa practitioners. Mr. Sun and Ms. Min's family suffered persecution again. Ms. Cui was arrested on the morning of September 20. Policemen broke into Mr. Sun and Ms. Min's home on the night of September 21, and searched the entire house. They failed to find any materials relating to Falun Gong. After detaining Mr. Sun and Ms. Min in a detention house, they searched the house three more times. It has been confirmed that they confiscated fifteen thousand Yuan in cash, a private bankbook (together with Sun Hong's salary card), a bankbook for the house loan, their private car, and their keys. On October 29, a family member got their keys, but could not immediately retrieve their property. When the house was opened, it looked like a gang of bandits had been through it. Everything was a mess. Even the light bulbs were gone. Ms. Min's father, in his sixties, almost collapsed.

Mr. Sun and Ms. Min, together with other Dafa disciples who were arrested at the same time, were detained in the Qingdao Dashan Detention Center. The police brutally tortured all of them. The police wanted to get some evidence from Ms. Min, so they intensified their persecution of her. They deprived her of sleep for 8 days and nights. She became emaciated. During his detention, Mr. Sun started a hunger strike to protest. As a result, the police brutally force-fed him many times.

Later, Mr. Sun and Ms. Min, together with several other practitioners, were transferred, under the name of "obtaining a guarantor and awaiting trial out of custody," to the Qingdao Brainwashing Center located on #34 Mingxia Street.

During Mr. Sun's detention, the police went to his work unit to conduct a search, but still found nothing. Under the pressure of the 610 Office, the Qingdao Central Hospital stopped Mr. Sun's salary and every fringe benefit. After Mr. Sun was allowed to obtain a guarantor and await trial out of custody, the hospital gave him several hundred yuan per month as his living expense.

A happy family has been destroyed in such a brutal way. Let us all help free Mr. Sun Hong, Ms. Min Huirong and many other Dafa practitioners in detention.

Related Phone numbers:

The Qingdao Licang District, political and justice committee: 86-532-87610773
The Qingdao Licang District, comprehensive management office: 86-532-87610772

The Qingdao Licang District, police branch department
The Command center: 86-532-87610511
The Political and security section: 86-532-87610517
The Crime police brigade: 86-532-87610512
The Policemen brigade: 86-532-87633635

Qingdao Central Hospital
Wei Renming, Director of the hospital, office: 86-532-84961866
Wang, Party secretary, office: 86-532-84961877
The Security section: 86-532-84961378
The Chinese traditional medicine section: 86-532-84961689
The Neuropathy Section: 86-532-84961749, 86-532-84961806