(Clearwisdom.net) On September 23, 2005, the Daqing City 610 Office dispatched a large group of police officers to abduct Falun Gong practitioners within the city. It is learned that among the 27 practitioners abducted, at least five practitioners have been sent to labor camps, 12 practitioners broke free, and the situation of the other practitioners is unknown.

Most abducted practitioners were brutally tortured. Practitioner Zhang Xiumin was sentenced to 18 months of forced labor; practitioner Yuan Mi was sentenced to three years of forced labor; practitioner Li Junmi was sentenced to one year of forced labor; practitioner Li Yequan was sentenced to two years of forced labor and Ge Zhenming had to be carried into the labor camp.

At least 12 practitioners broke free. They are Zhang Lixin, Xie Chengqiu, Li Qingzuo, Gao Guifen, Cao Shuxia, Guan Yinfeng, Chen Qingli, Yu Chen, Liu Li, Li Xiangqin, Tang Zengye and Chen Changxiu.

Around 5:30 a.m. on September 23, 2005, the Daqing City 610 Office mobilized police forces from 11 out of the 20 departments in the city. The department heads or deputy heads led the officers from each police department as they surrounded practitioners' homes, smashed the doors and broke into the practitioners' homes. They ransacked the homes of those 27 practitioners they later abducted.

Most abducted practitioners are savagely tortured. Practitioner Tang Zengye is tortured in a metal chair. His hands and feet are fixed in metal rings so he cannot move. Practitioner Cao Shuxia was tied in a metal chair and was not allowed to sleep for 24 hours,and the police officers poked her eyes with a broomstick. Practitioner Yuan Mi was interrogated for five days and five nights as the police demanded to know the source of Falun Dafa truth clarification materials. He was tied in a metal chair and was not allowed to eat or sleep; a black plastic bag was wrapped around his head and the police officers also tried to asphyxiate him with cigarette smoke. Practitioner Ge Zhenming was carried into the labor camp. Practitioner Li Yequan had a physical examination on September 27 and was determined to be too weak; the labor camp refused to accept him. Daqing City Political and Judiciary Committee, the "610 Office", the police department, the labor camp and the Judicial Bureau held an overnight meeting and decided to sentence Li Yequan to two years of forced labor. Li Yequan held a hunger strike to resist the persecution, and the perpetrators brutally force-fed him three times a day.

Those who participated in this abduction sweep were around 200 officers from the following departments: Ranghu Road Police Station, the Donghu Road Police Station, Tieren Police Department, Longnan Police Department, Chengfeng Police Department, Kaifa District Police Department, Dongan Police Department in Xincun, Longfeng Police Department, Babaishang Police Department, Huizhan Police Department and Wolitun Police Department.

Work units:

(Note: for home or office phone numbers, dial country code + area code before all numbers. For cell phone numbers, dial country code before the numbers. Country code: 86, area code: 459)

Daqing City Security Bureau
Lin Xisheng: head, 6281231, 6688448 (Home), 13604651999 (Cell)
Wang Xiyan: secretary, 6181232, 4611878 (Home), 13904591292 (Cell)
Daqing City Police Department
Cao Liwei: head, 6371699
Cao Zhenhe: political head, 6373066, 6280888 (Home), 13329500002 (Cell)
Wang Chunru: head of Politics Division, 6368499, 4688828 (Home), 13329500009 (Cell)
Gao Zhenbo: office head, 6683926 (Home), 13329390299 (Cell)
Longnan Police Department
Fax: 6121465
Yu Zhibo: head, 5217999 (Home), 13329500501 (Cell), 13304696655 (Cell)
Chen Yongqing: political head, 5514890 (Home), 13329502007 (Cell)
Kaifa District Police Department
Liu Shengping: head, 6292818, 6381333 (Home), 13354590001 (Cell)
Yu Xiaolei: political head, 6293566, 6382068 (Home), 13303699333 (Cell)
Dongan Police Department in Xincun
Lan Chengshui: head, 6363811, 6683363(Home), 13329501005 (Cell)
Zhang Sen: political head, 6381011, 6283507 (Home), 13329500031 (Cell)
Longfeng Police Department
Liu Hongxiang: head, 6243713, 6285999 (Home), 13329500899 (Cell)
Gou Xiaofu: political head, 6243239, 6137958(Home), 13329503302 (Cell), 13704891111 (Cell)
Ranghu Road Police Station
Song Bofeng: head, 6131839 (Home), 13329504002 (Cell), 13804660016 (Cell)
Yu Baogui: political head, 6292668 (Home), 13914592668 (Cell)
Tieren Police Department
Sun Xiufan: head, 6388333 (Home), 13329500451 (Cell), 13945900033 (Cell)
Wu Zhenhe: political head, 6282698 (Home), 13329501006 (Cell)
Donghu Police Department
Yan Shanming: head, 4631261 (Home), 13039859999 (Cell)
Sun Guangfan: political head, 6683330 (Home), 13329502016 (Cell)
Huizhan Police Department
Fax: 6667510
Zou Benshu: head, 6680566 (Home), 13329501009 (Cell), 13845928999 (Cell)
Zhang Min: political head, 6283507 (Home), 13329500031 (Cell)
Wolitun Police Department
Main office: 6763113
Shang Ruichao: head, 6707123, 6766633 (Home), 13936912299 (Cell)
Zhang Yiqing: deputy head, 6765865, 6765668(Home), 13704660187(Cell)
Chengfeng Police Department
Fax: 5671110
Jiao Jinyi: head, 5591578 (Home), 13039860888 (Cell), 13329502003 (Cell)
He Weiping: political head, 6385333 (Home), 13329500802(Cell)
Daqing City Detention Center
Du Zhenjiang: head, 4616098, 4667179(Home), 13936726888(Cell)
Bai Yunshan: political head, 4616090, 6256942 (Home), 13059043155 (Cell)
Security Division of Daqing City Police Department
Deng Changxing: division head, 4609001, 6394111(Home), 13904593540(Cell)
Kang Yanfeng: deputy division head, 5511488(Home), 13089028886(Cell)
Peng Zhili: division head, 4609003, 4665587 (Home), 13136835345 (Cell)
Liu Qingbin: head of "610 Office", 4606009, 6236858 (Home)