(Clearwisdom.net) The Legal System School in the Qiaodong District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province is in fact a brainwashing center. The officials there, including Liu Xiaolong, Jia Liyun, Wang Runcheng and others cruelly torture Dafa Falun Gong practitioners detained at the school.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Jianjun was twice at the brink of death, and practitioner Ms. Zhao Xiaolu was tortured until she sustained brain damage. She lost the vision in her left eye and her leg muscles atrophied. She has not recovered. To this day, she still stumbles whenever she walks. On the morning of May 11, 2002, four officers from Gongye Street Police Station illegally arrested practitioner Ms. Li Hong at her home. They took her to the Qiaodong District Brainwashing Center, where she was completely deprived of personal freedom for 32 months and was violently tortured. She could not meet with or take care of her family. Wang Runcheng, the head of the brainwashing center threatened practitioner Wang Zhong saying, "If you try to escape, I'll shoot to kill!"

Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Hong held for nearly three years at a brainwashing center

Practitioner Ms. Li Hong, 38 years old, witnessed her friends and neighbor becoming healthy people of high moral character after they started practicing Falun Dafa. Her husband, Mr. Miao Chuanzeng, quit drinking and gambling after he started practicing, and became hardworking and self-disciplined. She joined her husband in Dafa practice. She used to suffer from severe breast hyperplasia and as a result she could not raise her arms. She went to medical experts at the Beijing Cancer Hospital and was told she must have one breast removed or she would develop breast cancer. Three months into Dafa practice, however, the tumors shrunk. After six months, they disappeared completely.

After the persecution started, in October 6, 2000, Ms. Li, her husband Mr. Miao and practitioner Jiang Chunmei went to Beijing to tell people, "Falun Dafa is great." They unfurled a four-meter-long (approximately 13 feet long) banner that read, "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa" in Tiananmen Square. Plainclothes police officers arrested them. Mr. Miao was sentenced to two years of forced labor. Officers from the Gongye Street Police Station in the Qiaodong District sent Ms. Li to the Shisanli Detention Center and detained her there for 13 days. The authorities extorted money from her father before releasing her. He gave the money so that she could return to take care of her child, who needed her care.

In late August 2001, officials from the Gongye Street Party Committee forced Ms. Li to go to a brainwashing center sponsored by the Gongye Street Party Committee on a daily basis. One day she was told she would not be allowed to return home the next day if she still refused to renounce her belief in Falun Gong. To avoid further persecution, Ms. Li left home with her seven-year-old son. Eight months later, on May 10, 2002, she returned to Zhangjiakou City and was going to register her son for school. The next morning, three officers from the Gongye Street Police Station took her and her son from home, and held them at the Jijiafang Brainwashing Center. Three days later the police sent her son to her grandmother's home. He fell gravely ill and ran a fever of over 104o F for three days, was traumatized and almost died. Ms. Li's father was devastated that his daughter was detained and his grandson almost died. He lost his hearing in both ears.

Ms. Li's son was sent from home to home during the time his mother was in detention and his father was held at a labor camp. He could not go to school for one year. After he turned nine, his family spent a large amount of money and registered him for the first grade at a school near his grandmother's home. Officers from the Gongye Street Office often harassed him at school and pressured him to force his mother to give up Falun Gong. He was frightened and traumatized and became irritable and unsociable as a result of the harassment.

Ms. Li Hong was held at Jijiafang and Gaomiao; she was detained in solitary confinement at the Qiaodong District Brainwashing Center. The authorities hired two people to monitor her around the clock. Every day they made her watch videos that slandered Falun Dafa. They also forced her to stand for 20 days in a row and often didn't allow her to sleep. Other times she could only sleep two hours a day. When she closed her eyes, the guards would shock her with electric batons, jab her eyes with their fingers or pinch her. Soon her legs and feet became swollen and she had difficulty walking. She also sustained eye and brain injuries. The officials didn't give her enough food. Two of the people who monitored her stole half of the meager food money allocated for her every month. Ms. Li was given only 3.5 ounces of rice twice a day without any vegetabled or meat, and she was not allowed family visits.

Ms. Li went on several hunger strikes to protest the persecution, and her family also endured tremendous pressure and anguish. Officials from the Qiaodong Judicial Bureau set up a brainwashing center in violation of the law and held many Dafa practitioners there. They never issued any warrant nor was there a term limit set for their incarceration. All of the practitioner's rights were taken from them, and all of the practitioners were physically tortured and mentally tormented at the brainwashing center.

Ms. Li's father went to the brainwashing center and demanded her release. The center officials coerced him into writing a guarantee statement, tried to extort 3,000 yuan from him and threatened to lower his pension. Ms. Li's husband had been fired from his job and his family did not have 3,000 yuan. The authorities therefore did not release Ms. Li until the end of January 2005.

On November 7, 2004, Ms. Li's son Miao Sen was on his way home when a plainclothes police officer on a motorcycle wearing dark sunglasses grabbed him and repeatedly interrogated him about the whereabouts of his father. He tried to arrest the child. Miao Sen's classmate went to get his father to help, and his father stopped the officer from taking Miao Sen away.

Practitioner Liu Jianjun was twice on the brink of death

On November 9, 2003, practitioner Mr. Liu Jianjun was installing curtain frames inside a military compound and read Dafa books during his break. A soldier reported him and a dozen soldiers searched him. About six soldiers beat and kicked him. They sent Mr. Liu to the Wuyi Road Police Station where he was interrogated. Officers Qiao and Feng from Huayuan Street Police Station and Huahui from the Huayuan Street Party Committee broke into Mr. Liu's home and took VCDs, one large recorder, two small recorders, Fa lecture VCDs and cassettes, Dafa books and other things. The authorities tortured Mr. Liu with the Tiger Bench later that evening. They sent him to the Qiaodong District Brainwashing Center the next day.

Mr. Liu held a hunger strike at the brainwashing center to protest his unlawful detention. The authorities brutally force-fed him on a daily basis. They bound him to the Tiger Bench and five people went at him at once. One person yanked his hair backward, another person pinched his face and nose; they pried open his mouth with a hard object and force-fed him, which later caused ulcerations in his mouth. He was twice on the brink of death.

The individuals personally responsible for the torture of Mr. Liu Jianjun are Wang Runcheng and Chang Hong, deputy heads of the brainwashing center; Liu and Gao from the Qiaodong Police Department, as well as guard Shi Chunlin and "doctor" Yue. Yue has come up with many brutal methods to torture Dafa practitioners. Jia Liyun, head of the brainwashing center and deputy head of the Qiaodong District Judicial Bureau, and Li Hui and Hou Runping also assisted in persecuting the practitioners. When Liu Jianjun was close to death, the officials frequently extorted money from his family. Jia Liyun and Yue even took 70 yuan from Mr. Liu's mother, which was all the money she had at the time.

Practitioner Ms. Wang Lihua vomits blood after being tortured

At around 3 p.m. on December 14, 2003, two male officers and one female plainclothes police officer from the Wuyi Road Police Department arrested practitioner Ms. Wang Lihua. They took her backpack, Walkman and other things. Then they took her to the Wuyi Road Police Department where they interrogated her and tortured her with the Tiger Bench for one day and one night. At 6 p.m. the next day, Chang Xiaoqing, deputy secretary from the Wuyi Road Party Committee, Ma Zhu from the police department and other officials sent Ms. Wang to the Qiaodong District Brainwashing Center.

There is a metal gate at the entrance of each of the three floors of the building of the brainwashing center. Each practitioner is isolated in one room. They are not allowed to talk. The authorities spend a large amount of money and hire people to watch the practitioners around the clock. The practitioners and their families have to pay for all of the expenses incurred at the center, and the authorities use various base means in an attempt to destroy the practitioners' belief.

Ms. Wang Lihua held a hunger strike to protest the persecution and was tortured with the Tiger Bench. "Doctor" Yue pulled her hair backward and opened her mouth with a pair of pliers. They tortured Ms. Wang until she felt tightness and severe pain in the chest. They had to call the 120 Emergency Service, and that doctor diagnosed her with coronary heart disease. She was taken to a hospital and given IV infusions. Wang Lihua was tortured until she vomited blood in large quantities. Chang Xiaoqing, the deputy secretary of the Street Party Committee then said to her, "So you are throwing up blood? You deserve to drop dead!"

Practitioner Ms. Zhao Xiaolu tortured until she suffered brain damage and lost sight in her left eye

Practitioner Ms. Zhao Xiaolu worked at the Zhangjiakou City TV and Broadcasting Bureau. She went to Beijing twice to peacefully appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong and was arrested. Authorities from the Wuyi Road Police Department held her for over 70 days and extorted more than 40,000 yuan from her. On December 14, 2003, Ms. Zhao was reported when clarifying the truth in another city. She was sent to the Qiaodong District Brainwashing Center.

Ms. Zhao held a hunger strike to protest the detention. She was tortured to the brink of death several times. "Doctor" Yue, whom the authorities had temporarily hired, administered acupuncture but inserted the needle in all the wrong places; as a result of his "treatment" Ms. Zhao went into convulsions and foamed at the mouth; her body stiffened and she lost consciousness. She was sent to the No. 251 Hospital twice, the Qiaodong Hospital once and the No. 5 Hospital twice for emergency treatment. Ms. Zhao was forcibly given CNS (central nervous system) suppressing drugs in an IV fluid at the No. 251 Hospital. After the infusion her neck stiffened and she lost her memory and her ability to think. She didn't recover for a long time. Even now, Ms. Zhao often experiences nerve pain and loses consciousness. A large bump developed behind her neck around the main nerve; she lost sight in her left eye and is nearly blind in her right eye. Her legs atrophied and she still trips when walking, because the drug(s) damaged her sense of balance.

Although Zhao Xiaolu was in critical condition, the brainwashing center officials took her back and didn't allow her to stay in the hospital. They treated her with Chlorpromazine (a potent tranquilizer used for schizophrenics) at the brainwashing center each night. They increased the dose from five pills to twenty pills. After the drug failed to work, the authorities wanted to hire doctors and nurses to treat and monitor Ms. Zhao around the clock, which would have cost about 1,000 yuan a day in salaries, and which would have come out of her own pocket. The authorities also deceived and intimidated Ms. Zhao's family, "We won't ever release her; if she doesn't die, we'll send her to a labor camp." Her family saw that Ms. Zhao was skin and bones, weighing less than 77 pounds. She was severely dehydrated and the muscles and blood vessels on her legs had been seriously shrinking. She developed bedsores on both sides of her pelvis and was on the verge of death. Her family was devastated. The authorities then lied to her family, saying they were going to send her to a hospital and extorted 2,000 yuan from them. In fact, they never sent her to a hospital. They forced her family to write a guarantee statement and extorted another 10,000 yuan from them. Also, officials from the Wuyi Road Office extorted another 5,000 yuan from her family. Only because she wanted to be a good person according to Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, Ms. Zhao Xiaolu was tortured at the brainwashing center for 93 days and officials extorted a total of 17,000 yuan from her family before she was released. To this day, she still suffers great pain and has symptoms from the mistreatment at the brainwashing center.

Head of brainwashing center Wang Runcheng threatened practitioner Mr. Wang Zhong, "If you try to escape, I'll shoot to kill!"

In late December 2001, practitioner Mr. Wang Zhong went to Beijing to validate Dafa. The police officers in Tiananmen Square violently struck his head with police batons, causing a brain hemorrhage and yellow fluid seeped out of his ears. He lost consciousness on the spot. Feng, the deputy head of the Hongqilou Police Department sent Mr. Wang to the Xuanhua Detention Center. Mr. Wang was forced to sleep on the concrete floor. The inmates pinned him on the ground and savagely beat him until they knocked out almost all of his teeth. Officials from the Hongqilou Police Department and from the Hongqilou Office extorted 10,000 yuan from him and released him after 37 days of detention. His work unit officials detained him and reduced his salary to 240 yuan a month for basic living expenses. Several days after Wang Runcheng returned home, Jia Cheng, secretary of the Hongqilou Office deceived Mr. Wang and got him to come to the office. They again detained him for a few days. Jia Cheng and Feng then sent Mr. Wang to the Qiaodong District Brainwashing Center. Mr. Wang jumped from the second floor in order to escape. He sustained a spinal fracture and broken bones in one foot. He then was forced to live away from home for 30 months in order to avoid recapture.

On May 19, 2003, officers from the Shengli Road Police Department hid in wait and arrested Mr. Wang and another practitioner. The police took a tape recorder worth 700 yuan, two bikes and other things. They sent Mr. Wang to the Shisanli Detention Center where inmates viciously beat him. Mr. Wang Zhong held a hunger strike to protest the abuse, and the inmates stabbed him with needles and beat him again. After three months of detention, officials from the Qiaoxi Police Department and from the Hongqilou Office conspired to send Mr. Wang to the Qiaodong District Brainwashing Center to have him physically tortured and mentally tormented.

In order to brainwash Mr. Wang Zhong, the authorities forced him to watch Dafa-slandering videos daily and do janitorial work. They gave him a small portion of food and salted vegetables at each meal. Mr. Wang was persecuted until his blood pressure dropped and his heart rate became irregular. His mental faculties were impaired and he could not stand steadily. The people in charge used Mr. Wang's money to hire people to monitor him around the clock. They monitored his every word and action. Supervisory personnel from the Qiaodong Police Department often went to the brainwashing center to pressure and persecute the practitioners. Once, Mr. Wang said something that angered Wang Runcheng, the head of the brainwashing center. Wang Runcheng hit him until his mouth was filled with blood. Mr. Wang was held for about 22 months, during which time he was subjected to more inhumane treatment and insults. Wang Runcheng threatened Mr. Wang, "If you try to escape, I'll shoot to kill!"

Mr. Duan Yun shocked with electric batons

Mr. Duan Yun, a practitioner from Ningyuanbao Village suffered from stomach disease, lung disease, heart disease and kidney disease before he started practicing Falun Dafa. All of his illnesses disappeared after he started practicing. He also quit smoking, drinking and gambling. On February 13, 2004, village security head Wang Guang, Dong Cunlu, secretary of the Ningyuanpu Village Party Committee, village head Zhang Lin and Zhang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the Laoyazhuang Town Party Committee ransacked Mr. Duan's home and took a tape recorder and other items. They even took the gifts of condolence that his family and friends had given him at his mother's funeral. They took Mr. Duan to the meeting room at the Laoyazhuang Political and Judiciary Committee. Instigated by Zhang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the Laoyazhuang Town Party Committee, about six roughnecks covered Mr. Duan's head and beat him. They sent Duan Yun to the Qiaodong District Brainwashing Center where he was forced to watch Dafa-slandering VCDs. Wang Runcheng, head of center, shocked Mr. Duan with electric batons and threatened him in an attempt to make him renounce Dafa.

The main perpetrators of the persecution in the Qiaodong District are Zhang Changqi, secretary of the Qiaodong District Party Committee in Zhangjiakou City, Lei Hong, head of the Political and Judiciary Committee's 610 Office, Yan Zhiyou, head of the Qiaodong Police Department, Ma Fuwei, deputy head of the Qiaodong Police Department, and Jia Liyun, Wang Runcheng, Chang Hong, Li Hui and Hou Runping who are in charge of the brainwashing center.