(Clearwisdom.net) In mid-March 2004, the instructors in the seventh division in the Heizuizi Women Forced Labor Camp forced practitioners to do a special dance that required very fast stepping and was of strong demonic nature. Many practitioners refused to comply. Instructor Zhang Yunxue and Instructor Bi slapped practitioner Ms. Liu Honglian and used electric shock to torture her. They have also repeatedly beaten the practitioners.

In this round of persecution, practitioner Ms. Li Wei was dragged to the instructor's office. It is not clear what the police did to her. But after that, Ms. Li could no longer talk. When her symptoms became severe, she could not recognize people and often could not find the door to her group's room. Her mind was no longer clear; she lost her memory and the ability to take care of herself. Her symptoms gradually receded a little but she never became normal again. Eventually, she completely lost her ability to talk. Her family members had her checked by experts outside the forced labor camp and she was diagnosed as having a severe abnormal emotional disturbance. Under these circumstances, her family members vehemently demanded her release. However, the forced labor camp steadfastly refused and would not reveal any information regarding her status. They put her in solitary confinement and prohibited any outside people from contacting her.

Those directly involved in her case are: Instructor Liu Hu, Hou Zhihong, and instructor Bi. Toward this persecution, practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts collectively and furthered their understanding of the persecution from the perspective of the Fa. With renewed strength from our Teacher, practitioner Ms. Liu Honglian put in a complaint about the persecution to higher authorities using her righteous thoughts and strongly demanded the end of this kind of persecution. Under the influence of her righteous thoughts, the evil retreated. The division no longer required the performance of this kind of dance anymore. The dance was replaced with doing labor camp exercises set to music.

Nevertheless, the persecution in the seventh division is still very severe. The determined practitioners are not allowed to have meals together with their family members. The practitioners who refuse to do hard labor are shut up in solitary confinement. Since practitioner Ms. Yao Shuqing was sent to the forced labor camp, she has always refused to cooperate with the evil. She remains determined in cultivating Falun Dafa, does not accept "transformation," and refuses to do hard labor. Her jail term has been extended many times. Her health continues to deteriorate. The forced labor camp refused to inform her of the results of a physical check-up. Sometimes, her eyes are severely swollen, and she cannot see clearly. However, the forced labor camp has refused to release her. The forced labor camp uses brutal tortures such as forced brainwashing, physical torture, shocking with electric batons, beating, cursing, and sleep deprivation for practitioners who are "new" to the labor camp. Under the tremendous pressure, many practitioners have written the Five Statements renouncing Falun Gong. Eventually, all of them became clear-headed and solemnly retracted their statements. Thus, the efforts of the authorities to transform practitioners have failed.

Practitioners currently in the seventh division include: Wang Guihua, Li Wei, Zhou Qiling, Liang Chunrong, Wang Yulian, Ma Li, Liu Honglian, Liu Weenwen, Zhang Shuhua, Yao Shutao, Zhu Fenglan, and Liu Shuran.


The First Group: Instructor Bi
The Second Group: Zhang Yunxue and Zang Ping
The Third Group: Wang Yanhua, Zou Jialin
Officers: Li Man and Zhao Jing.
The Head of the Seventh Division: Liu Hu and Hou Zhihong.