(Clearwisdom.net) The Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp is located in Heilongjiang Province. In terms of persecution, it is as vicious as the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

The following examples are miserable stories of what several Dafa disciples in that camp have experienced.

Lu Demei had breast pain for several days from torture

Ms. Lu Demei was born in 1958 and lives in a residential area associated with the Hebei Forestry Bureau, Heilongjiang Province. Before she started practicing Falun Gong in November 1998, she suffered from severe diabetes. The disease disappeared after she started practicing, and her mental state improved. She gave up practicing after Jiang Zemin's gang launched the persecution in July 1999, and her disease recurred. Doctors told her that she must take insulin injections, but she could not financially afford it. Later she resumed the practice and the illness was healed. She was able to do all kinds of work.

On January 25, 2005, someone reported her to the authorities when she was clarifying the truth at a gas station. She had 20 Falun Dafa flyers when she was caught. Guo Shujun, an officer from the Hebei Forestry Bureau, tried to frame her. He wrote, "February 2, 2005," as the date of arrest in the document instead of the real date, January 25, 2005. Also, when searching her house, they found several copies of Dafa books and a couple of Dafa booklets besides the flyers she had with her. But Guo Shujun wrote in the document: 487 flyers, 123 Falun Gong books, and 45 other pieces of material. Guo claimed, "It doesn't matter how many I record in the document." Ms. Lu's family went to the police department, asking them to correct the record, but the police department said that they did so according to orders from the provincial-level authorities.

Because of this, Ms. Lu was sentenced to two years of forced labor. She is jailed in the Seventh Team of the Fifth Division at Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. Previously, she had been held in the Hebei Forestry Bureau Detention Center for 35 days and was charged 1000 yuan. Her family tried to get the money back, but failed.

Since she was deprived of the right of Fa study and doing the exercises, her diabetes returned. She went to the camp hospital on September 1. The prison camp did not tell her the results of the medical findings and merely told her that she had a non-serious illness. She has long-term leg edema so she cannot walk fast, but the prison personnel accused her of pretending to be sick. She has heart disease, joint pain, back pain, and stomach pain. Sometimes her back and shoulder felt paralyzed, and her sight was blurry. Even so, the labor camp still continues the persecution and sometimes claims that she is just pretending to be sick. In October 20, 2005, the right side of her body was paralyzed and she could not get up. Team chief Zhang Yan cursed at her and assumed she was pretending. Later she had to be helped by other practitioners just to walk. In October 25, she was sent to a Chinese Medicine Hospital for an examination, but they didn't tell her the results. On November 1, she was sent to the hospital again since half of her body was still paralyzed. Again, no one told her the result of the check-up.

She has severe diabetes, which constricted the blood vessels in her brain, causing partial paralysis. She cannot walk on her own. Once she asked police officer Zhang Yan if she could stay in the cell and not participate in a prison activity since she could not walk fast, even if she had help. Zhang Yan then pushed her to the ground and kicked her viciously. Zhang Yan also ordered two criminal inmates, Zhang Cuimei and Hu Zhanfen, to pull Ms. Lu to the dining hall. On the way there, the chief of the group, Wang Xin, saw them. Instead of stopping the torture, Wang Xin threatened Ms. Lu Demei that if she refused to go, they would put her under 24-hour surveillance.

Ms. Lu Demei had pain in her arms for several months and pain in her breasts for many days, due to Zhang Yan's violent behavior. Zhang Yan also cursed at her. On November 1, Zhang Yan pulled Ms. Lu all the way from the yard and up the stairs, making her whole body hurt. A policeman from the Eighth Team also kicked her for no reason.

Before the group toilet break at 2:30 p.m. on November 6, Ms. Lu told Zhang Cuimei that Zhang had pulled her arms too hard and injured her. Zhang then cursed all the practitioners. Zhang Yan and another police named Yin Hong then joined in to verbally abuse Ms. Lu.

Cui Wenxia is skin and bones

Ms. Cui Wenxia, 45, is from Baoquanling, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province. She was arrested in April 2005 and jailed in a local detention center. In May 2005, she was sent to the Seventh Team of the Fifth Division in Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. In July and August, she and another 64-year-old practitioner, Ms. Sun Shuzhi, were forced by policemen to carry practitioner Ms. Niu Yuhuan. This practitioner had been so severely tortured that she could not walk by herself. Ms. Niu's case was previously reported on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. Ms. Cui felt pain all over her body but she endured it. She reported her condition to the prison doctor Liu and to the team chief Hong Wei, hoping she could go to a hospital. In the last month, doctor Liu asked Cui Wenxia many times to get ready for a hospital examination, but was stopped by Hong Wei. Ms. Cui Wenxia is now skin and bones. She vomits everything she takes in, sometimes even water. She is too weak to speak, but Hong Wei still says that she is pretending to be sick. Hong Wei has said many times that if Ms. Cui doesn't eat, they will force-feed her. Hong Wei ordered criminal inmate Xie Yujue to monitor Ms. Cui and Ms. Lu Demei. They didn't take Ms. Cui to the hospital until November 2.

Ms. Han Guixia was tied onto a Tiger Bench for a whole night

On the morning of November 12, Ms. Han Guixia's lower body was paralyzed from torture and she lost bladder control, wetting the bed. Six people carried her downstairs. Group chief Wang Xin didn't let her eat and locked her out of the dining hall. Wang Xin pinched Ms. Han's lip and made it bleed. Also, Wang verbally abused her in front of everybody and claimed that Ms. Han was pretending to be sick. Wang Xin called every policeman in the 7th Team for an urgent meeting and ordered them to do some sort of security search. During the search, policeman Hong Wei ordered the criminals to curse Falun Gong practitioners. Ms. Han was tied onto a Tiger Bench during the search. Policemen Yin Hong and Hong Wei forbade her to go to the bathroom, forcing her to urinate in her pants. She was tied to the bench for the whole night.

Practitioners were forced to sit on hard stools for a whole day and not permitted to wash up at night.

Ms. Liu Chunjing cannot stand up by herself due to the torture

Ms. Liu had bad headaches, rheumatoid heart disease, and liver and spleen and lung disease. She also had nephritis, inflammatory arthritis in her shoulder and gallbladder inflammation before she started practicing Falun Gong.

Since practicing Falun Gong in 1998, her illnesses were healed.

In the morning of August 10, 2005, officer Li Jun and others from the Huanan County Police Department broke into and searched her house.

Without showing any legal documentation or IDs, they searched her house and found four copies of Falun Dafa books, several copies of the Minghui Weekly and four posters. They arrested her, although she has a young child and a sick husband for her to take care of. Ms. Liu Chunjing was later sent to Jiamusi labor camp and deprived of freedom.

She is extremely weak right now from torture in the labor camp. She has pain in her ribs, making eating difficult. She also has severe pain in her back. Ms. Liu cannot sit up or stand up, nor can she walk. She cannot carry things or do any kind of work.