(Clearwisdom.net) The "Falun Gong Human Rights" website (http://falunhr.org/) has continuously received condemnation of the Thai government's unreasonable arrest of Falun Gong practitioners. While feeling angry at Thailand, people have not forgotten that the Chinese Communist regime is manipulating behind-the-scenes.

The following are some responses:

Eric Knoche From the USA

I am extremely disappointed to hear of the recent actions taken by Thai police against peaceful protesters. I have spent a year of my life living in Thailand and was always impressed by the generosity and grace of the Thai people. I am very sorry that I am not still there as it would be very interesting to see how the Chinese embassy and Thai police would have dealt with an American citizen protesting in the same manner as the Chinese refugees.

Barbara Meixner, member of AI Australia From Australia / NSW

(Chinese government) please release the victims of your persecution and torture in the name of HUMANITY. It is possible to live side by side with people of differing religions and ways of life. You are unnecessarily fearful, you are the weak ones. Humanity shall overcome your inhuman behavior.

Simon Miller From: UK

The Thai authorities should immediately stop colluding with the brutal Chinese regime.

Joanne Renfrey Amnesty International Australia

Peaceful protests are the right of all people to enable them to express their opinions. As these Chinese citizens are under UN protection, Amnesty International deplores the treatment of them by the Thai Police.

Amnesty International urges strongly that the victims should be allowed immediate contact with the United Nations, and should immediately and unconditionally be released.

Madelaine King from Scotland, UK

This treatment of refugees is a disgrace. No-one with any kind of human conscience should be allowing this to happen. Please show them some compassion and prevent more from suffering and dying for their human rights. This treatment has brought shame on the Thai government.

Kevin from San Francisco, California

China, China, China, Communism is so very not Chinese. It is but a ruthless power grab, and it's hurting all the Chinese and by its extension, 20% of human consciousness, which matters to all of us humans for we are all interconnected.

Chris Jackson, Christian

We are all precious to God, especially the little children. Please release these innocent people, stop all torture and help to restore peace throughout the world that we ALL live in. My prayers will continue until their release.

Rob Chittem from the United kingdom

End torture and allow freedom. Children are all our futures.

Release these people or your karma will catch up with you.

Siddiqui From the UK

Humans are more important than man made immigration rules. Stop this brutality. Look at children's faces, they do not know why they and their parents have been punished. please....please help them, I request all the influential & human rights organizations.

I pray to Allah to help all

Patricia Russell and Hank Stienissen from Australia

We strongly object to the Chinese Government's rough-shod tactics being used on people under the U.N. 's protection and also any compliance by the Thai government with such actions.

Kidron Del Oste from Costa Rica

Not only is the Creator of the world watching but the rest of the world's population is watching also. Is this the way we want our children to remember us, that we did nothing to stop this kind of abuse?

Donna Hope from Canada

By following the orders of the Chinese Communist Party, the Thai police become accomplices in the criminal atrocities that are being carried out by them. Please reconsider your actions for your own good, and release these good, peaceful Falun Gong practitioners.

Peter from Holland

It is ridiculous that a country like Thailand in this age is willing to be the puppet of the communist government of China!

JB from Australia

It is the right of every Falun Gong practitioner to practice their religion as it is for everyone else. China, shame on you. NO FREE TRADE AGREEMENT OR FAVOUR TO CHINA FROM AUSTRALIA UNTIL THEY MEND THEIR BROKEN WAYS. Australians, please protest loud and often to the Australian government until this stops.

Erica Pollack from Rodgau, Germany

Unbelievable that the Government of Thailand would follow the commands of the Chinese Embassy. This is very shameful.

Susan Lieu from the USA

How can we have an International Human Rights Day when in practice, Human Rights are not honored? How can diplomats be proud of the work that they do when people are suffering and the diplomats are cutting ribbons and going to expensive luncheons? How do they represent the voice of the people?

Adel Dawe from England

Today the economic argument always wins. I pledge to stop buying Chinese in hope others follow. Then action for these atrocities against human rights to end will be taken.

Riona Hughes from Ireland

The persecution and detention of Falun Gong practitioners is a gross violation of human rights and should be stopped immediately.

Terry Gillan from Scotland

The UN must react to all such gross violations of civil rights and injustices in any country and force compliance. Offending nations should suffer embargos and limited trading until these atrocities are stopped forever.

Steve Pisano from London, UK

I am sickened by such cruelty and lack of support for victims of abuse - would the Thai authorities behave as such if they knew the tourist trade would be reduced by protesting Europeans and other world citizens?

Kevin Gibbs from UK

Persecution for free speech! The Thai government should be ashamed that it has been allowed to happen in their country. Surely they must understand the damage this will do to their international reputation.

David Palmer from England

Allowing freedom of speech is the only way democracy can be upheld; the Thai government must uphold free speech or be aware of economic repercussions.

Sportsprint from UK

Please release them, especially the children. Practicing a different spiritual path is not a reason to hold someone, not in this day and age.

Sara Milocco from London, UK

I am appealing to the government in Thailand to honor the basic right of refugees, which is to be provided with safety. Realize the Falun Gong practitioners presently detained, and their children; they haven't in any way constituted harm for the government and have an internationally recognized UNHCR refugee status. The world is watching you.

David Geddes from Scotland

I support the universal human right to freedom of speech and peaceful protest. I would ask the Thai government to do likewise in respect of the Chinese refugees currently held in detention for protests outside the Chinese embassy in Bangkok.

Rachel Harris from UK

Everyone has a God-given right to freedom of speech and to be treated justly by all. Please give these people the rights they deserve. If you give out peace and harmony, that is what you will receive in return. Only give what you would wish to receive and then you'll find that the world suddenly becomes a much better place to live.

Anthony Langstone from UK

It is time justice prevailed. If this were Hitler would we stand by and allow him world domination? Then why are the world's leaders allowing these people such influence upon the people with such harsh and evil tactics. It's time to nip this in the proverbial bud.

FJW from England

Freedom for all peaceful people is a basic right, torture is never acceptable in any circumstance. The development of trade and economies should not supersede individual human rights. It's time governments across the world stopped being hypocritical.

Roger Waldram from UK

Love & acceptance is what the whole world needs.

I hope more publicity can be gained for this abuse, in order to stop it.

Fiona Nichol from Scotland

Peace can never be achieved while this sort of insane, unjustified violence continues and the rest of the world stands back and lets it happen. Please stop this now.

MH from Burntwood, England

When is this world going to realize that we need to respect each and every individual regardless of their faith?

F. Gregg Meagher from USA

The Chinese Communist Government and any nation which aids and/or abets them (for example the Thai Government at this moment) should be politically, commercially, professionally, and individually boycotted in a TOTAL ECONOMIC MANNER. I will do so as an individual and businessman.

Thomas Hofmann from Germany

The only message the PRC will truly understand is for Europeans to STOP buying 'Made In China' and boycott these goods until basic human rights are acknowledged by the Chinese government, and torture, as a primal means to an end, is forever abolished.

H. Rider from Alaska, USA

It may be very hard to do with all that is being "MADE IN CHINA".. but boycott now..

Marrowstone Arts from USA

The world is always watching and right will eventually surface because of it. I'm sure the Thai government will understand the rights of individual beliefs and release these innocent victims.

Duncan Robert Eades from Canada

Truth will prevail......prayers are with all who stand in the light. Falun Gong Practitioners should be permitted freedom of religious practice under all world.

Julie from London, UK

Why are we allowing this? I'll be boycotting Chinese goods from now!

June Merrigan from UK

We must do all we can to bring pressure on the world to put pressure on the Chinese authorities to end their human rights atrocities.

Paul Sander from Cardiff, Wales

Respect people's rights - all people's

Robin Laine from UK

Chinese leaders belittle their great nation by condoning torture and denying the right of individuals to freedom of expression.

Alison Macpherson from UK

China is guilty of the oppression of freedom of its own people, whilst western governments ignore this for financial gain. Our governments do not represent their people, who wish to see an end to this abuse and would support sanctions, not trade agreements.

Frank Pycroft from England

This situation is intolerable - questions need to be asked in the UK parliament as to why the British government continues to allow the Chinese access to our markets while such actions are continuing.