(Clearwisdom.net) According to the police, Li Junqu instructed Hengshui City 610 Office personnel and police to persecute Dafa practitioners in Hengshui City during the October 1 National Day. It was said they would use the photos taken during the "616 incident" when Dafa practitioners helped other practitioners' family members to ask for the release of arrested practitioners. Their goal was to arrest 40 practitioners.

Li Junqu, 50, had served as the mayor of Hengshui City since February 1998. In January 2003 he became secretary of the City CCP Committee.

During Li Junqu's service as mayor and secretary, he has participated in and directed the persecution of Falun Gong, causing Falun Gong practitioners of Hengshui City severe harm. Many practitioners were detained, sentenced, or sent to forced labor camps. Some of them lost their lives. The public was deceived by the evil. Countless people's minds were poisoned. The following list includes local practitioners who have died due to persecution:

Ms. An Xiukun (age 49)
Ms. Xiao Xingai (age 39)
Mr. Yang Yun (age 43)
Mr. Liu Qiusheng (age 40, Fucheng County)
Ms. Wang Sulan (age 39)
Mr. Liu Lianyi (age 54, Jing County)
Ms. Wang Jingfang (age 51)
Ms. Liu Fuse (age 67, Shenzhou)
Mr. Yin Genwang age 69)
Mr. Zhang Jianxun (age 64, Anping County)
Ms. Wang Dongmei (in her 30s, Wuyi County)

During the morning of June 16, 2005, Dafa practitioners in Hengshui City helped Sun Liangsheng and Kang Yanxiang's family rescue them by going to the Hengshui City "610 Office." They demanded the "610 Office" to release the two arrested practitioners unconditionally.

Practitioner Sun Liangsheng (age 40) was a respected teacher at the Hengshui City No. 2 High School. The 39-year-old Kang Yanxiang worked at the Hengshui City Science Committee. The two practitioners have been persecuted many times. During the 2004 New Year, Hengshui City "610 office" perpetrators ordered the Taocheng District Police Department to arrest Sun Liangsheng and Kang Yanxiang. After being illegally detained for one and half years, the Taocheng District Court collected false evidence and unlawfully sentenced them to four years in prison.

Both Sun Liangsheng and Kang Yanxiang's families hadn't heard anything from them for a very long time. Accompanied by other practitioners, the families went to Hengshui City "610 Office," asking for information about the arrested practitioners. They also demanded their family members be unconditionally released. It was said that Li Junqu was furious when he heard this. He ordered practitioners who participated in this event to be sent to a labor camp. He personally arranged and planned the persecution of the practitioners.

Under Li Junqu's order, Hengshui City "610 office" set up a so-called "616" Special Case team to deal with this incident. Li Junqu is the head of this "616" Special Case Team. They used the photos of practitioners the police had in their possession to arrest Wen Shuqiao (Sun Liangsheng's wife), Kang Yanshuo (Kang Yanxiang's elder brother), and seven other Dafa practitioners. One practitioner was over 60 years old.

Eight of the nine practitioners who were involved in the June 16 incident were unlawfully sent to a labor camp. The other practitioner, Xia Shige, has been "proposed for arrest." The eight practitioners were delivered to the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp, but the camp refused to accept all of them, for health reasons. The police were worried about Li Junqu not being satisfied with this result. They tried different ways to get the labor camp to accept Kang Yanshuo (Kang Yanxiang's elder brother) and Xia Shengguo. The Kang brothers were illegally sentenced and detained in the labor camp. Kang Yanxiang's wife decided to leave to avoid arrest. Their over-80-year-old mother now stays at home alone. Sun Liangsheng's wife was also unlawfully detained. Their high-school daughter was placed under great mental strain. The perpetrators who were involved in this arrest said that Li Junqu directed them to carry this out.

Recently, according to the police, Li Junqu once again ordered them to investigate the "616" incident participants. He wanted to arrest 40 Dafa practitioners during the October 1 National Day holidays.

Li Junqu, 86-318-2069688 (Office), 86-318-2066789 (Home)