(Clearwisdom.net) Recently some practitioners have experienced recurrence of "sickness karma," which has caused an adverse effect in the environment around them. There are different types, and we would like to share our view on a few such cases in our region.

We believe that the so-called "recurrence of sickness karma" some practitioners experience has something to do with the way they clarify the truth and their understanding of the Fa. Some practitioners often refer to themselves when clarifying the truth, saying that they used to have very poor health and suffered from numerous illnesses, and that all the illnesses disappeared after they took up cultivation practice and now they enjoy very good health, and so on and so forth. At the time, what they said had a good effect in promoting the Fa, in clarifying the truth and validating the Fa.

However, their understanding of the Fa has failed to keep up with the progress of the Fa-rectification, or for some perhaps their understanding of the Fa has stayed at the level of perceptual knowledge, or possibly they only use one way to clarify the truth and have an attachment to the health improvements they experienced. When they get hold of certain truth clarification pamphlets, they tend to focus on the pursuit that, "One can gain good health and turn bad luck into good if they keep saying 'Dafa is good,'" and consequently, they have failed to demonstrate the beauty and the solemnity of Dafa through their own pure energy field.

With the same truth-clarifying materials, other practitioners are able to achieve very good results in their truth-clarification efforts, thus enabling everyday people to think of Dafa when in a critical situation and to develop righteous thoughts. However, some practitioners could not let go of the attachment they had developed after their illnesses disappeared. Their understanding of the Fa has stayed at this level for a long time and they have been taken advantage of by evil factors.

In recent years, some practitioners have shown serious recurrence of sickness karma, which led to doubts in those to whom they had clarified the truth. Some people even thought that practitioners had lied to them. Because of this, these practitioners developed a desire to ask Master to cure their "illnesses." When the sickness karma became serious, they used their human notions in their hearts to negotiate conditions for their cultivation with Master and used all kinds of excuses to ask Master to eliminate their "sickness karma."

They have failed to enlighten, and in a maze of ordinary society and when the evil targeted their weaknesses and enlarged their human notions, they began to complain about Master and Dafa. Amid their family members' concern and pressure, they went into hospitals for treatment. After they were discharged, they were still not clearheaded and were confused about whether it was the power of the Fa or the medicine that had cured them, or whether they were helped by the righteous thoughts from fellow practitioners or the care from their family members.

When they found it hard to "endure" the "sickness pain," these practitioners who were surrounded by evil could not remember Master and Dafa, and even if they thought of Master and Dafa, all they could think was asking Master to eliminate their pain and to save their lives. These practitioners did not have strong righteous thoughts when the evil attacked them and they still clung to their own human notions, and they failed to view the situation from the perspective of the Fa. They treated what they were experiencing as sickness, and when they found it hard to endure the pain and the misery that were similar to the symptoms they used to suffer before cultivation, their righteous belief became less firm. After they were discharged from the hospital, they knew that their "illness" was not cured and yet they could not find anything wrong with their xinxing or their understanding, so they began to blame everything and everyone by themselves.

One practitioner encountered an unprecedented attack from the dark minions just before he began to do some Dafa work. He was in such pain that he rolled back and forth in bed, and the symptoms were very similar to a type of disease of everyday people. During his suffering, the dark minions cut him off from other Dafa practitioners, to the point where he could hardly remember Dafa, and at the same time, they kept sending everyday people's thoughts into his head, such as how he should have the problem treated and how to arrange for things around him.

Then a thought came to his mind: This is not right. He was aware that the evil dark minions were interfering with him so that he could not do any Dafa work. This meant that the task was very important. Even if he still had shortcomings, the dark minions were not qualified to test him or interfere with him.

At the beginning when he found it hard to bear the pain, he called Master in his heart to help him, but the pain did not diminish. He then found his selfishness. He had a desire to gain when in a difficult situation. This thought was not pure enough. When he endured extreme pain, he tried to keep his state of mind and looked for the base for his righteous thoughts. Finally, Master's words came to his mind. He kept reciting the Fa and let go of his desire to reduce the pain. He sat up to send forth righteous thoughts, then, with great pain, he got out of bed and began to do the exercises with a shaking body. He tried to do every movement properly along with the music, and gradually the pain subsided before he knew it.

After he finished doing the exercises, he began to listen to Master's lectures, and the pain disappeared gradually without him noticing it. The whole incident lasted four hours, from the beginning of the attack until he completely recovered.

For fellow practitioners who still think they are being bothered by "sickness karma" and are still complaining, doubting and wavering, they should carefully check their understanding of Dafa, realize what kind of belief and thoughts are truly pure, and have no further omissions.