(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Geng Huaipu was forced to leave his home to avoid further persecution. On October 21, 2005, he was illegally arrested and sent to Liudaowan Detention Center in Urumqi. During the detention, Geng Huaipu was tortured with a method called "bathing" (having large buckets of freezing cold water poured on him in chilly weather). Criminal inmates in the detention center beat and kicked Mr. Geng, causing numerous injuries.

Because Geng Huaipu resisted the abuse, policeman Shen Wei, in a rage, ordered the inmates to rip off Mr. Geng's clothes and told them to pour freezing cold water, which had been left outdoors overnight, over him. (Urumqi is located in a frigid zone. Winter heating started on October 15.) This torture is referred to as "bathing." They took Mr. Geng to Cell 2-2 after they finished pouring a huge bucketful of water over him.

Mr. Geng continuously clarified the truth to the perpetrators. Policeman Shen Wei ordered criminals Mai Mai Ti, Da Wu Ti and six others to beat Geng Huaipu, which caused injury to many parts of his body. The 610 Office took Mr. Geng back to the local detention center. With strong righteous thoughts, Geng Huaipu was able to leave detention ten days later.

Pictures of Geng Huaipu's injured body taken ten days after he broke out of detention.