(Clearwisdom.net) After Jiang's villainous political organization began the persecution of Falun Gong, the Handan City Forced Labor Camp was awarded the title of "Executive Civilized Work Unit." Guo Zhiqiang, head of the Handan City Judicial Bureau, said at the opening ceremony of a new building at the labor camp, "A 'reformation team' headed by Gao Fei has emerged at the Handan City Labor Camp. We have completed the assignment given to us by our superiors, to 'reform' Falun Gong practitioners. These superiors have favorably acknowledged our work. We are the only labor camp in Hebei Province to receive the title 'National Executive Civilized Work Unit.'"

Below is a summary of the tactics by which they "reform" Falun Gong practitioners, which consist primarily of deception and violence. A group of guards led by Gao Fei resort to the most ruthless and shameless methods in an attempt to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.

First method: Lies

In order to fulfill the 610 Office-assigned reformation of Falun Gong practitioners, a Special Division was established at the labor camp, a place where "special education methods" are put to use. Gao Fei had exclaimed for a long time, "The military is used for killing, and the guards' job is to beat people." To meet these requirements set by Jiang's villainous political organization, the guards came up with a set of lies. They isolate the practitioners upon arrival at the labor camp and then start lying to them, holding Dafa books in their hands. Most practitioners quickly see through their pretense, and then the guards reveal their true intentions. Zhang Xiuping, head of the labor camp; Wei Yongsheng, the deputy head; and Cheng Yin, the political head, encouraged their subordinates to use brutal tactics to coerce the practitioners so as to meet the quota of 100 percent reformation rate.

Second method: Violence, malice and ruthlessness

The guards at the Special Division told the practitioners, "We beat and torture you for your own good. Your Teacher asked us to give you a 'stick wake-up' because only by using a 'big hammer' will you improve your enlightenment quality." In 2004, guard Wang Zhiming kicked practitioner Mr. Chang Junkai so hard that he hit a tree in the yard, which resulted in a large cut about two inches in length above one of his eyebrows. Blood covered his face. In August 2004, when practitioner Mr. Zhao Shenxing refused to answer Wang Zhiming, he was beaten until his body was covered with deep, gaping wounds and he had turned black and blue. The next day, guard Gao Fei interrogated practitioner Mr. Zhao Shenxing, who refused to answer his questions. Gao Fei beat Mr. Zhao with electric batons and rubber clubs, and ordered inmates to beat and kick him. Mr. Zhao's face was black and blue, and he couldn't open his eyes due to the pain. About one week later he suffered a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was released on a medical parole.

On May 9, 2005, practitioner Mr. Bao Jige declared that he firmly believed that Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa. Guards led by Yao Jianming and Wang Zhiming handcuffed Mr. Bao to the upper bunk of a double bed so that his feet barely touched the ground. Then Li Haiming, Xing Yansheng and others shocked his neck, face, armpits and other parts of the body with electric batons and also hit him with rubber clubs. As a result of the beating, Mr. Bao Jige could not use his right hand for more than six months. In early July 2004, when practitioner Mr. Huang Yunzhang spoke with Mr. Bao Jige, guard Xing Yansheng slapped Mr. Huang's face and blamed him for Mr. Bao's firm belief in Falun Gong.

Practitioner Mr. Wang Zhiwu was sent to the Special Division, where the guards tried to deceive him but failed. They resorted to violence, cuffed his hands to the upper bunk, and forced him to stand straight for several days without sleep. The guards didn't put him down until his feet had swelled and he had vomited a fair amount of blood. They then proceeded to shock him with electric batons. They taped paper slips filled with Dafa-slandering words all over Mr. Wang's body. Guard Xing Yansheng even wrote slanderous graffiti on picture(s) of Falun Gong's founder. He encouraged an inmate to beat Mr. Wang. The inmate knocked out three of Mr. Wang Zhiwu's teeth. He made Mr. Wang stand on his head and smoke a cigarette with his nose. He drew on Mr. Wang's face with ink and put a plastic bowl over his head. He forced him carry a stick under his armpits, wear torn clothing, and parade around the courtyard several times.

On July 15, 2005, they detained Mr. Wang Zhiwu in solitary confinement for five days. A dozen guards and collaborators verbally attacked Mr. Wang with their crooked ideas about Dafa. They didn't allow him to sleep until he had written a guarantee statement in a semi-conscious state to renounce Dafa.

On September 6, Mr. Wang Zhiwu did not fold his quilt to the satisfaction of the guards. Guard Liu Chaobo struck and kicked him to the ground. Liu Chaobo pulled him up and started beating him again until he vomited blood. This is one of the so-called "special education methods" at the Handan City Forced Labor Camp.

On September 12, Mr. Wang Zhiwu refused to cooperate with the guards' unreasonable demands. Guards Yao Jianming, Xing Yansheng and Zhang Wenshan frenziedly beat and kicked him. They also shocked him with electric batons and hit him with rubber clubs until he rolled on the floor in pain. After the beating, they forced him to stand inside a circle drawn on the floor and didn't let him eat.

On September 16, on his way back from lunch, guard Xing Yansheng said to practitioner Mr. Wang Zhiwu, "I dare to go to hell. Do you dare to go to hell?" Mr. Wang answered, "You can go to hell; I won't." Xing Yansheng grew furious and savagely beat Mr. Wang.

In the afternoon of October 10, guard Wang Zhiming said to practitioner Mr. Wang Zhiwu, "The Communist Party pays your salary; yet you are not grateful and not obedient." Mr. Wang Zhiwu responded, "Can you represent the Communist Party?" Wang Zhiming flew into a rage and struck Mr. Wang to the ground. He yanked him off the floor and continued to beat him until his face was swollen. Wang Zhiming is used to beating people at will.

Practitioner Mr. Zhao Zhiguan from Ci County firmly believes that Falun Dafa is good. Wang Zhiming punched Mr. Zhao in the face. His face was black and blue for more than two months. The hand Wang had used to hit Mr. Zhao hurt for many days.

Mr. Dou Pingjun is a practitioner from Shahe City. He once donated 15,000 yuan to a flood relief fund. He was illegally sentenced to forced labor but at the Handan Forced Labor Camp he persisted in his belief. Guards Liu Chaobo and Xing Yansheng shocked him with electric batons and punched his face while threatening him, "If you don't transform, we'll beat you to death and bury you here."

On August 16, the labor camp authorities forced practitioners to complete a "test" with Dafa-slandering answers. Practitioner Mr. Cheng Wendong from Qiu County refused to attack Dafa. Guard Gao Jinli found out and beat more than 40 practitioners in the courtyard. After the practitioners fell to the ground, he yanked them up and screamed, "Kneel before me." He continued to beat the practitioners until he was exhausted. On August 31, Mr. Cheng Wendong refused to watch Dafa-slandering TV programs. He said he was dizzy. Guard Wang Zhiming slapped his face saying, "You have to watch it, even if it kills you." Afterwards he called Mr. Cheng to the office. Five inmates pinned him to the floor and Wang Zhiming proceeded to shock him with electric batons and hit him with rubber clubs. Mr. Cheng's chest and back were black and blue.

On August 15, guard Xing Yansheng called practitioner Mr. Gu Daping into the office and asked, "Did you write the repentance statement from your heart or not?" Mr. Gu answered, "I would never have written it had I not been coerced." Xing Yansheng shocked Mr. Gu with electric batons and made him admit that he truly meant to renounce his belief.

On September 23, guard Zhang Wenshan ordered practitioner Mr. Li Guanqi to copy "homework." Mr. Li said, "I'm dizzy, I can't do it." Zhang Wenshan ordered a few inmates to first slap Mr. Li's face and then they pinned him to the floor. Wang Zhiming and Li Haiming beat and kicked him, which left Mr. Li Guanqi disoriented for a few days and his arms hurt so badly he couldn't raise them for one month.

On October 6, guard Yao Jianming saw practitioners Mr. Zhang Qingchao and Mr. Huang Yunzhang talking with each other. Yao Jianming demanded, "What are you talking about?" Mr. Huang had announced that the "guarantee statement" he previously had written was void. Yao Jianming slapped his face repeatedly. He kicked him and forced the two practitioners to stand against the wall. Mr. Zhang was forced to stand for more than six hours, and Mr. Huang was forced to stand for two days and one night. On October 8, guard Li Haiming called Mr. Huang into the office and beat and kicked him until his nose bled. Li Haiming's hands were covered with Mr. Huang's blood, yet he continued to beat him, saying, "How come you guys are allowed to commit crimes while we guards are not allowed to make mistakes?"

Yao Jianming said to the practitioners at a labor camp meeting, "Although we beat you a couple of times, it's for your own good and for the country's good. You are not clear-headed, but we have ways to bring you back to reality. The labor camp is a violent, totalitarian institution, and we have prepared the electric batons and rubber clubs to be used on you."

Guard Gao Fei said at a Dafa-slandering class in 2004, "Do you know what the military is for? The military was established to kill people, and guards are here to beat people. It's not OK if you don't reform. Put us on trial if you dare!"

On September 12, six practitioners were transferred to the forced labor camp from Tangshan City and on October 10, six practitioners from Gaoyang City were "reformed."

On October 10, practitioner Mr. Li Liandong from Gaoyang City, who worked at the Security Division of Tsinghua University, was sent to the forced labor camp. The guards told Mr. Li, "See, there aren't many people practicing Falun Gong now." Mr. Li Liandong answered, "To my knowledge, the same number of people are practicing Falun Gong as did before the persecution started. It's only that the police and guards in other cities have stopped persecuting Falun Gong. You are the only place that is still persecuting Falun Gong, which is why determined practitioners are all sent here." Li Haiming slapped Mr. Li Liandong's face twice. Mr. Li Liandong said, "It's illegal to beat people!" Li Haiming ordered inmates to bring electric batons and rubber clubs, and guard Wang Zhiming and the inmates savagely tortured Mr. Li Liandong until he lost consciousness. Mr. Li could not get up until a few hours later.

On October 26, guard Gao Jinli drank alcohol at lunch and threw a tantrum at practitioner Mr. Wang Zhong, a man in his 50s. He smacked Mr. Wang's face and head with his hard boots until Mr. Wang collapsed to the floor.

There are countless instances of human rights violations and of administrators violating human rights laws at the Handan City Forced Labor Camp. Yet the Hebei Province Labor Reeducation Bureau considered this labor camp to be an "advanced work unit" for reforming Falun Gong practitioners, and Jiang's villainous political organization allocated funding for the construction of a new building at the labor camp. Jiang Zemin has trained villains and used the taxpayers' money to build a torture base. Jiang's organization also posted a reward of 800 yuan for each Falun Gong practitioner that is "reformed," which encouraged the guards to torture the practitioners and attack Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance using all sorts of tactics.