(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, the authorities in Miyi County, Sichuan Province have been harassing and arresting Falun Dafa practitioners. At around 4:00 p.m., on December 4, 2005, the former commissioner of Miyi County, Shen Jun, instigated members of the National Security Team, the police station, and the People's Procuratorate to participate in teams of seven to eight people to break into and ransack Falun Dafa practitioners' homes in Shuitang Village and Diansuo Village. Without any legal documents, they illegally arrested 77-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Hu Xingyu and her eldest daughter Que Fafeng. At the same time, they confiscated Master Li's lecture tapes, videos and CDs. Ms. Hu and her daughter are imprisoned in the Miyi Detention Center.

Ms. Hu Xingyu, a 77-year-old practitioner, lives in the Second Group of Shuitang Village, Miyi County. Before practicing Falun Dafa, she suffered from numerous diseases such as Cholecystitis. Even after consulting many physicians, she could not be cured. She began cultivating Falun Dafa on someone's recommendation and was cured of all her diseases thereafter. The magnificence of Falun Dafa was manifested in her body's excellent health. After seeing the changes in her, her family members began cultivating in Dafa as well.

After the Jiang regime began the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, Ms. Hu was sent to the brainwashing center in Panlian Town twice, and once to Shuitang Village. In the brainwashing centers, Ms. Hu was not allowed to sleep and was made to stand and run for an hour at a time. The Shuitang Village Chief Xu Chaoyou (who has died of cancer) monitored her to make her keep running. Ms. Hu spent five years in the Miyi Detention Center and was imprisoned seven times. The longest detention, in 2000, lasted twenty months. She had been handcuffed and hung up, subjected to a blowing electric fan in cold weather, made to stand, half squatting, in the saddle position, and has suffered other torture from inmates Xiang Jinfa, Cai Faxiang (who died of a sudden illness), Zhou Lin, Yang Zihua, and several others. They stripped off her clothes in the harsh winter and blew cold air at her with two large electric fans. When Xiang Jinfa hung her in the air by her handcuffed wrists, she felt her heart pound heavily, and her face changed color. After she was finally released and fell to the floor, she was already dizzy and could not see or think properly.

In 2004, Ms. Hu was arrested once again in Huili. Xiang Jinfa, Cai Faxiang, Zhou Lin and Yang Zihua brought her back to Miyi County. They fettered her with the largest foot shackles and also handcuffed her.

In this period of time, another Falun Dafa practitioner, Mr. Chen Peixing, was also arrested. A reporter videotaped him while he was posting truth clarification materials. The next day, the Public Security Bureau arrested him while he was teaching the five sets of Falun Gong exercises to some children. He is currently imprisoned in the Miyi Detention Center. In November 2005, another practitioner Zhou Guangyin was also arrested and is currently imprisoned at the Miyi Detention Center.

From 1999 to 2004, when Shen Jun was the Miyi County Commissioner, and Xiang Jinfa was the section leader of the Miyi Political Protection Section (now known as the National Security Team), they persecuted more than one thousand Falun Dafa practitioners. Close to one hundred practitioners have been imprisoned and about twenty practitioners have been sent to forced labor camps. Brainwashing sessions have been held twice in Panlian Town, once in Shuitang Village, once in Diansuo Village, and twice in both Binggu and Salian. After Shen Jun was transferred to Panzhihua City, Xiang Jinfa was due to retire, but was made to continue his job due to his experience in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. This year, a new round of persecution against Dafa practitioners began and Shen Jun was also transferred back to the Miyi Detention Center.