(Clearwisdom.net) The article "My Younger Brother's Story--The Youth Movement" (from the Minghui website on February 10, 2003) really touched me, especially the letter written by Mr. Hu Zhiming to his family, entrusted to his cellmate, who was released, to pass on to Mr. Hu Zhiming's parents.

Mr. Hu Zhiming (right) and his older brother Mr. Hu Zhihua

In it, Zhu Zhiming wrote, "I do not waste my time. You will understand in the future that what I am now doing is the most worthwhile. I hope I just really have the endowments of a god that will never give up until the end. I hope the pure light of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" will keep forever in my heart, lighting up the path that I am walking on and will never turn back. I want to transform my life into a pure land, and welcome the everlasting brilliance. I think that when the dust settles down, it will be time for the world's people to wake up."

When an old man read this article, he could not help saying with his heart that it was very well written. It was just like what Mr. Hu Zhiming's elder brother Mr. Hu Zhihua wrote in his article, "It is just for the purpose of playing the deep movement of music--- our life becomes eternal because of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." This topic is not written with pen and ink, it is written with my younger brother's youth."

The other day I was fortunate to meet Mr. Hu Zhihua in New York. During this holiday season, people all around the world are celebrating the New Year and gathering their families together. Mr. Hu Zhihua once again appealed to people from all walks of life to help rescue his younger brother, Mr. Hu Zhiming. Mr. Hu Zhiming was missing again in late September this year. Mr. Hu worked in the profession of advanced science and technology. More details of his story follow:


Mr. Hu Zhiming is a resident of Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. He was born in 1972. In 1990, he went to study at the Xi'an Air Force Engineering Institute. After he graduated in 1994, he continued his post-graduate studies until 1997. After that, he was assigned to work at the Research Institute of Beijing Air Force Military Training Equipments, where he started to practice Falun Gong. In 1998, he was promoted in his workplace to a deputy director for the Computer Department of his Research Institute. He had his military rank as squadron leader. He has been rewarded many times.

Since 1999, the army also started to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Beijing authorities secretly ordered all work units to arrest all Falun Gong practitioners and keep them under surveillance before the National People's Congress meeting was held in March 2000. To avoid being persecuted, Mr. Hu Zhiming left his workplace. However his workplace found all his telephone records, and they arrested him after they found his new place of residence. As a result, he was jailed at Xishan, Beijing for over two months.

During his detention, there were guards at his door keeping him under surveillance around the clock. Every day, there were people sent from the General Headquarters of the Air Force, who came to brainwash him and force him to give up practicing Falun Gong. Finally, because he was not willing to give up his practice of Falun Gong, in May 2000, he was illegally discharged (The State has a regulation that any postgraduate student educated and trained by the military institute has a life-time term of military service, and should never be discharged).

After he came home, he was very often harassed by the local policemen, since he continued practicing Falun Gong. In order to avoid being persecuted and to save problems for his family, he left his home and became homeless. In September 2000, his family suddenly lost contact with him. His parents and brothers looked everywhere for him, and they could not find his whereabouts. His family members were very worried, and his mother cried so much that she lost her eyesight.

In October 2001, his parents received a notice that Mr. Hu Zhiming was arrested in Shanghai in September 2000 because of practicing Falun Gong. He was jailed at the Shanghai City Detention Center. He was later sentenced to four years (without any legal procedures) and detained at the Tilanqiao Jail.

According to Minghui reports, Tilanqioa Jail in Shanghai is the central jail in Shanghai, which specializes in jailing all political prisoners, the so-called anti-revolutionary members, spies and criminal prisoners. It is known as a "Centennial Jail," the "Far-east No. 1 Big Jail," etc. Inside this darkest jail in Shanghai, the darkest cell is a so-called "Youth Experimental Team" that detains the death sentence prisoners. Currently this "Youth Experimental Team" jails Falun Gong practitioners.

Mr. Hu Zhihua said that like many other Falun Gong practitioners in China, his brother Mr. Hu Zhiming has suffered severe persecution over the past six years. When he was jailed at the Tilanqiao Jail in Shanghai, he was even more severely persecuted.

During his detention, Mr. Hu Zhiming was determined to practice Falun Gong, and he went on a hunger strike for a long time. He was very feeble physically. Later, the jail was afraid to shoulder the responsibility, and they notified his family in 2004 to go to Shanghai to pick him up and bring him home. When his family went to Shanghai to pick him up, they found that his health situation was very serious, and he had difficulty walking. He looked totally different from before.

After a very short period of rest, Mr. Hu Zhiming quickly recovered. He also studied by himself and learned some computer knowledge. However since the local police went so often to his home to "check" on him, in order to save the trouble of his parents who would worry about him and in order to avoid being persecuted by the local public security bureau, Mr. Hu Zhiming went to Beijing to look for a job.

Mr. Hu Zhiming wrote in an email to his brother Mr. Hu Zhihua at the end of August this year that he had found a very good job in the profession of advanced science and technology in Beijing. However there was no more response from him when his family tried to have more contact with him. When Mr. Hu Zhihua called his parents in Liaoning Province, he was told that "the local police went suddenly to search his home, they found something that was used before by his younger brother. The public security bureau did not tell them what had happened."

Mr. Hu Zhihua said, according to all the evidence, that Mr. Hu Zhiming was missing because he was illegally arrested by the Beijing Public Security Bureau and the National Security Team some time between September 23 and 25.

Mr. Hu Zhihua pointed out that many Chinese countrymen thought that there were fewer and fewer cases of Falun Gong practitioners in China being persecuted. However that is a false impression created by the Chinese Communist Party in controlling the media. Just before Mr. Hu Zhiming went missing in Beijing, he knew that a New York resident named Zhang Shuangying's sister-in-law Liu Ping was taken by the police in Jinan City to a labor camp. Wang Huimin, a resident of Guangzhou City who went to New York recently, was also abducted this year and taken to the Guangzhou Brainwashing Class when he was on his way to work.

Mr. Hu Zhihua said that when he saw the recently-held grand Christmas-celebration parade in New York, and saw people's smiling faces, he could not help thinking about his countrymen in China. Have they ever had the chance to breathe the air of freedom? Have they ever had the chance to be exposed to a media that is not censored? What about my younger brother who is still missing in China?

Finally Mr. Hu Zhihua appealed to all people inside and outside China who are concerned about this case, asking whoever knows about the case to provide more information to help find his missing brother. At the same time, he would like to appeal to the international community to show concern for all the Falun Gong practitioners who are being inhumanly persecuted in China.