(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Tao Yuan from Chengdu City was illegally arrested because he mailed truth-clarification materials to the Jinyang District Office and the Hongyun Garden Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Residential District Office. He is being detained and tortured at the Xinhua District Forced Labor Camp of Mianyang City. His 76-year-old father is home alone with no one to take care of him.

On August 25, 2004, police officer Zhou Shuyue (male) forced open Mr. Tao Yuan's front door and arrested Mr. Tao. The head of the Hongyun Garden CCP Residential District Office, Li Hanrong (male), participated in the house search. They confiscated Falun Dafa books, truth-clarification materials, printers and other items.

After the arrest, Mr. Tao Yuan was detained at the Wuhou District Brainwashing Center. He protested the persecution with a hunger strike. Police officer Liu Xiaokang (male) and others tortured him by force-feeding him. Mr. Tao was hospitalized several times because of the severe torture. Mr. Tao Yuan continued to steadfastly practice Falun Dafa. On November 11, 2004, he was transferred from the Wuhou District Brainwashing Center to the Xinhua Forced Labor Camp of Mianyang City for further torture.

Mr. Tao Yuan's mother had also been detained for an extended period in Wuhou District Brainwashing Center, between December 26, 2001 and March 21, 2005, because she steadfastly practices Falun Dafa.

Police officers from the Police Department of Chengdu City routinely break into residential houses without a permit and arrest good people like Mr. Tao Yuan. As a result, Mr. Tao's elderly father has been unattended and stays home alone. His living condition has become very difficult.

We call for the immediate release of practitioner Mr. Tao Yuan. We call for the return of his freedom of belief and human rights. We call for the whole body of Falun Dafa practitioners in Chengdu City to cooperate in exposing the evil, rescuing fellow practitioners and saving sentient beings.

Those who participated in the persecution include:

The Wuhou District 610 Office: Gao Mingliang (male) and Luo (last name, male)

Phone number for the Wuhou District Brainwashing Center: 86-28-85367039

Relevant members in the Wuhou District Brainwashing Center: Liu Xiaokang (male) and Wang Jinping (male)

Phone number for the Jinyang District Office: 86-28-87428937

Phone numbers and names of the relevant members in the Jinyang District Office: Liu Yong (male), Gong Taoquan (male), Zheng Weifang (male), phone numbers: 86-28-89668916, 86-28-87433573

Phone number for the Jinyang District Police Station: 86-28-87428110

Relevant member of the Jinyang District Police Station, Zhou Shuyue (male), phone number: 86-28-89528695

Phone number for the Hongyun Garden CCP Residential District Office: 86-28-82951597

Head of the Hongyun Garden CCP Residential District Office, Li Hanrong (male), phone: 86-1333099853. The person in charge of this case is Deng Wei (male), phone: 86-13568868508.

The Xinhua Forced Labor Camp of Mianyang City:
Phone number: 86-816-2830769
Guard: Zhang (last name, male)