(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Ma Zhanquan and his wife Tian Shurong are Falun Dafa practitioners from the Pinggu District of Beijing. Because of their long-term detention, their young son lives with his grandparents, who have fallen into financial difficulties.

Mr. Ma and his wife were illegally arrested by the Pinggu police at the beginning of this year. The police searched their home and confiscated their property. They are being detained in the Pinggu District Detention Center in Beijing. In order to obtain information, the authorities once sent them to the No. 7 Detention Center in Beijing. Although the police applied all kinds of vicious tactics, they did not obtain what they wanted. They had no choice but to send them back to Pinggu.

Because the authorities did not find any "evidence" at all to justify the persecution of Mr. Ma Zhanquan and Ms. Tian Shurong, they had no way to determine their prison terms. However, they are not willing to release the couple and continue to detain them indefinitely in the Pinggu District Detention Center.

Their son, Ma Jian, is a fifth grade student. After the police took his parents away, he has had to live with his ailing, elderly grandparents. The grandparents do not have a source of income and thus lack money. Sometimes they weren't even able to pay Ma Jian's tuition. What's more, they have to endure the mental torment of frequent police harassment.

The Pinggu police persecute the local Dafa practitioners rampantly. This year alone, at least 30 practitioners have been sent to prisons or labor camps.

Pinggu District Police Department of Beijing
Main Office: 86-10-69961271
National Security Branch Team: 86-10-69962880
Detention Center: 86-10-69961219

December 14, 2005