(Clearwisdom.net) Fushun City Forced Labor Camp is the only forced labor camp in Fushun City, Liaoning Province. Some people call it "Fushun City Forced Labor Re-education Management Institute." This is a place where crimes are committed. Numerous Falun Gong practitioners have been detained and brutally tortured there. Among them, many were tortured to death, tortured to insanity, handicapped, and/or severely injured.

The forced labor camp is located on the north side of Suihua Road, Dongzhou District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province (see map below). Local residents call it "Wujiabao Forced Labor Camp." In reports on Clearwisdom.net, references such as "Fushun City Wujiabao Forced Labor Camp" and "Wujiabaozi Forced Labor Camp" all refer to this labor camp.

High Resolution Picture
Fushun City Forced Labor Re-education Management Institute (formerly called "Fushun City Forced Labor Camp")

Grey areas in the picture are the detention buildings where practitioners and inmates are detained.

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An overview of Fushun City Forced Labor Camp

High Resolution Picture
The detention building
High Resolution Picture
Gate to the ward and the detention building

The lower three levels of the buildings in the above photos house the cells where people are detained. The cell windows are closed and have iron bars. The entrance to the building is below ground. On one side of the entrance is a very long and winding stockade passage. People have to go through this passage to enter or exit the building. The passage is designed to prevent detained practitioners or inmates from escaping.

Below are photos of the main entrance of the forced labor camp

High Resolution Picture
Main entrance to Fushun City Forced Labor Camp (above and front view)
High Resolution Picture
Main entrance to Fushun City Forced Labor Camp (front view)

Main entrance to Fushun City Forced Labor Camp

In the forced labor camp, many of the guards participated in torturing practitioners. The most vicious are Wu Wei and Jiang Yongfeng. Currently, these two villains are torturing practitioners at Luotai Villa Provincial Brainwashing Center (see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2005/10/22/66117.html for details)

A summary of persecutions of Falun Gong practitioners inside Fushun City Forced Labor Camp:

I. Practitioners tortured to death

1. Tang Tierong, beaten to death.
2. Zou Guirong, tortured to death.
3. Zhong Hongxi, tortured to death.
4. Zhou Mengxu, tortured until mentally traumatized and later died.

II. Practitioners tortured and mentally traumatized

1. Ms. Zhao Huixiang was detained in a small cell and guarded by male guards. She was tortured and became mentally traumatized.
2. Yao Songdong was tortured and became mentally traumatized.
3. Li Zhongguo was tortured and became mentally traumatized.
4. Han Zhe was tortured and became mentally traumatized.

III. Practitioners handicapped because of the torture

1. Sun Changli became blind from the beatings.
2. Chen Jirong's legs were paralyzed and she was in critical condition many times.
3. Yao Yanhui's legs were paralyzed.
4. Jia Qinggui became handicapped because of many torture methods.
5. Zhao Minggui's vocal cord was injured; the practitioner's body was covered with injuries.

IV. Practitioners disfigured by electric shocking

1. Gao Juan was disfigured from the electric batons.
2. Chen Guocai's face was burnt from electric shocks.

V. Practitioners seriously injured

1. Qu Dazhong became haggard and emaciated, and is in critical condition.
2. Zhou Yuzhi had a nasal feeding tube left in his stomach, causing serious injuries to his nose, stomach, and intestines. Zhuo is in critical condition.
3. Zhang Zhiqin's head and back was hit with a bench, causing severe injuries.
4. Shi Jinling's teeth were pried off. He was hung up by handcuffs and shocked with electric batons.
5. Hui Lijuan was tortured with high-voltage electric batons, and his fingers and toes were pricked with steel needles.
6. Liang Suyun was tortured with a nail-covered wooden stick.
7. Three teachers from Wandian Town, Qingyuan County, were disfigured and tortured nearly to death.
8. Practitioners including Ma Yunxiang, Li Li, and Wang Hong were force-fed brutally, and the guards stepped on their faces.
9. Huang Yunlong suffered fluid in the lung because of the torture.
10. Zhang Chuanwen, Li Li (different from the above), and Zhang Suying were tortured on the legs, shocked, and had urine poured on their heads.
11. Hu Wei was handcuffed behind the back and tortured with electric batons.
12. Six practitioners from Panjin City were tortured so cruelly that even the guards from the labor camp wept in sympathy.
13. Guan Yan and Jia Naizhi's eardrums were broken and they vomitted blood because of the torture.
14. Meng Qingchang was tortured with a bench.
15. Zhang Donghui had a concussion from being beaten.

VI: More persecution facts

1. Practitioners tortured to death

1) Tang Tierong, beaten to death

Ms. Tang Tierong was a 51-year-old resident of Xinbin County, Fushun City. On December 30, 2000, many guards and other persecutors in Fushun City Forced Labor Camp tortured Ms. Tang. They forced her to squat down with her arms extended backward. She was forced to hold this position while the guards surrounded her, cursing Dafa and hitting her forehead, her back, and kicking her legs. They tortured Ms. Tang from morning to night, trying to force her to "reform." The torture continued until 3:30 a.m. the next morning, when Tang was finally carried out of the room. Ms. Tang lost consciousness. On the morning of the day after (January 1, 2001), the labor camp sent Ms. Tang home. They were afraid of being held responsible for her imminent death. Ms. Tang passed away that afternoon.

2) Zou Guirong, tortured to death

Zou Guirong, a 36-year-old female practitioner, was a worker at Xinbin County's Public Highway System in Fushun City, Liaoning Province. Ms. Zou was detained and tortured many times after July 20, 1999. In May 2001, Zou Guirong was sent to Shenyang City's Dabei Underground Jail Hospital, where she was again brutally tortured. On August 10 Ms. Zou was on the verge of death, so her family was allowed to take her home. However, another outrage happened. Song Junlin, the Political and Legal Committee Secretary of Xinbin County, ordered the local police to break into Ms. Zou's home, arrest her and quietly transfer her to Fushun City's Wujiabao Forced Labor Camp. Under the instigation of vicious police division chief Wu Wei, some guards (including Liu Baocai) brutally tortured Ms. Zou, physically and mentally, because they wanted her to renounce Falun Gong. Zou Guirong was tortured to death in April 2002.

3) Zhong Hongxi, tortured to death

Zhong Hongxi, male, was a forty-eight year old Falun Dafa practitioner from Gebu Village, Fushun City, Liaoning Province. Mr. Zhong was illegally sentenced to 2 years in a forced labor camp in December 2001 because he continued to practice Falun Gong. While at Fushun City Forced Labor Camp (Wujiabao), Zhong was cruelly tormented. Fourteen months later he was close to death. To escape responsibility, guards at the labor camp released him on March 26, 2003. On April 12, 2003, Zhong passed away.

4) Zhou Mengxu was tortured, became mentally traumatized and passed away.

Mr. Zhou Mengxu, 35, was from Zhangjia Village, Hongsheng Town, Xinbin County, Fushun City. Because he clarified the truth abut Falun Gong to people, staff from the Xinbin County Political and Judiciary Committee arrested him and ransacked his home. He was detained in Xinbin County Detention Center for 15 days, during which his fingers were burnt. He was then transferred to and detained at Fushun City Forced Labor Camp until July 2001. After Mr. Zhou returned home, staff from Xinbin County Political and Judiciary Committee tried to extort 7,000 yuan from him. Already living a hard life, Mr. Zhou could only come up with 3,000 yuan. He was forced to give them a receipt admitting that he borrowed 4,000 yuan from them. The tortures harmed Mr. Zhou's mind. The smallest sound would scare him tremendously. He no longer talked, and did not dare to meet people or watch TV. He could not work and lived in terror until he passed away on February 22, 2002.

Note: Many practitioners were transferred multiple times until they were finally tortured to death somewhere else. We have not finished investigating such cases. However, practitioners had been tortured while they were detained in Fushun City Forced Labor Camp. The forced labor camp is thus directly responsible for their deaths.

2. Practitioners mentally traumatized from torture

1) Ms. Zhao Huixiang was detained in a small cell and guarded by male guards; she was mentally traumatized from the torture.

Ms. Zhao Huixiang, 50, was a Falun Gong practitioner. In September 2002 she was arrested by Wang Rulan, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Secretary of the Legal Committee in Wanghua District, and was taken to the Wulaotun Brainwashing Class in the Wanghua District. Since Ms. Zhao did not renounce her belief she was detained at the Fushun Forced Labor Camp. At the Fushun Forced Labor Camp Ms. Zhao was locked in a small cell. She was not allowed to go to the restroom, so she was forced to relieve herself in the cell, which was monitored by a male staff member. We do not have detailed information about the tortures she endured. In December 2002 Ms. Zhao was released after serving two-years. Due to the vicious tortures, her mental state had deteriorated. She would scream whenever someone knocked on the door. On March 31, 2003, when Zhao Huixiang was home alone, she jumped from the sixth floor. She died on the way to the hospital.

2) Yao Songdong mentally traumatized due to torture

Ms. Yao Songdong, 30, was a graduate student from the Petroleum Graduate School in Fushun City. He and Yuan Peng, a resident of Xiahe, Fushun County, Liaoning Province, were tortured brutally in December 2000. More than 20 guards were assigned by Jiang Yongfeng to carry out the tortures. In addition to the vicious beatings and verbal abuse, Yuan and Yao were tortured with the "flying" posture, which had their legs tied tightly for hours. After the cruel, inhumane torture, Yuan had difficulty eating food for months. Ms. Yao was tortured and became mentally traumatized. She was taken to the No. 5 Hospital of Fushun City (a mental hospital).

3) Li Zhongguo was tortured and became mentally traumatized.

Mr. Li Zhongguo was a 28-year-old farmer in Qingyuan County, Fushun City, Liaoning Province. He was mentally and physically healthy. In 2001 he was arrested for appealing in Beijing for Falun Gong. In detention centers and in Fushun Forced Labor Camp he was tortured many times, which caused him to become mentally traumatized.

4) Han Zhe was tortured until he became mentally traumatized.

Mr. Han Zhe is a Dafa practitioner from Wanghua District, Fushun City, Liaoning Province. On December 14, 2001, while distributing Dafa truth-clarification materials, the security department from the Fushun City Steel Company arrested him. He was taken to Fushun City Labor Camp where he suffered intensive brainwashing for one month. Afterwards, he was detained for four more months. While in detention, because Han Zhe did not renounce his belief, he was subjected to various forms of torture. For example, every day he was forced to sit on the floor in an upright position for over 10 hours. The slightest movement would result in brutal beatings. At night, he was not allowed to sleep. Sun Jiwen, administration section chief, shocked Han Zhe with an electric baton.

Xu Huli, a camp officer, ordered several criminals to lift Han Zhe and then slam him to the ground. Then they used wooden planks to beat him. As a result of such torture, Han Zhe passed out many times. After he came out of the coma, he was mentally traumatized. Not until then did the camp inform his family to pick him up. He returned home on May 15, 2002. Han Zhe was diagnosed as mentally ill. Without doubt, his condition was caused by the torture.

Guards who participated in the torture include Sun Jiwen (administration section chief) and Xu Huli (director of the labor camp).

3. Practitioners handicapped from torture

1) Sun Changli became blind from beatings.

Ms. Sun Changli, 44, is a farmer from Hongmiaozi Township of Xinbin County. She was detained in Wujiabao Labor Camp for practicing Falun Gong. One night in December 2001, around 7:00 p.m., a few prison guards dragged her out of her cell and brutally beat her in an attempt to force her to renounce her belief in Falun Dafa. They ordered her to curse Teacher Li and write a statement against Falun Gong, which she refused to do. She said, "Dafa is good! I'd rather die than give up Falun Dafa!" Then the group leader ordered for her to be brutally tortured. They forced her to hold a squatting position and the "airplane" position for long periods of time. Then they cruelly beat and kicked her. Such torture lasted from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. She became blind from the beatings, but she was ordered to lie to people and say that her eyes were injured in a fall. If she told the truth to anyone, they said they would torture her to death. One of the guards responsible for torturing Sun Changli was Wu Wei.

2) Chen Jirong's legs were paralyzed, and she was in critical condition more than once.

Chen Jirong, 46, is from Qingyuan County. In April 2001 she was arrested and taken to the Wujiabao Forced Labor Camp (Fushun City Forced Labor Camp). She went on a hunger strike to protest the torture. There were over 100 Falun Dafa practitioners in the same area as Ms. Chen. The head of the brigade was Zeng Qiuyan. Ms. Chen was detained in the special tight control section. The inhuman prisoners tortured her by having her "ride an airplane," forcing her to stand for extended periods of time and depriving her of sleep. After 7 days, they began to force-feed Ms. Chen twice a day. They pinched her nose and pried her mouth open with a steel spoon. Her nose became swollen due to the brutal pinching. Ms. Chen Jirong was in serious condition after each force-feeding, but they continued to torture her despite her deteriorating health condition. Since the beginning of her detention in the labor camp, she has not been allowed to sleep on a bed. They hung her upside down frequently, and her body was covered with blue and purple bruises from the pinching. They beat her face until it was swollen and dark purple in color. She could no longer be recognized. Then they tortured her until she was unconscious. Then the brigade leader Zeng Qiuyan ordered some collaborators to monitor her. She was not allowed to sit down. Ms. Chen became emaciated. Because of the cruel daily force-feeding, sleep deprivation, and other torture Ms. Chen could no longer walk. At that time, the guards sent her home. Her lower extremities are still paralyzed.

The guards responsible for the torture are Wu Wei, Zeng Qiuyan, Zhao Guiqin, Li Yi and Zhou Yilin. Others who persecuted Chen are Liu Shoujing, Wang Shujie, Zhang Yulian, Sun Lianzhi, etc.

3) Yao Yanhui's legs are now paralyzed.

Mr. Yao Yanhui, 29, used to work at the headquarters of the Jinxi Oil and Chemical Factory in Liaoning Province. At the end of February 2001 he was taken to Fushun City Forced Labor Camp. In the forced labor camp, the division head Wu Wei and the deputy division head Jiang Yongfeng are responsible for Yao's torture by a male and female team. Yao Yanhui was beaten until his face was swollen and his nose was bloody. His head also became swollen. They also used needles to stab Yao Yanhui's fingers and the bottoms of his feet. He was tortured like that continuously for several days, but he did not renounce Falun Gong. They then became more brutal. They tied Yao Yanhui's arms behind his back with a rope and hung him from the wall for several hours. On other occasions, they tied up his legs and feet and forced him to remain in one place with his head down for several hours.

Female team leader Chen Linghua ordered them to tie Yao Yanhui's legs together and his arms behind his back. Then they connected the rope from his feet to his hands and hung him from the railing of a bunk bed. Yao Yanhui was hung in the air in an arched shape position. The pain from this torture made him cry out in misery. At this point the torturers asked whether he still wanted to practice Falun Gong. Yao Yanhui nodded his head, and they continued to hang him. Yao Yanhui eventually lost consciousness. The forced labor camp authorities were fully aware of the torture, but ignored Yao Yanhui's injuries. They tortured him like this for eight to nine days continuously. When he was taken down for the last time, his legs were paralyzed. His calves were aching, and his Achilles tendons were lame. His feet had lost all sensation and were paralyzed. He could no longer move his toes. Yao Yanhui had lost the ability to take care of himself.

Guards who participated in the torture are Wu Wei, Jiang Yongfeng, Chen Linghua (female team head), Wang Jun, Xu Huli and others. Other persecutors include Song Jinghui, Li Yongmei, Yang Xiaohong, etc.

4) Jia Qinggui became handicapped from torture.

Mr. Jia Qinggui, 59 years old, was a senior electrical engineer with the Lingyuan Steel Company in Liaoning Province. At the end of 2000, Mr. Jia was sent to Fushun Forced Labor Camp. The guards used all kinds of tactics to force him to renounce Falun Gong, but were unsuccessful. He was tortured by a female team. The guards ordered "collaborators" to torture him. As he was tortured unmercifully his head became swollen and painful, his face was dripping blood and turned dark blue, and his eyes were filled with puss and swollen shut. Yet, in this state the collaborators just laughed at him. They threw him up high into the air, let go so that he fell to the floor, grabbed him by the head and threw him into a wall, and deprived him of sleep. He could no longer see clearly, and he felt as if his internal organs were injured. After an inmate kicked him and bumped his head against the heater, Mr. Jia passed out. The guards took him back to the male team for more torture until he vomited blood. Mr. Jia wanted to check into the hospital, but the authorities told him that he had to pay for the cost of the hospitalization. They did not allow him to see the test results, telling him that he was not hurt. In 2001, they took him to another cell for further torture.

After suffering so much torture, Mr. Jia Qinggui became very weak. When he bought lunch one day at the beginning of August 2001, he slipped on some rice soup that had been spilt on the floor and broke his left femur. He was taken to the clinic, where a guard twisted his thigh, causing him excruciating pain. One month later, he demanded to check into a hospital. He was not allowed to see the test results, but he was allowed to recuperate at home. Mr. Jia's left leg is now shorter than his right one and he cannot walk normally.

Guards who participated in the torture include Wu Wei, Jiang Yongfeng, etc.

5) Zhao Minggui's vocal cord was injured and his body was covered with injuries.

Mr. Zhao Minggui, 61, was from Bawanggou Village, Nankouqian Town, Qingyuan County, Fushun City. He was sentenced to 2 years forced labor for appealing in Beijing in 2001. Mr. Zhao was first detained at Dashagou Detention Center for over 20 days and brutally tortured there. The persecutors then took him to Fushun City Forced Labor Camp. In the No. 9 Team, where he was detained, Dafa practitioners are attacked by criminal inmates. The criminals use various torture methods, such as, "stir fry liver" (beating the throat) and "hit the brake" (stepping on the head and pushing against the wall). They also throw cold water on practitioners during the winter. They want practitioners to renounce their faith. After the "stir fry liver," Zhao Minggui suffered severe damage to his vocal cords. His body was covered with injuries, and the guards did not allow his family members to visit him for 6 months.

4. Practitioners disfigured by electric shock

1) Gao Juan was disfigured from shocks with electric batons.

Ms. Gao Juan, 34 years old, remained firm in his belief in Falun Gong despite inhuman pressure. Several policemen brutally beat her up and shocked her with electric batons. The electric shocks disfigured her face. Several male guards beat her.

Guards who tortured her include Wang Jun, Liu Fengbin, Wu Wei, Zhou Hongjun, etc.

2) Chen Guocai's face was burnt from electric shocks.

In April 2005, Mr. Chen Guocai went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution in Fushun City Forced Labor Camp. Guard Han Liming put Mr. Chen into a small cell and shocked his head and face with an electric baton. The guard held the baton to Chen's face and kept it there, shocking him continuously. Chen's face had burn injuries, and he was in extreme pain.

5. Practitioners seriously injured

1) Qu Dazhong became emaciated and is in critical condition.

Mr. Qu Dazhong is a resident of Haicheng City, Liaoning Province. In July 2005, persecutors in Fushun City Forced Labor Camp tortured him brutally until he was on the verge of death. The young man in his 20s was emaciated. His family members could not recognize him, yet the forced labor camp still refused to release him.

2) Zhou Yuzhi had a nasal feeding tube left in his stomach, causing severe injuries to the nose, stomach, and intestine. Zhou is currently in critical condition.

In September 2001, guards in Fushun City Forced Labor Camp put over ten of the firm practitioners into a "strict control" class where they tortured them. When practitioners went on a hunger strike, guard Wu Wei, Guan Zhenhe, Shi Qingyun (female), and doctor Li took turns to force-feed them. They held Ms. Zhou Yuzhi on a bed, and then Wu Wei (with no knowledge of medicine) grabbed her nose and throat, and then asked Guan Zhenhe to use a big steel spoon to pry open Ms. Zhou's mouth. Her teeth were loosened, and her mouth, both inside and out, was injured. Blood was running out of her mouth. Ms. Zhou's body convulsed and she lost consciousness.

Yet Wu Wei did not release her. He inserted a feeding tube into Ms. Zhou's stomach and moved the tube back and forth, into and out of her stomach. She vomited stomach fluid, the flour congee they had force-fed her and blood. Ms. Zhou's mouth was injured and became putrid. Her stomach and intestines were seriously injured. She lost consciousness that night. When Ms. Zhou's condition improved slightly, Wu Wei and other guards force-fed her with a nasal feeding tube trying to "transform" her and meet their "reformation" quota. They handcuffed Ms. Zhou with her hands behind her back for an entire week. Modern medicine prohibits nasal feeding for over 4 days, yet Ms. Zhou was force-fed like this for 15 days. Later on, when Wu Wei and other guards found out that they could no longer feed food into her stomach this way, they had doctor Li take out the feeding tube, but a 15-cm section (about 7 inches) of the tube could not be pulled out. It had turned black. Around noon that day, Ms. Zhou convulsed. She had difficulty breathing, could not talk, and sweat profusely. Her life was in danger. In early October, Ms. Zhou was sent to the No. 3 Hospital of Fushun City, where doctors found serious injuries had been incurred to her nose, her stomach and intestines. Because she was in critical condition, camp staff did not want to take responsibility so they asked her family members to take her back home. By that time, Ms. Zhou had been on the hunger strike for 28 days. Practitioners who were tortured similarly were Yin Yanjuan, Song Xiuxiang, Qin Yanhui, Wang Hong, Ji Yaxuan and Jiang Yan.

Guards who participated in the torture include Wu Wei, Dr. Li, Shi Qingyun, Guan Zhenhe, Hou Yong, Liu Zhigang (political commissar), Huang Wei (director) etc.

3) Zhang Zhiqin's head and back were hit with a bench, resulting in serious injuries.

In December 2001 Dafa practitioners practiced the Falun Dafa exercises in this forced labor camp. Wu Wei entered the room, staggering drunk. He yanked Zhang Zhiqin from the second level bed and dragged her to the office. He used a wooden stool to hit Zhang Zhiqin's head and back until the stool's legs broke. A young guard who was watching was shocked. He stepped forward to stop the violence, fearing her life might be in danger and afraid of the consequences. However, Wu Wei had lost control and still hit her, at the same time saying, "I am upset whenever I see you! Who told you to be the leader? Today I must beat you until you die. They will take you to the mortuary. Guess who will do anything about it!" The strong village woman Zhang Zhiqin was beaten into unconsciousness. Later she was sent to the No. 2 Hospital for X-rays and treatment. Even after half a month of treatment, the lumps on Zhang Zhiqin's head had not subsided, and she looked lethargic. Because of the fierce beating she could no longer straighten her back.

Guards who participated in the tortures include Wu Wei, Chen Linghua, etc.

4) Shi Jinling's teeth were pried off and he was hung up by handcuffs and shocked with electric batons.

Ms. Shi Jinling is a resident of Laohutai Area, Fushun City. She was in her 50s. In November 2001, Dafa practitioner Ms. Shi Jinling went on a hunger strike to protest her illegal imprisonment. Officer Wu Wei pulled her into a storage room where Wu shocked her lips with electrical batons. He also questioned her, "Are you going to eat or not?" He did not stop this cruel abuse until her lips were covered with blisters from the electric shocks. In order to cover his crimes, Wu locked Ms. Shi Jinling in the male criminal's solitary confinement cell to carry on and continue her torture secretly. Her hands were cuffed to a metal bar. She was forced to stand for several days and nights, but was still taken out every day to be force-fed. During the first force-feeding, a criminal used a screwdriver to pry open her mouth, which broke one of her upper left front teeth. The second time, the criminal was too afraid to pry open her mouth. Instead, a labor camp doctor named Luo started to pry open her mouth by force, and one of her upper right front teeth was broken. During the force-feeding, about five or six criminals covered her head and then carried her out. It was extremely cold in Northeastern China in November. After being forced to stand for several days in the freezing winter weather, criminals poured cold water down Shi Jinling's neck. She was completely soaked and left exposed to the severe cold. The guards then shocked her with high-voltage electric batons.

Guards who participated in the torture include Wu Wei, Sun Fengjuan, and Luo (doctor).

5) Hui Lijuan was tortured with high-voltage electric batons, and her fingers and toes were pricked with a metal needle.

In April 2001, the vicious guard Wu Wei tortured Ms. Hui Lijuan from Wanghua County. She was forced to squat for an entire night. The next day, Hui Lijuan's legs were tied up in a double-crossed [lotus posture] position with a rope for up to 12 hours. She suffered excruciating pain. Realizing that she did not renounce her belief despite the torture, Wu Wei called two more criminals to tighten her two legs further using a leather belt, and at the same time pressing her head down, and forcing her upper body to press flat against her legs (which were still bound in the double crossed position). Then they used a chair to squeeze her legs and upper body in half while pressing her tightly against a wall, with both arms forced to reach straight up, touching the wall. Several criminals fixed her in this position. A few minutes later she vomited from the excruciating pain. Two days later, seeing that she still would not renounce her belief in Dafa, the female guard Chen Linghua ordered a group of more than 30 individuals to beat her. Then Chen Linghua ordered a criminal named Song Changnü to cruelly stab Hui Lijuan's fingers and toes with a metal needle. Finally, Chen Linghua got three high-voltage electric batons. Song used one to shock Ms. Hui's chest, another to shock her neck, and the third one to shock the rest of her body. Hui was tortured in Fushun Forced Labor Camp in this manner for 15 days.

Guards who participated in the tortures include Wu Wei, Chen Linghua, etc. Other persecutors include Song Changnu.

6) Liang Suyun was tortured with a nail-covered wooden stick.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Liang Suyun, in her 30's, is a resident of Fushun City. In April 2001, Ms. Liang was taken to the forced labor camp for brainwashing. She was detained in Class 2, and monitored by Wang Kai. More than 20 criminals were ordered to hit her throughout the night, using wooden boards covered with nails. Her entire body was bleeding. Her arms were blue and swollen. She could not move her neck, her hair was torn out and she looked awful. The next day, these vicious criminals reported the progress of the torture to the police who then asked police officer Wu Wei for further instructions. Wu Wei declared that they "must defeat Liang with one strong effort." The next night they tortured Liang again. Instead of beating her in areas which were not injured previously, they hit her arms and the back of her hands, which were already wounded and swollen. Later, Ms. Liang Suyun was tortured to death at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Guards who participated in the torture include Wu Wei. Others include Wang Kai.

7) Three teachers from Wandian Town, Qingyuan County were tortured until close to death.

On December 20, 2001, the sensitive parts of three female teachers from Wandian Town, Qingyuan County, were shocked with high-voltage electric batons. When they were lying on the floor, the guards kicked them in the chest and head. They went on a hunger strike to protest the torture. Guard Liu Baocai forced one of the teachers into a chair and handcuffed her hands. He then forced a needle into one of her hands and scratched her face with his leather shoe soles, breaking the skin of her face, and causing her mouth to bleed. Liu then shocked the female teacher's face and mouth, causing her to lose control over her bladder. At the same time, a guard named Tong kicked her head and slapped her face with a roll of newspapers. She became disfigured and convulsed. She was sent home when her body was already cold and close to death.

Guards who participated in the tortures include Liu Baocai and Tong.

8) Practitioners including Ma Yunxiang, Li Li, and Wang Hong were force-fed brutally. Guards stepped on their faces and mouths.

From the end of 2001 to March 2002, to intensify the persecution against Dafa practitioners, the labor camp established a special branch on the third floor of the Second People's Hospital of Fushun City. They then transferred determined practitioners-who were on a hunger strike to resist the illegal persecution-to the hospital.

Because practitioner Ma Yunxiang resisted, Liu Baocai dragged her from her bed to the ground, violently kicked her, and stomped on her face. As a result, her face had bleeding injuries everywhere, including on her lips. This torture, dubbed "tooth brushing" by Liu Baocai, was one of his methods in the torture of practitioners. Then, Liu Baocai dragged her back to her bed and poured two basins of cold water onto her head and face. All the bedding and her clothes were soaked. At that time the weather was so cold that she was freezing and shivering. Another guard, Hou Yong, said to Ma Yunxiang, "Jiang has given the order that it will be regarded as committing suicide if you are beaten to death!"

Ma Yunxiang was later brutally force-fed by guard Wu Wei, (who was in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners at the labor camp), and Tian Heng, the head of the strictly supervised group. Witnessing the brutality of the guards, practitioner Qin Qingfang, an elderly lady of between fifty and sixty, asked them loudly to stop the brutality. Wu Wei jumped on her and kicked her neck, which caused her to pass out on the spot. Practitioner Li Li and Wang Hong were among those tortured at the same time.

Liu Baocai was in charge of the persecution in the "strict control" team. They cuffed the hands of practitioners on hunger-strike behind their backs, and tied up their legs. Then the guards poured cold water on the practitioners' bodies and tortured them with electric batons, shocking their faces, mouths, and heads. Liu Baocai had tortured at least 30 practitioners, including Guan Yan, Chai Yan, Yang Lihua, Liu Min, Gao Juan, and senior practitioners (over 60 years old) Qin Qingfang, Yang and Gai Shuzhi.

9) Huang Yunlong had fluid in his lungs because of the torture.

From about 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on May 9, 2002, inmates Li Ping and others took practitioner Huang Yunlong to the guards' restroom. They first poured cold water on him, and then they took him to the chief officer's room. Guards Wu Aidong, Ren Fuming, Li Jiabing, Wang Dan and Wang Yanjie beat him, one after the other with three electric batons simultaneously. Then the police locked him into a confinement room. Guard Zhang Jianxin hung him by two pairs of handcuffs to the top of an iron door and with one to a hoop on the ground. This torture was excruciatingly painful. Huang was unable to stand or squat.

On October 1, 2002, guards ordered inmate Ning Guofu, who ordered another 4 inmates to monitor Huang Yunlong and make him sit without moving. Once he moved, he suffered beating and kicking by those inmates. They attempted to force Huang to give up his belief in Falun Dafa with violence. Huang Yunlong had fluid in his lungs because of the torture.

10) Practitioners Zhang Chuanwen, Li Li (different from the above), and Zhang Suying were tortured by guards with electric shocks and had urine poured on their heads.

During the the first Labor Day holiday in May 2002, 32-year-old Dafa practitioner Zhang Chuanwen and two others planned to escape from the prison. Zhang Chuanwen and Yang Yushen were unable to escape. Wu Wei, a prison guard discovered them. He grabbed Zhang Chuanwen's leg and violently yanked it into a sideways split position. Suddenly we heard a sickening loud crack. She has not been able to walk since then. As if that was not enough, a prison guard hit Zhang Chuanwen's head violently with an electric baton. Her head was hit so hard that her body jumped, and blood was trickling down her chin. The sheer cruelty was too horrible to watch or to bear. The authorities handcuffed her together with Li Li. The women had no blanket and had to sleep on the bare, frozen ground in the dark. No daylight entered that small room for a whole month. Li Li and Zhang Suying also suffered the same treatment as Zhang Chuanwen did.

Zhang Suying, female, 59 years old, was beaten cruelly and thrown to the ground by the male prison guard. A police officer lifted up her clothes, exposed her belly, and used an electrified baton to burn a grid on her stomach. A second male prison guard shocked her face, and her head became swollen and disfigured. They tied both of her hands tightly behind her back with ropes, onto a chair. Within one night, her wrist showed huge welts around the bound area. The windowless small cell for "strict control" is four square meters (about 9 feet on each side). Two monitors were installed, on the south and north corner. Eating and toilet needs were all done in the same room. The captain of the "strict control" class is the vicious Liu Baocai. This person is savage, fierce and inhuman. Qin Qingfang, Guan Yan, Wang Hong, Li Li, and Ma Yunxiang were all brutally tortured by him many times.

Guards and officials who participated in the tortures include Wu Wei, Zeng Qiuyan, Zhang Wei, Liu Fengbin, Wang Jun, Zhou Hongjun, Xu Huli, Liu Baocai, doctor Luo, officer Lan, Li (director), head of the education section and Liu.

11) Hu Wei was handcuffed with hands behind his back and tortured with electric batons.

Mr. Hu Wei is in his 30s. He was shocked with electric batons many times. He went on a hunger strike in the labor camp. The guards force-fed him through a nasal feeding tube. Hu refused to cooperate. It took more than 20 minutes to insert the tube, which was extremely painful and caused Hu to vomit. After the feeding tube was inserted into his stomach, he was handcuffed with his hands behind his back and sent to the new arrivals class, where he was force-fed for 9 days. Later, Mr. Hu was taken to the "strict control" team of the No. 9 Group, where he was forced to sit in a fixed position. In January 2003, he suffered an awful cough and at times he found it difficult to breath.

12) Six practitioners from Panjin City were tortured so cruelly that even the guards at the labor camp wept in sympathy

Six female practitioners from Panjin City were savagely tortured for seven days at the Fushun Forced Labor Camp. They were only permitted to sleep after they caved in to the pressure and said things against their will. The next day, they all announced together that they would not renounce their belief in Falun Dafa. Wu Wei became so angry that he violently kicked Shi Yaqin who was already injured from the torture she had suffered. He said, "This is what you get for changing your mind." Immediately afterwards, the six practitioners suffered further inhuman torture for standing up against their persecution and remaining true to their personal beliefs. When the practitioners were transferred back to Panjin City for detention, the prison guards at the labor camp could not hold back their tears when they saw their beaten and injured bodies that resulted from the relentless torture they had suffered at the Fushun Forced Labor Camp.

13) Guan Yan and Jia Naizhi's eardrums were broken and they vomited blood due to the torture.

Using "have a discussion" as an excuse, the police arrested Ma Yunxiang and Guan Yan. Guards Guo, Wang and some hired thugs ruthlessly beat them with electric batons, resulting in wounds and bruises on their faces and their entire bodies. Guan Yan's eardrum was broken. Later both of them were locked into a strictly monitored cell. All other practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest. Guards took some practitioners to the strictly monitored cell on the third floor of the Ninth Team (with the excuse of taking care of the sick). Jiang Hua was locked into a small cell (iron cage) on the second floor. She was hung up and deprived of sleep. The rest were taken to the third floor for physical torture. Some criminals monitored them to make sure they did not sleep. Jia Naizhi and Li Huan were treated as "murals" (criminals lifted them up and humiliated them by forcefully posing them in certain positions against the wall). As a result, Jia Naizhi vomited blood and was sent to the Second Hospital for more torture.

14) Meng Qingchang was tortured with a bench.

Meng Qingchang of Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, was imprisoned at Wujiabao Labor Camp, Fushun City. Jiang Yongfeng forced Meng to squat in his office. Meng said that he abided by the camps rules, so they shouldn't punish him. Jiang immediately raised his chair and started beating Meng until he fell to the ground. Even after this, Jiang continued to beat him with the chair.

15) Zhang Donghui had a cerebral concussion because of the beating.

Mr. Zhang Donghui is a resident of Dongzhou District, Fushun City. On the evening of December 7, 2004, a drunken guard Wang Yanjie beat him up. It appeared that Zhang had a brain concussion, as he vomited and was nauseated. The labor camp authorities refused to let him see a doctor in the hospital.

6. More persecution facts

The above are only the tip of the iceberg of the torture practitioners suffer during the persecution. The persecutors in Fushun City Forced Labor Camp also torture female practitioners cruelly and inhumanly. For example:

1) Male guards monitor female practitioners. Around Chinese New Year in 2002, male inmates were used to monitor over 20 female practitioners.

2) Right before Chinese New Year in 2002, when dozens of female practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest the torture of Zou Guirong, the authorities used male inmates to force-feed them, making it known that the male inmates "may touch their bodies whichever way they desired."

3. Wu Wei, Guan Zhenhe, Hou Yong, and other guards often got drunk and insulted and sexually abused female practitioners.

According to incomplete statistics, from 1999 to 2002, Fushun City Forced Labor Camp has detained over 3,000 Falun Gong practitioners from many areas of Liaoning Province. All torture perpetrated on practitioners has caused tremendous harm to the practitioners, their family members, and the entire society.

VII: List of guards in Fushun City Forced Labor Camp and related information

1. Guards who participated in the persecution:

Wu Wei, Liu Baocai, Chen Linghua, Zhang Wei, Xu Huli(e), Huang Wei, Liu Zhigang, Jiang Yongfeng, Zeng Qiuyan, Sun Jiwen, Liu Fengbin, Sun Fengjuan, Li Yi, Zhao Guiqin, Zhou Yilin, Zhou Hongjun, Tong, Hou Yong, Wang Zhengjin, Li Jiabing, Lu Kai, Guan Zhenhe, Wu Aidong, Ren Fuming, Li, Wang Yanjie, Wang Dan, Wang Lixin, Zhang Jianxin, Shi Qingyun, Guo Shengwei, Wang Jun, Luo (doctor), Tian Heng, Han Liming, Lan, Li (director), Liu (director), etc.

2. People who were ordered to participate in the torture (mainly inmates, with some "collaborators"

Ning Guofu, Li Yongmei, Wang Kai, Song Jinghui, Yang Xiaohong, Liu Shoujing, Wang Shujie, Zhang Yulian, Sun Lianzhi, Chen Weidong, Li Ping, Chen Hongguang, Liu Yu, Li Manlong, Shao Qing, Yu Dayong, Song Haiping, Song Zhangnu (collaborator), etc.

3. Phone numbers of the guards (some numbers are old) who were employed at the time at the camp:

The No. 9 Group (specialized in persecuting practitioners): 86-413-4658964

Wu Wei, male, head of the group at the time, actively participated in torturing practitioners. He was awarded 5,000 yuan for his efforts. Now Wu is persecuting practitioners in Luotai Villa Brainwashing Center in Fushun City. Phone numbers: 86-413-2640713 (Home), 86-13050167946 (Cell)

Liu Zhigang, commissar, ordered inmates to torture practitioners: 86-413-4632055 (Office), 86-413-2434055 (Home), 86-13050193222 (Cell)

Xu Huli(e), Director: 86-413-4639182 (Office), 86-413-7573678 (Home), 86-13941348148 (Cell)

Huang Wei, Director: 86-413-4639021 (Office), 86-413-2438038 (Home), 86-13504235333 (Cell)

Zhang Wei, head of the No. 9 Group (tortured practitioners with electric batons and other torture instruments): 86-413-2632505(Home), 86-13942316111 (Cell)

Ren Fuming, male, head of the male group: 86-413-2618029 (Home), 86-13804234258 (Cell)

Wu Aidong, male, head of the No. 9 Group: 86-413-2866388 (Home), 86-13504133388 (Cell)

Shi Qingyun, female guard, (currently persecuting practitioners in Luotai Villa Brainwashing Center in Fushun City): 86-13081346167 (Cell)

Zhao Shuqin, female guard, currently persecuting practitioners in Luotai Villa Brainwashing Center in Fushun City: 86-413-7648943 (Home)

Wang Liguo, vice head of the No. 9 Group: 86-413-2818055 (Home), 86-13941377711 (Cell)

Wang Yanjie, guard in the No. 9 Group: 86-13941314366 (Cell)

Wang Jun, male, former vice head of the female group (he brutally tortures practitioners), currently persecuting practitioners in Luotai Villa Brainwashing Center in Fushun City: 86-13700136361 (Cell)

Hou Yong, Sun Fengjuan, guard: 86-413-4460688 (Home)

Chen Linghua, female, former head of the female group: 86-413-2343877 (Home), 86-13904937979 (Cell)

Tian Heng, doctor in the labor camp: 86-413-2446022 (Home), 86-413-8558558 (Cell)

4. Other phone numbers (some numbers are old. These people may or may not participate in the persecution now.)

Fushun City Forced Labor Camp

Post code: 113004
Office of the groups: 86-413-4658464
Male group: 86-413-4657774
Xu Jie, director: 86-413-4639082 (Office), 86-413-2626111 (Home), 86-13704938433 (Cell)
Yu Changchun, education section director: 86-413-4630621-8601 (Office), 86-413-7643979 (Home), 86-13504234174 (Cell)
Wang Zhiwei, management section director: 86-413-2611163(Home)
Guard Long Wei: 86-413-2341697 (Home), 86-13050167921 (Cell)
Guard Zhou Changjun: 85-413-7700977 (Home)
Guard Yao Xin: 85-413-7733661 (Home), 86-13050169215 (Cell)
Guard Li Na: 86-413-2433619 (Home), 13009240708 (Cell)
Guard Li Weiwei: 86-413-2434189 (Home)