(Clearwisdom.net) A 610 Office member and several local police officers illegally arrested Dafa practitioner Cui Shimin. Four policemen carried him away from his home in a police car. During the illegal arrest they injured his back. Later on, he was sent to Tieling Forced Labor Camp. On November 5, 2005, because Cui Shimin didn't report when his number was called, and Falun Gong practitioner Liu Zhenguo stepped forward and urged the chief warden not to beat people, corrections officers beat them both. Officer Wang Guijun beat Liu Zhenguo, whose mouth was left bleeding. Mr. Liu's eyes were blackened, and his chest hurt badly.

On November 5, 2005 around 7:20 in the evening, after officer Wang Guijun of the Precaution Section at the Tieling Forced Labor Camp called out the numbers in the Fifth Brigade, he asked if anyone hadn't come out when their number was called. Someone replied, "Cui Shimin and Xu Shikun." Then Wang Guijun said, "Bring Cui Shimin out. I'm going to teach him a lesson."

Several prisoners shoved Dafa practitioner Cui Shimin to the floor and dragged him down the hall to the duty office. Then Wang Guijun ordered the team leaders to the office.

Cui Shimin explained to Wang Guijun and another officer named Zhao about the back injury he'd sustained at the hands of the police and the 610 Office. He also mentioned that the labor camp director, his secretary, the section leader, and the instructor were all aware of his injury. Wang Guijun said, "Don't mention those leaders to me. In a few days, I'll be the division chief. You are here and you will obey me. When I am on duty, you will respond when I call the numbers."

Cui Shimin noticed that Wang and Zhao were both drunk. Cui agreed to reply when Wang called the numbers.

Wang Guijun said, "I've already got someone looking into who posted the details of this event on the Internet. Every day I get calls from people. I told them I'm not the division chief. I don't want to listen to what they say. I need this job to make a living."

Cui Shimin said, "Persecuting Falun Gong won't do you any good. In the future, when the persecution ends, everyone who persecuted Falun Gong will be held responsible for what they did."

Wang Guijun said, "I don't care. There are no rules against persecuting Falun Gong. I'm only following my orders here."

Cui Shimin said, "Every time a [political] movement ends, those who've committed crimes are held responsible for what they've done."

At 8:00 p.m., Cui Shimin walked slowly back while supporting himself against the wall. Falun Gong practitioner Chang Lian went to help him, but the guards wouldn't let him. Chang Lian said, "Cui Shimin, you should straighten up your back if you can walk."

Officer Zhao pulled Chang Lian aside and said, "Come here. I want to see whether you can stand up straight." Chang Lian followed them outside, and then Zhao hit Mr. Chang in the neck.

Falun Gong practitioner Liu Zhenguo told Zhao, "If you want to talk, just talk. You don't need to hit people." Zhao ordered Liu Zhenguo to the hallway. Then Wang Guijun beat Liu Zhenguo for an hour. When Wang Guijun was done, Liu Zhenguo's mouth was bleeding, his eyes were black and blue and bleeding, and he experienced severe chest pain. The left side of his head was swollen. After the beating, Wang dragged Mr. Liu into the office to talk. Wang Guijun said he knew that the details of these types of incidents were posted on the Clearwisdom website, and he said he had someone looking into who was responsible. At 9:50, before Liu Zhenguo returned to his cell, Wang Guijun told him to wash the blood off his face. Liu Zhenguo's chest and eyes hurt all night.

The authorities at the forced labor camp have taken no action against Wang Guijun concerning his abuse of Falun Gong practitioners. These officers refuse to listen to the truth and continue to abuse Dafa practitioners at will. Cui Shimin is now on a hunger strike to resist the persecution.

November 16, 2005