Liu Liquan is the Xinchengzi Village Party Secretary. He lives in Huayuan Residential Area. In 2004, he held a so-called "anti cult photo exhibition" to slander Dafa and poison people. In this summer, his driver drove under the influence and had an accident. Liu, who was in the car, had fractures in three areas of his body. At present, he has been hospitalized for over five months. However, his driver only suffered minor injuries.

Mr. Cui, who lived in Shiqiao Residential Area, was the head of Henanzhai Town Police Station. He once shocked the private parts of a practitioner named Li with an electric baton. As a result, this practitioner needed other people's help with daily life for quite some time. Later, Cui was promoted to a higher position. However, just several days after he took office, he was diagnosed with liver cancer and died 40 days later.

Chengguan Police Station Head Sun Yong and Party Secretary Chen Bainian arrested and persecuted practitioners during their tenure. In 2004, a stampede happened during a traditional Chinese festival event, causing many casualties and injuries. As the chief officials responsible for the stampede, Sun and Chen were both sentenced to three years in prison.

Hou Zhiguo, former deputy chief of Chengguan Police Station, was promoted to Chief of Bulaotun Town Police Station for his persecution of practitioners. Shortly before the 2002 Chinese New Year, he was involved in a car accident and died on the spot. But the driver and another passenger were intact.

Li Baishan was a policeman of Miyun Detention Center. In the past several years, he has persecuted numerous practitioners. Two years ago, he broke into a fight with his boss. Later, he was dismissed from his post.

The above are just a few of the many cases in which people who persecuted practitioners received their karmic retribution. We hope those who are still doing bad deeds can stop doing evil and assure themselves a bright future.

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