(Clearwisdom.net) In this decade when Dafa is being taught, every genuine and steadfast Dafa disciple constantly experiences the broadness and profundity of the universal Dafa, and at the same time, the many miracles that Dafa brings. This superior phenomenon, which modern science cannot explain, breaks through the evil CCP's spiritual atheism trap. It awakens many people whose minds have been poisoned by the CCP.

Below I will share some things that occurred near me, hoping that readers will realize the truth and choose a good and bright future.

1. Dafa Resolves a Desperate Situation

Ten years ago I had a heart attack. Before that I had had several illnesses and had been labeled a "medicine basket." For the heart attack I had to stay in hospital for over nine months. After spending nearly 20,000 Yuan for medical care I did not see any improvement and I was in serious condition. I even had trouble breathing, so I relied on oxygen tanks. Fortunately I found Dafa, and in fewer than 20 days my health improved and I could return to work. After a month I could now carry 35 kilograms of rice for about 600 meters whereas before I could not even carry a thermos bottle. Hereafter I could shoulder 50 kilograms of rice over 100 meters and up seven flights of stairs. This was a feat that caused 30-year-old fellows to sigh. I was already over 50.

Later on, because I persisted in practicing Falun Dafa, I was taken to and persecuted at a labor camp. When I had to carry bags of corn I told the police my story. They were all surprised. Some did not believe I had been a seriously ill and been a frail person that medicine did not even have an effect on. I told them if they did not believe me I could provide witnesses. They still shook their heads. I knew what they felt. It was not that they did not believe. They did not dare to believe. If they acknowledged all this as true, that would mean they acknowledged the persecution of Falun Gong as wrong!

2. Electrical Disaster

That was the day we moved into our new home. An electric wire in the building short-circuited. We called an electrician, but as it was on the night before a holiday and he was anxious to get home for his vacation. In his hurry he accidentally replaced a fuse with copper wiring. Later we saw sparks coming out of the wall plugs and smoke everywhere. We could not get anyone to come until a week later when people returned to work. For seven days my family was too afraid to use any electricity.

A week later an electrician came. He was dumbfounded when he pried open the cover of the electrical panel. All the wire coverings had burned off and the fire had blackened the cover. The electrician rejoiced that it had not caused a fire and wondered what had prevented this disaster? This answer was clear to a practitioner: Master was protecting true disciples.

3. Dafa's Power Revealed in Doing Dafa Work

During the year 2000,'' a fellow practitioner in detention asked his friend to move his Dafa books to a safer location. The books were in a nylon bag and weighed more than 25 kilograms. The friend was nearly 60 years old. After carrying the bag for a little distance he became exhausted. He waited for a taxi but none came. Just when he was about to cross the street, he was amazed to find that bag suddenly light as air. He walked a great distance while feeling excited and puzzled. When he arrived home, he immediately told his family about his unique experience and they were amazed. Later, he told his amazing experience to many friends and relatives and helped many realize the truth of Dafa.

4. Power Saw Incident

An aunt who practiced Dafa was afraid to continue practicing in public after the persecution began. But her husband picked up the Dafa books and secretly read them in the middle of the night under his blanket. Even though he did not practice the exercises, Dafa's principles opened his eyes every day. He was over 50 years old and worked on his carpentry and crafts from early mornings to late evenings. But he constantly studies the Fa, never taking time off. The reason is that he personally experienced Dafa's wonder.

One time he was using a power saw to cut wood and his hand bumped into the saw. He heard a buzz and after the wood was cut he felt something pass over his fingers. He looked and found his gloves completely sheared off. He looked at his fingers and not even a scratch was found.

In his amazement he immediately realized," It was Master protecting me!" He carefully put away the pair of gloves, and frequently took them out to show his relatives and friends, letting many people realize the truth of Dafa saving beings.


There are more stories like the ones above, but many have not been written down. Every Dafa practitioner experiences, sees or hears about many of these occurrences. This is what Falun Dafa leaves for the people of the world. It is a wake-up call for people who are still unclear about Dafa.

December 6, 2005