(Clearwisdom.net) I'm a forty-three-year-old woman from Shandong Province. Although we're not rich, my family of three is happy. However in 1993, I got an incurable case of psoriasis. The red rash covered my head and body. In the evening, it was especially itchy. So I scratched it with my hands until my hands were covered with blood and still I could not control the unbearable pain and itch. The psoriasis on my head was even more serious; whenever I combed my hair hundreds of snowy scales fell off.

What was most painful was that my family disliked my disease and avoided me. When they saw the red and cracked psoriasis sores on my hands, they were nauseated. In the summer everyone would wear beautiful skirts, however, fearing that others would see my sores, I still wore long sleeve shirts and pants. I did not want to go outside. I would stay at home all day. My temper flared and I abused my children and husband. Our once happy family now became noisy and raucous. Frankly speaking, I did not want to live any more and I lost the will to live.

To heal my illness, I sought a cure at every large hospital around. The medications that I ingested, bathed in, or applied topically were of no help. I heard about an institute that specialized in the treatment of psoriasis and that they had a therapy that was pretty good, so I went there hoping to get cured. Every injection cost over a hundred yuan. I went there three times in a row and spent over five hundred yuan at once. Not feeling comfortable with the expense, I decided to give up the treatment.

In great pain and agony, I was lucky to learn Falun Gong after my friend introduced it to me.

As I read Zhuan Falun, I gradually understood the truth about being an upright person, where human illness comes from and why there are so many tribulations in one's life. I found answers to all the questions that had deeply puzzled me. One day when I read Zhuan Falun, the characters in the book became very big and jumped off the page. I was very surprised and thought it's not an ordinary book; it's a book I should treasure.

Since then I strictly follow "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" to cultivate my xinxing and become a good person. My temper also improved. Little did I think that the psoriasis on my body would reduce from large patches to small pieces and from small pieces to none. I did not spend a cent or take any medicine, yet the illness that had troubled me for years was gone in less than one month just from reading the book and practicing. I was so excited that I held the treasured book Zhuan Falun and shouted: "Dafa is so miraculous!"

I sincerely thank Teacher for helping me--a person who felt so hopeless in life--to obtain a new life again.