(Clearwisdom.net) On September 22, 2005, a passenger fell off the No. 1468 train from Jiagedaqi to Beijing.

The passenger had picked up a Falun Gong truth clarification flyer on the train. The railway police observed him reading it and suspected that he was a Falun Gong practitioner. The police detained the passenger even after their investigation failed to verify him as a Falun Gong practitioner. The police then put the passenger on a train going in the opposite direction. (Train No. 1467) Railway police officers Ma Yuwen and Lu Shutao had the responsibility of escorting the passenger. Lu's cell phone number is 86-13845773610. Lu had recently lost his job due to being derelict in carrying out his duties. On the way back to Jiagedaqi, the two railway police officers decided to interrogate the passenger a second time. The interrogation put the passenger under great mental strain. In this condition, he fell off the train and died after failed medical intervention.

The victim, Mr. Ma Zhigang, was 30 years old. Mr. Ma was a teacher at the Songling District Guyuan Elementary School. There is no evidence indicating he was a Falun Gong practitioner.

According to legal protocol, the two railway police officers had no authority to interrogate the passenger for the second time. After the incident, neither one of the two police officers could explain how the passenger fell out of the train.

Instead of quickly moving to comfort the family members of the victim, the Jiagedaqi Railway Bureau Police Department searched for evidence of the victim's "crimes," shirking their own responsibility. They made up a story that the victim had practiced Falun Gong for many years, and that he was planning to reunite with other practitioners in Beijing. The victim's school and the local police station both proved that the victim was not a Falun Gong practitioner, yet the railway police still maintained their story. In this way they continued looking for evidence and so-called witnesses, which severely impacted the lives of the authorities from the victim's school as well as his family members.

After four to five days of investigations, the railway police did not get any evidence or witnesses. They requested to settle the case with the victim's family for 50,000 yuan, which the family refused. Later, they settled the case for 80,000 yuan.

Rather than learning from this lesson, a similar incident happened on the train to Beijing one week later. On October 1, 2005, passenger Mr. Cui Benyuan was on the train on his way to work in Beijing when railway police officer Zhou Yuling noticed that Mr. Cui was reading the book China Falun Gong. On account of this Mr Cui was imprisoned at the Qiqihar Railway Bureau Police Department for 12 days for "disturbing social stability."

Similar to the last event, the Jiagedaqi Railway Police abused Mr. Cui's family members while he was imprisoned. They searched Mr. Cui's home and forced his family member to submit to fingerprinting the search warrant. They also demanded Mr. Cui's family members tell them why he went to Beijing during the national holiday, why he took Dafa books with him, asked whether he had any political motives, and so on. The family told them that Mr. Cui went to Beijing to work, and that he studied the Dafa book to seek physical health and learn how to be a good person. They said, "We do not have any other motives! Though we are poor, we live on our own earnings, not on government welfare! We did not cause the government or society any trouble; actually, you are making troubles for us!"

The local police agreed and told the railway police that Mr. Cui's family members are all nice people. The railway police left, not finding anything.

Phone numbers for the Jiagedaqi Railway Bureau Police Department in Daxinganling, Heilongjiang Province:

Supervisor Xu Guoqing: 86-457-8943618(Office) 86-457-8943808(Home)
Deputy Supervisor Wei Jijun: 86-457-8943718(Office) 86-457-8943708(Home)
CCP Chairman Qian Shubin: 86-457-8943128(Office) 86-457-8943028(Home)
Railway Police Chief Guo Weijun: 86-457-8943668(Office)

November 5, 2005