Arhangersk is a state in northern Russia. It is very cold and sparsely populated. For years, Falun Dafa practitioners have promoted Falun Dafa and clarified the truth there. Not long ago, a new practitioner took the book Zhuan Falun home. Her 80-year old mother was very surprised when she saw the book, telling her about a prophecy that had been popular in that area for decades.

"It was decades ago. I was very young at the time. There lived an elderly man in the village who always predicted people's future. Once, he said to me, 'There will be a lot of disasters to humanity in the future. And, there will be various and fearful diseases and natural disasters! At that time, there will be 'a man who appears with wheels.' He has come to save sentient beings. During that time, he will be the only one in the entire world who will do this.'"

The practitioner's elderly mother opened Zhuan Falun and said, while pointing at Master Li Hongzhi's picture, "I was puzzled by those words at that time. Now I understand them. This is 'the man with wheels' who has come to save sentient being mentioned by the old man! This is a good book. You study and practice well."

November 11, 2005