(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Dong Hongqiang from Yichuan County, Henan Province, had been detained many times by the Yichuan County 610 Office, or the Political Security Office within the Police Department. He had been sentenced to three and a half years of forced labor, and was tortured in the Xinmi Labor Camp. The severe torture resulted in Mr. Dong suffering a mental collapse, which led to his death.

Mr. Dong Hongqiang, 40 years old, lived in Xicang Village, in Chengguan Town, Yichuan County, Henan Province. He firmly cultivated Falun Dafa, and was arrested and detained by the County 610 Office and the Political Security Office because they suspected that he was distributing truth clarification materials. Later, Mr. Dong was living under close surveillance for one year. Dong Hongqiang was forced to become homeless in order to avoid being illegally arrested at home. The police were chasing after him and harassing his family. They caused his wife to divorce him, and his family was broken apart. From March to April 2002, the persecution escalated. Mr. Dong Hongqiang was arrested again, detained, sentenced to three and a half years of forced labor, and incarcerated in the Xinmi Labor Camp.

We learned that Mr. Dong was brutally beaten in the camp, and was injected with unknown drugs while four or five people held him down. Ever since the poisonous injection, Dong Hongqiang became very weak, his belly became extremely bloated, and he suffered a mental collapse. He was severely emaciated and had difficulty breathing.

In the middle of August 2005, the police notified Mr. Dong's family to pick him up from the labor camp. His family sent him to the hospital, but the doctors said he was beyond treating. Dong Hongqiang died on November 9, 2005.