(Clearwisdom.net) The Zhongba Forced Labor Camp in Guizhou Province is a den of evil where certain people in the Chinese Communist Party persecute Dafa practitioners. It's unknown how many practitioners were disabled or tortured to death there. The CCP calls the labor camp "a nursing school for the heart" to deceive the public.

Wretched conditions at the Zhongba Forced Labor Camp

Group 2, Division 5 of this Labor Camp is the men's group. The detainees are forced to work all year long, and some are forced to work for six days straight without sleep. Sundays and legal holidays are totally disregarded. The only breaks they get throughout the year are four days: May 1, October 1, Chinese New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. The condition for taking these four days off is that the detainees must finish their workload for the "off" days the day before. Over the past few years, the main work at the labor camp is processing colored light bulbs. These are produced for a company in Zhuhai City and are exported to France, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, USA, Germany and other countries.

This company sent people to the labor camp to instruct the detainees on technical issues. According to the instructor, another factory that produces colored light bulbs for this company uses machines to connect the light bulbs to the base, and one person operating one machine produces 2,500 light bulbs per day at most. In spite of these statistics, Tu Chongjiu, the former head of Group 2, assigned each detainee to manually process more than 6,000 light bulbs each day. The endless labor that far exceeds a normal workload greatly damages the detainees' health.

The youngest detainee is about 14 years old, and the oldest is about 75 years old. Everyone is forced to do the slave labor. Each person is given food after being forced to pay 80 yuan a month for it, but after the person in charge of feeding detainees has embezzled a percentage of this amount and after the cooks and the guards steal additional supplies, the food that actually gets to the detainees is the equivalent of about 60 yuan per month.

Between 2003 and 2004 we had numerous blackouts. The detainees ate 1.6 ounces of noodles boiled for each meal at that time. One day in May 2004, the detainees again had the same noodles for lunch after being assigned an excessive workload. They could not take it anymore and held a hunger strike. Group head Tu Chongjiu was away from the labor camp that day. The next day, Tu Chongjiu put his hands on his waist, glared at the detainees and said, "Some people can't appreciate what they have and took the lead to create trouble; if you want to destroy my job, I'll destroy your life!"

Threats and verbal abuse are among the "educational methods" used at the "school for nursing the heart." Because Tu Chongjiu was ruthless toward the detainees, he was promoted to head of the Production Division in 2004.

The detainees only have a short time to sleep, but they can't sleep well, because scores of bedbugs attack them. Detainees Wang Yongzhong from Dingzikou, Zunyi City and Li Yajun from Shatu Town, Jinsha County caught more than 250 bedbugs in a small hole beside a bed pole. Falun Gong practitioners have a harder time than most. Their beds are about 27 inches wide, and each practitioner sleeps with a person who monitors them around the clock. The practitioner is forced to sleep in the same bed as the monitor, even if that person has severe scabies.

In the coldest of winter, all detainees can only use bone-piercing cold water to wash themselves. They don't have access to water after they get off work, however, because the guards remove the faucet before the detainees get off work, and they also turn off the lights so that the detainees have to find their way to their beds in the dark.

Ruthless persecution of Falun Gong practitioners

Xu Fayuan, political head and deputy head of Group 2, Division 5 persecutes the practitioners in various ways. He coerced the practitioners to write "guarantee statements" and "understandings of reform," subjected the practitioners to brainwashing with Dafa-slandering books and forced the practitioners to take drugs.

Whenever government officials came for inspection, the guards would force Falun Gong practitioners to enter the workshop and send people to watch the practitioners so that they could not speak the truth. This is one of the often-used methods the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses.

One day in late May 2005, the head of the Zhongba Forced Labor Camp went to Group 2, Division 5 for an inspection. Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wu Zhongran is in his 30s and had come from Honghuagang District, Zunyi City. He is still detained today. He left the workshop and went to the balcony and said he wanted to speak with the head of the labor camp. Deputy group head Xu Fayuan shouted into the courtyard, "He is a criminal!" The head of the labor camp then ordered people to subdue Wu Zhongran. A group of thugs tied Wu Zhongran up and sent him to the labor camp headquarters. They attacked and tortured him for over a month, causing him tremendous physical and mental trauma.

Wu Zhongran had been sent to Group 2 in April 2004. He was detained in a 2.5 square meter room (about 27 ft) where the perpetrators used various means to torture him in an attempt to "reform" him. Political head Xu Fayuan handpicked members of the attack team who were among the most vicious inmates. They took turns monitoring and torturing him so he could not get a break. Wu Zhongran was forced to stand for 48 days and 48 nights. His legs became stiff and he could neither stand up nor walk. The inmates dragged him to the drill ground but he could not take a step forward. The inmates put a rope around his neck and dragged him around. He fell down. About six inmates beat and kicked him. He shouted, "Help!" No one heard him because all of the other practitioners were laboring in the workshop. Group head Tu Chongjiu said to the inmates, "Which one of you saw him being beaten?"

Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Tian Zhongfu, in his 50s, came from Shibing County, Kaili City. He is still being detained. In June 2004 the perpetrators stabbed his head, neck, back, stomach, legs, wrists, arms, ankles, the soles of his feet, and other parts of his body thousands of times with metal needles. They kicked him until two of his ribs were broken. They inserted the needles under his fingernail beds, making his fingers infected. His nails ulcerated and fell off, and pus seeped from underneath the nails; yet he was still forced to complete his work assignment. In June 2005, the perpetrators again tortured him, but detailed information is strictly blocked.

Other practitioners who were also tortured in 2005 include Cai Yong, an employee from the Hongfu Factory in Pingba; Luo Laihua from Xiaohe, Guiyang City; Zhao Zhengguang, employed at the Anshun Plane Factory; Luo Anfu from Panshui Town, Zunyi County; and Peng Yimao, a junior from Guizhou University in Pan County and the Liuzhi Special District.

Peng Yimao was arrested in 2004 while he was a university sophomore. The arrest happened when he was distributing truth clarification materials in Guiyang City. On June 3, 2005, Peng Yimao said, "The Labor Law of our country limits daily work to eight hours. Working continuously without any break is against the law!" The guards took him away. Before lunch, about six evildoers put a towel across his nose and mouth so he could not scream and beat and kicked him until he bled profusely. His wounds didn't heal until more than one month later. He was still isolated and tortured the following month.

The practitioners mentioned above are still being tortured at Group 2 except for Cai Yong, who was released.

The guards do everything to make life difficult for practitioners who refuse to "reform." They forbid family and friends to meet with the practitioner; they disallow the practitioners to make phone calls or write letters; they open the practitioner's incoming letters and withhold them from the practitioner; they freeze the practitioner's bank accounts, and detain the practitioner in solitary confinement to torture them. Verbal abuse and slandering is common for the guards. About six people are sent to monitor one Falun Gong practitioner. They record the practitioner's words and actions 24 hours a day, watching and following them when they take a single step or go to any place, including the restroom.

Practitioner Li Mingjia from Zunyi County is in his 30s. He suffered a nervous breakdown after being savagely tortured at Group 2, Division 5. After his mental collapse, however, he was still locked in the "attack room" and cruelly beaten by about six perpetrators.

Practitioner Liu Zhi, in his 30s, has a bachelor's degree. He suffered a nervous breakdown at Group 3, Division 5 after being tortured. He picked up food people threw on the floor after spitting on it, and he dug out steamed buns from the garbage can and ate them. He laughed and cried abnormally. It is believed that the two practitioners mentioned above who suffered mental breakdowns were injected with nerve-damaging drugs. Because of the strict information blockade, the exact details are unknown.