(Clearwisdom.net) After the Minghui website emphasized the need for Dafa materials centers to be setup all over, our local coordinator decided after serious consideration to build her own materials center. Since the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been escalating its persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, it has been very difficult for fellow practitioners to carry truth clarification materials back and forth and the materials were in short in supply. Under the circumstances, fellow practitioners bought a copy machine with their savings. Soon, a fellow practitioner came to me and shared her thoughts of setting up a material center at my sister's home where my sister and I could work together. After discussing it with my sister, we agreed to do so. My sister and I realized that nothing is accidental; the fellow practitioner entrusted us with such an important duty because she trusts us to do well. We did not think too much about other things. With our simple minds, we did not foresee the difficulty of operating the materials center. My sister and I therefore had conflicts in its operation.

Our first copy machine was a used one. It was also big and took at least two people to carry it. Soon, the machine started having problems. It printed words but the background would be black and consumed a lot of ink. My sister and I kept looking inward to find what we were doing wrong. Meanwhile, we were also studying the Fa and talking with the other practitioners to find ways to fix the machine. Although we were trying to look inside, the anxiety was hard to avoid. While we had not found a way to fix the machine, we were in need of truth clarification materials. My sister had the machine listen to Teacher's lectures every day and we were both sending righteous thoughts to eliminate interference and bad factors from other dimensions. We tried everything we could think of to help the machine, but it would still sometimes work and sometimes not. This created problems for my sister and me. We felt pressured and disheartened as time passed.

One day my sister came to my house and was grumbling about the machine acting up again. She said something that was not in alignment with Dafa principles. I knew that my sister was under pressure, worked long hours every day and also had to fit making truth-clarification materials into her tight schedule. She worked very hard, even under the pressure of persecution from the CCP. She bore a heavy burden, so I did not say anything but just smiled at her. I knew that no matter what I might have said, she was not in a frame of mind to listen. After a while, my sister left. The next day, I went to my sister's home to share my understanding in a calm manner and with a kind heart. She also realized that she should not have said what she said. Through Fa study, I also recognized my own shortcomings: I should not have worried so much. Just like what the fellow practitioners said: the process of making truth clarification materials was also a process of cultivation. No matter what other people say to you, your heart should not be moved and the evil interference from other dimensions will be eliminated without a fight.

Just when the Fa-rectification process was progressing with great speed, our local coordinator was arrested. On that particular day, I was riding a bicycle with her to distribute materials. On our way, not far from me, I saw that she was arrested and was in a police car with her bag full of materials left on her bicycle. I was shocked at what had happened. I asked Teacher to strengthen my fellow practitioner to control the policemen. At the same time, I was wondering if I should go and prevent the police from arresting my fellow practitioner or should I notify other practitioners? I chose the latter. The arrest shocked and devastated me. I started regretting not having the courage to stop the police. I cried for my fellow practitioner and was upset for not being able to help. I remained depressed and the demonic interference from my mind kept interfering with me. It kept telling me that I should go to the labor camp, causing me to be in a state of confusion. The mental suffering I went through is difficult to describe. One day, I read Teacher's new article "A Will That Ebbs Not" and suddenly woke up. Why was I depressed? Wasn't it the old forces using the arrest of my fellow practitioner to weaken my determination to validate Dafa? Looking inside, I calmed down and started to study the Fa to find my shortcomings and determine where I had not done well. I told myself to do a better job and that there was no reason for me to be depressed. I should continue my duty of validating Dafa. I should step out of the maze of human notions and sentiments. Even though the matter had occurred and the loss was big, I should share with other practitioners and summarize the lesson learned, so that we can all be diligent in our cultivation and at the same time, spend more effort to expose the local evilness to the public and clarify the truth to eliminate the evil.