(Clearwisdom.net) For quite some time, whenever I saw this particular elderly lady, a fellow practitioner, carrying a large bag of truth-clarifying flyers and literatures, I worried about her safety because I myself had fear in my heart. I asked her a few times, "You take so many materials home. Aren't you scared? Can you pass out all of them ?" She looked at me kindly and said, "If we don't do it, who will? I am not scared at all! We are saving sentient beings. Surely I can distribute all of them!"

No matter how severe the persecution and no matter how much the external environment changed, this senior practitioner kept clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa, distributing literature and flyers month after month and year by year. Besides diligently studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth, she also managed to do all her housework and yard work well. I admired her and followed her to do some truth-clarification work. On a few occasions when I was posting flyers on a residential community wall, I was trembling with fear, and the flyer was posted either with wrinkles or crooked. But she kept sending forth righteous thoughts and did all of her truth-clarifying work calmly and firmly. Whenever I was frightened, she encouraged me, "Our Teacher is with us. Don't be afraid. We are saving sentient beings."

One day I went to the countryside to post flyers with her. Arriving at a residential community that had a few neighborhood courtyards, we found a big light pole next to a vegetable field. Seeing no one else around, I took out a flyer and was going to post it on the pole. At that moment, a man suddenly came out of a courtyard and walked toward us. Realizing that I was tense, she said to me calmly, "Ask Teacher to help us. Don't be panic. Just do it. We are saving their lives." I quickly calmed down and finished my posting. Then we walked away without looking back. The elder practitioner said to me, "Let's walk a little slowly. If he catches up with us, we'll clarify the truth to him." "Alright, I have the same idea," said I. When we looked back, the man was picking vegetables in the field as if he did not see either the flyer on the pole or us. We left there silently. It was truly a miracle. As Teacher indicated in "Master-Disciple Grace,"

"When Disciples Have Sufficient Righteous Thoughts,

Master Has the Almighty Power to Turn the Cosmos Around."

(Hong Yin II, provisional translation)

At critical moments, Teacher protects us. I realize that as practitioners in the Fa-rectification period, we must walk on the right path. Our mission is to assist Master saving sentient beings. This is righteous thought. As long as we keep our fundamental notion correct, the mighty virtue of gods will be displayed. How can people perceive what gods are doing? The elder practitioner often said, "Don't be afraid. We are saving people's lives." Her words seemed to be very simple and nothing special. But she actually indicated an important point, that is, the essential foundation of all that practitioners do should be based on the Fa. As long as our thoughts are righteous, our path of cultivation will also be correct.

For the past few years, with Teacher's compassionate protection, this practitioner has been clarifying the truth to people calmly and persistently, in the cold of winter and the heat of summer, both day and night. Comparing myself with her, I learned why I was unable to get rid of my fear when clarifying the truth. It was because that I did not clearly understand what "Fa-rectification period practitioners" meant and what our mission was.

Having realized my attachment of fear, I should eliminate it quickly. Any progress and improvement in our cultivation practice comes from the Fa. Only if we study the Fa well, do the three things that Teacher requested well, and base our fundamental notions on the Fa can we fulfill our vows, missions, and responsibilities during this critical Fa-rectification period.