(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Mr. Xiao Sixian, a teacher at the Shiqiao Middle School, Jiahe County, Hunan Province, was illegally arrested by the 610 Office staff and State Security police on November 24 and has been tortured. Mr. Xiao has been on a hunger strike to protest ever since.

Mr. Xiao Sixian, 38, is a gym teacher at the Shiqiao Middle School. On November 24, 2005, he went back to his dormitory for lunch after he finished his classes for the morning. While Mr. Xiao was eating, Lei Zhibao, the director of the 610 Office and deputy party secretary on Politics and Law for the county government, Liao Hanbin, the head of the State Security Group, Ou Zhibing, the head of the Shiqiao Police Station, policeman Liao Sanping; and other two people broke into Mr. Xiao's home with electric batons. They broke the dining table, threw Mr. Xiao's bowl to the floor, beat him and kicked him, and also shocked him with electric batons until he lost consciousness. Then they dragged Mr. Xiao into a police car.

The police interrogated and tortured Mr. Xiao in the Shiqiao Police Station, the 610 Office in Jiahe, the State Security Office, and other places. Without finding out anything, the police unlawfully confined Mr. Xiao to the Jiahe Detention Center. Mr. Xiao started a hunger strike to protest the persecution against him and has neither eaten nor drunk anything since then.

Many students at the school witnessed the police beating Mr. Xiao when he was taken away on November 24. In order to conceal their violent behavior, Ou Zhibing, the head of the Shiqiao Police Station, went to the school in a police car the next day to threaten the students, telling them not to say that the police had beaten anyone.

Xiao Sixian's family members' homes have been searched unlawfully many times. They have been arrested or paraded through the streets. Their salaries have been reduced without reason, and they have been fined unlawfully. They have been also detained at brainwashing centers or forced labor camps. This severe persecution occurred because the whole family has a strong belief in Falun Dafa. In May 2000, Mr. Xiao was sentenced to a year and a half in a forced labor camp. In October 2000, Xiao Sixian's parents, sister, and wife, Luo Qiaohong, were detained at the Jiahe Detention Center and the Guiyang Detention Center. On December 5, 2001, his wife, Luo Qiaohong, was persecuted to death at the age of 28. Because he refused to cooperate with the State Security police to sign his name agreeing that his wife had died of epileptic complications, Mr. Xiao was detained at the Jiahe Detention Center for more than nine months. In June 2003, he was sent to the forced labor camp for another year and a half.

Relevant phone numbers in Jiahe County:

Lei Zhibao, the director of the 610 Office and Deputy Party Secretary on Politics and Law: 86-13975548786 (Cell), 86-735-6623435 (Home)
Liao Hanbin, Head of the State Security Group: 86-13975539601 (Cell), 86-735-6623502 (Home)
Hu Yonghui, police officer: 86-13973546350 (Cell)