A Veteran Party Member in Hubei Province Promotes the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Persuades Members to Withdraw Their Membership

A veteran Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member from Hubei Province became clear about the evil nature of the CCP after watching the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. He then invited his old comrades, neighbors, friends and relatives to his house to watch the Nine Commentaries. People kept coming and each of them resigned their party membership right at his house after watching the Nine Commentaries. He then took the campaign to the countryside and to colleges and universities. So far he has enabled over five thousand members to denounce their membership, with a majority of them using their real names. When reminded about safety, he said, "Saving people is the safest way."

A Retired Professor Enthusiastically Circulates the Nine Commentaries

Li Jun is a retired assistant professor. Her grandfather was a chairman who devoted his life to raising money for educational purposes. Around 1949, the then underground Chinese Communist Party solicited his membership and he said, "You will soon dominate the political arena. I have not made any contribution to it so I will not join as a member but I will work for your cause." After the CCP gained power, her grandfather was framed with the charge of working with bandits. He was eventually shot to death.

Ms. Li's father studied medicine in the US and he returned home in 1949 in order to serve his country. He witnessed the killing of his own father and he himself was subjected to interrogations during the Cultural Revolution. He devoted his life to medicine and was not interested in politics. He did not even care when some people suggested that he should demand the restoration of his name. He replied, "What good does it serve if they restore my name?" For dozens of years, he lived in an old place that was 50 square meters in size. He left a will donating his body for medical research.

Ms. Li has never had a good feeling about the CCP due to the misfortunes that her grandfather and father encountered, and the consequential effects on her family. I gave her the Nine Commentaries a few months ago. Not long after that she told me, "I like the book very much and every sentence in the book is true and right to the point." She also said, "I need to keep this book so I can read it more."

Afterwards, her college friend called from another province wanted to read the Nine Commentaries. Ms. Li said, "I can loan you the book but I cannot give it to you." When I gave her another copy of the Nine Commentaries a few days later, she said, "I am not going to mail the book right away, I will let other teachers read it first."

We met a while ago and she said, "Several teachers have already read the Nine Commentaries and two retired professors said, 'The book is well written. The CCP is indeed as vicious as is described in the book. We have witnessed worse incidents than what are described in the book.'"