(Clearwisdom.net) Several practitioners from Panjin City, Liaoning Province, were arrested and held at a newly built detention center. On November 22, 2005, Mrs. Xie Dong, a teacher from Liaohe Oilfield Middle School, suffered bleeding from her uterus after a vicious beating by a group of guards. We are very concerned about all the practitioners being held there. Many of them now have generalized edema, vomiting, and diarrhea, as a result of the abuse they have suffered.

On November 22, 2005, around 10:30 p.m., the police illegally arrested practitioners Su Yan, Xie Dong and Liu Shaoman from Panjin City at Su Yan's home, and held them in the local detention center. The police arrested another three practitioners--Zhang Guorong, Hu Xuehui and Zhou Yanhong--from their homes.

After their arrest, these practitioners began a hunger strike to protest the illegal persecution. Zhang Guorong lives in the Yingbin District and is disabled; Hu Xuehui lives in the Keyan District and teaches at a school for the deaf; Liu Shaoman teaches at Wutan Elementary School; Zhou Yanhong works for Lujing Company; and Zhang Tinghuan works for an oil chemical company.

Those who participated in the illegal arrests included Xu Hao from a security team in the Xinglongtai District, Du Huaijun, and other policemen from the Xinglongtai Police Division. All the practitioners are being held in the Panjin City Detention Center and have been denied all visiting rights.

We appeal for all compassionate people at home and abroad to help rescue these practitioners.

Responsible parties:

Panjin City Political and Legal Committee Secretary, Liu Desheng: 86-427-2839045, 86-427-2839049, 86-13898700000 (cell)
Political Security Department, Zhou Laixing: 86-427-2682030,86-427-2838165 (home), 86-13604277978 (cell)
Panjin City Xinglongtai District Public Security Bureau: 86-427-2683330 (office)
Director Du Huaijun: 86-13842700333 (cell), Directors Hu, Song Po, Zhao Xudong, Huang Haiou, Wang Jiandong, Shao Jinlong, Xu Hao, Zhou Gang and Zheng Quan
Panjin City Detention Center:
Director Sun, on-call office: 86-427-2684366, 86-427-2682600
Vice-Director Wang Yonggang: 86-427-2682533
Panjin City Xinglongtai District Public Security Bureau: 86-427-2683315, 86-427-2683316
Director Xu Hao: 86-427-2683315
Vice-Director Liu: 86-427-2683326 (office)
Zhang Runqiu: 86-13842713579 (cell), 86-13019952579 (cell)
Panjing City Public Security Bureau Director Yang Zhenfu: 86-427-2822003
Director of monitor board,Sun Tianming: 86-13324251388 (cell)