Little Child,

I received your photo today. When I saw it, tears kept running down my face, and my heart was bleeding for you, for your old ailing grandmother, for your uncle Bai Xiaojun, who was cruelly killed by unlawful policemen, and for your parents, who are suffering the brutal persecution because they are kind-hearted Falun Dafa practitioners. Your parents have been absurdly arrested by the insane Chinese Communist Party.

Little child, I know your name is Bai Zhenyu and you are only five years old. Since your father, Bai Shaohua, and Mother, Ji Lei, were illegally arrested, I have always been thinking about you, your innocence, your small frame and your vulnerability.

Little child, I know that you like painting. This passion and skill was passed to you by your family. Remember, the more beauty you create, the less your parents suffering from the evil persecutors will affect your pure heart. Little child, I can not imagine how you feel. You should not have to bear this pain at such a young age.

Before you were born, your family had already suffered from cruel persecution several times. Your pregnant mother was transported a long distance and illegally arrested. When you were very young, it was difficult for you to see your father. In your memory, he has always been arrested and persecuted. Your uncle was already tortured to death after suffering long-term brutal persecution. Your mother and grandmother were drained of tears. Your father has painfully said, "She (your mother) held my child up to see me in the gloomy, sorrowful detainment center. Even my small child felt fear. My child cried and shouted 'I want my father go home,' But the evil policeman took me away quickly. My child's cries penetrated deep into my heart. I do not want my daughter to suffer. This evil persecution should not happen."

You and your grandmother also were illegally seized by policemen who broke into your house during a large scale arrest campaign of Dafa practitioners before October 1. How did you handle this at such a young age of five and a half years old? When you and your grandmother came back to the empty house, you repeated again and again, "I want my father and mother to come back!" Little child, do you remember? Everyone who hears about your situation feels so sorry for you and they look for ways to help you, your parents and your grandmother.

Your parents, uncle, and grandmother, just like all Falun Dafa practitioners, firmly believe in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." They do not want others to be deceived by the evil, and they suffer persecution only because they tell others Falun Dafa is good. They are righteous. When you grow up, you will know about their dignity.

Little beautiful Zhenyu, you are only five and half years old and so weak. When you were frightened, crying out from your dream and asking for your father and mother, your grandmother told you that your parents will come back soon. You believed it was true and tried hard to stop crying.

I don't know how to relieve your suffering. You might not understand what I wrote and said now. But child, aunt tells you that there are still a lot of good people in this world, besides some wicked persons. They are calling for an end to this persecution and are appealing to release your parents back to your side.

Let me tell them the words in your mind, "I want my father and mother to come back to me!" and let me represent you to thank all the kind-hearted people who care and who help you and your parents.

Child, aunt hopes you will have your family reunion very soon and that the evil persecution will end as soon as possible.