(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yan Li from Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province was tortured to death while in police custody at the Chifeng City Police Department, Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region.

On November 22, 2005, Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Yan Li and Mr. Wang Xiaodong were arrested in an apartment building located at Yinhang Lane, Hada Street, Hongshan District, Chifeng City by State Security Agents from the Chifeng City Police Department. Mr. Yan Li went on hunger strike to protest the persecution after being arrested.

On December 5, 2005, Mr. Yan Li's family received a phone call indicating that Mr. Yan Li was arrested, and that the family would receive the notice in the mail within several days.

On December 7, 2005, Mr. Yan Li's family arrived Chifeng City, but found out that Mr. Yan Li had already died.

Chifeng City zip code, 024000
Chifeng City Police Department phone 86-476-8335632
State Security Division Head Guo Yuming (male) of Chifeng City Police Department phone: 86-476-8689906. Another head's last name is Bao (male).
State Security Brach Division Head Jia Yi (male) of Chifeng City Police Department phone: 86-476-8689987
Chifeng City 610 Office (Chifeng City Legal Education Base) zip code, 024000, phone: 86-476-8424610(Office), 86-476-8421672(Office), 86-476-8236710 (Office) Chair Wang Jinshan (male, also Chifeng City Police Department Head): 86-476-8337060 (Office), 86-476-8215693 (Home), 86-13327150680 (Cell), Deputy Chair Yang Chunyue (male): 86-476-8339595 (Office), 86-13904766288 (Cell), 86-476-8350999 (Home)
Chifeng City CCP Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-476-8347412, Deputy Secretary Zhang Guoli (male): 86-476-8368810
Chifeng City CCP 610 Office: 86-476-8368810, Head Deng (male), 86-476-8368810
Hongshan District zip code, 024000
Hongshan District Police Department operator: 86-476-8361518
State Security Division: 86-476-8365260, Division Head Zhang Daihe (male): 86-476-8350444
Hongshan District Police Department Dai Yingtang (male): 86-13304769656 (Cell)
Hongshan Distrcit CCP 610 Office: 86-476-8244714
610 Office chair Wu Xuesong (male): 86-476-8244714 (Office), 86-476-8680027 (Cell), 86-13015188777 (Cell)
610 Office personnel, Zhang Jinhai (male): 86-13604769398 (Cell), Cui Liping (female), Ma Hongsheng (male)
Detention Center, 86-476-8663772 or 86-476-8670899
Detention Center head Bai Gula (male), fax: 86-476-8670866
Detention Center guard Deng Liyan (female): 86-476-55886096 (Home), 86-13848668887 (Cell), 86-476-8223094
Hongshan District Commisionor and CCP Secretary Dong Qifu (in charge of financial support of the persecution): 86-13304761958 (Cell)
Hongshan District Department of Justice, Zhang Wei (male): 86-476-8690996 (Cell)
Hongshan District CCP Political and Judiaciary Committee, 86-476-8237757 Secretary Song Lifu (male): 86-476-8237622 (Office), 86-476-8368810 (Home), 86-476-8368110, 86-13904766996 (Cell), 86-13304766996 (Cell)
Deputy Secretary Wang Jingguo (male): 86-13304766992 (Cell), Secretary Qu (male), 86-476-8250510, 86-476-8683260 (Cell)