(Clearwisdom.net) I work for a company that makes LCD glass quartz. I inspect the finished product.

On December 2, 2005, I carried some LCD glass quartz to the inspection table and began working. There was a high-pressure furnace which eliminates bubbles in the polarized LCD glass standing next to me. A co-worker had just put a batch of glass inside, closed the furnace door and tightened up the screws. He could not tighten several of the screws, but he thought that it would not be a problem and left. I was the only one in that room.

After half a minute, with a loud crash, the furnace door burst open, and a stream of high pressure air projected from the furnace and threw me against the wall three meters away. In the meantime, fist-sized glass quartz pieces flew at me with high speed like flying knives. My safety helmet was blown away to a shelf two meters in height, and the fluorescent light was broken by the explosion.

Facing this sudden disaster, I was very calm, cool and composed, and not scared at all, as if it had nothing to do with me. The supervisor and administrators rushed in after they heard the explosion. They saw glass everywhere, but I was ok. After I checked myself, I found that I was not injured anywhere except that I noticed a palm-sized piece of glass was stuck in between my fingers. All my co-workers came in. After they learned what had happened, they were all shocked and amazed. Some of the co-workers who knew I practice Falun Dafa said, "We truly see the wonder of Dafa today!"