(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Meng Lijun from Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province was illegally arrested. This, her ninth arrest, occurred on September 27, 2005. She has been incarcerated at the Jinan City Detention Center for two months. She is now on the brink of death after holding a long hunger strike. Her husband goes to the detention center almost weekly and asks to see his wife. The authorities not only deny his requests, but also threaten him.

The police stated, "We won't release her, even if she dies from the hunger strike." It is learned that the captors have sent Meng Lijun's case to Tianqiao District Procuratorate in Jinan City and are trying to persuade the judge to pronounce a heavy prison sentence. Meng Lijun's 83-year-old mother went to the Tianqiao Police Department to demand her release, but the police officers avoided her. Following are details of the arrest and her story:

On September 27, 2005, officers from the Criminal Investigation Section at the Qihe County Police Department arrested Meng Lijun at her residence. They also arrested Falun Gong practitioners Yu Chuanqi and Sun Yinsheng from Yanggu County, Liaocheng. The practitioners were later sent to the Tianqiao Police Department in Jinan City. The authorities from that police department sent Meng Lijun to the Jinan Detention Center, the former Liuchangshan Detention Center, and transferred practitioners Yu Chuanqi and Sun Yinsheng back to Yanggu County.

Meng Lijun is in her 40s and lived in Xifanliu Village, Zhangqiu, Jinan City. She has two young children. Because she persisted in Falun Gong practice, she was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor in 2002 and was at the brink of death after being tortured for more than 40 days. The perpetrators told her family to take her home to avoid taking responsibility. In order to avoid further persecution, Meng Lijun went into exile. In December 2004, police officers from the Tianqiao District, Jinan City ransacked her temporary residence. She was then held at the Liuchangshan Detention Center in Jinan City, where she went through the Death Bed torture. She was force-fed while tied up in a bed and was released only when she was at the brink of death from torture. The captors continued to monitor her and she again left home to avoid further persecution.

Following the most recent arrest, she has been holding a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The hunger strike has lasted two months and she is extremely weak right now.

In December 2004, practitioner Wang Fengyu from Laiwu, who was arrested along with Meng Lijun, was sentenced to nine years in prison at the Tianqiao District Court. She is currently held at the Shandong Prison.

Phone numbers of related individuals, offices and bureaus:

Yu Jinyuan: division head at Tianqiao Police Department in Jinan City

Jinan City Detention Center
Yang Yili: Group head
Lu Ping: female, head of Group 5

Liu Guorong: deputy head of Jinan City 610 Office, 86-531-82038137

Shandong Province Judicial Department
Fax: 86-531-2965100
Address: No 7 East Jingshi Road, Jinan City
Zip code: 250014
Office: 86-531-2962145, 86-531-2965983