(Clearwisdom.net) It was over 10 months ago when I was released from Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp. Despite being 60 years old, I suffered severe torture. My left hand was injured during the torture. After raising it, I cannot turn it. It is October 9 and nearly six months have passed, yet I still feel pain and I can no longer do the type of work that I did before the torture. Guards ordered two prisoners to straighten my hands and arms and tie each of them to a bed-post. Below is an account of what I suffered at the Hunan Province Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp.

The police arrested me on July 25, 2004. They illegally sentenced me to one year of forced labor at the Hunan Province Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp. The minute I got out of the car, I shouted "Falun Dafa is good." Some staff from the camp covered my mouth, and then dragged me for about 100 meters to a room in the C area of the No.7 Team. My clothes were ripped. My upper leg was injured, and I was in pain. Liu Aoxiang, Liu Baoyu and Tang Hongzhi, who were collaborators, pushed me against the wall, and kicked and punched me.

Then, guard Xiao Jie demanded that I write the three statements. Once they realized that I was uncooperative, they made me remain standing continuously and took turns torturing me. They kept threatening and deceiving me around the clock, and they also slandered Dafa. Guards from the forced labor camp subjected me to brutal mental torture and different kinds of physical torture for four days and nights. On November 23, they subjected me to same torture again for another five days and nights.

On December 13, guard Dou Xianglin, 23, said that it was time to make a contribution to the CCP. He constantly slandered Dafa. He covered the windows of some rooms in the C area with paper and left some openings, so that he could observe what was going on in the rooms. As I was in isolation, I feared that I would be executed. This situation did not stop for three more days. I was physically and mentally at the end of my endurance and thus signed the three statements against my will. For a total of 35 days, I was tortured day and night. I was not allowed to sleep until midnight and then for no more than about three hours.

Dou often curses at others, especially when he beats them, punching people with all his strength.

I thought that only by starting my cultivation over, getting rid of attachments and opposing the persecution, could I recover some of the losses. On December 27, Dou demanded that we write down our thoughts about the TV programs slandering Dafa. I refused. Therefore, Dou punished me by making me stand from morning until evening. After standing for ten days, my right foot felt as if needles were piercing it and I had to sit down. Dou then asked three collaborators to carry me to another room. I was kept isolated, not allowed to sleep, and they still tried to force me write the three statements. That night, it was so cold that I was freezing. The next day after midnight, Dou asked me whether I would write the three statements. I told him, "No!"

Dou hit me three times, and then asked again. "Will you write it or not?" I looked him straight in the eye and said, "No!" He poked my head with his finger and hit me a few times. Then he asked again, "Are you sure you don't want to write it?" I moved my head a little and looked at him, "No!" He slapped me another 7 or 8 times, and I could no longer stand up straight. Then he left angrily and told me that I was ruining his work. Then, Zhou, also a guard, came to talk to me. After I wrote down "Falun Dafa is good" and "the Minghui website is good," they gave up on harassing me.

On February 15, 2005, I found a piece of paper and was able to get a pen. I declared my three statements to be null and void. Dou ordered collaborators Zeng Sheng and Zhao Zhi to put me into a room in the C area. They beat me and forbade me to use the bathroom. I couldn't do anything else, so I went on a hunger and water strike to protest the persecution.

The following day, team leader Hu asked me why I had begun a hunger strike. I told him the reason and pointed to a big swollen blister on my head. On day 3, he again tried to persuade me. I said since I was a practitioner, I needed to do the exercises. That afternoon, I was dragged to the doctor's office to be force-fed. They pressed me down on a metal frame and tied up my hands and feet. Dou ordered collaborators to push the muscles beside my mouth very hard. Then, the camp doctor used a sharp iron utensil that went between the teeth and forced them open. Then he used another tool to force my mouth open wider. I was in great pain but couldn't talk. After I was force-fed some foul-tasting fluid, I could neither vomit nor swallow. I also couldn't move, even though I was suffering extreme pain. After I was force-fed, my mouth was full. They turned my face aside and some horrible smelling stuff came out of my mouth. I was force-fed like this several times.

I was suffering tremendously. Later they took that tool out of my mouth. My jaw was dislocated. I couldn't talk, and the guards and collaborators were laughing. The doctor fixed my dislocated jaw. When they were about to resume the force-feeding, I began to eat some food. I can't bear to remember how much I suffered from the force-feeding. I still feel scared. Also, my ribs were swollen for a long time after the force-feeding.

After I was forced-fed, Zeng and Zhao monitored me closely. Both of them practiced martial arts. They waved their fists and legs in front of me aggressively, as if they were about to strike me. They often said if I had cooperated, they could have returned home earlier. On February 28, I got ready to do the sitting meditation. Before I sat in the lotus position, Zeng and Zhao saw me. Immediately they ran towards me. One held one of my legs and pressed it down very hard, which made me groan in pain. I fell over to one side, and couldn't stand up for a long time.

Not until March 6 could I walk again normally. That day, I again got ready to do the sitting meditation. They treated me the same as last time, but this time my leg was injured and I limped as a result. In order to take a step, I had to move my leg with my hands. The collaborators laughed at me. They thought it looked funny.

After 12 days, my leg started to heal. That day, I did the standing exercises. Zeng and Zhao hit my hands until they became swollen. Then they put me against the bed pole and tied me to it. In the evening, after they released me, my left hand was injured.

On March 14, Dou asked me whether I still wanted to practice or not. I answered, "Yes!" Then he took me to another room in the C area, knocked me down, and the collaborator pulled me up. He asked me again whether I still wanted to practice. I began to do the exercises again. He pushed me to the ground while swearing at me. Then he left.

On March 17, I was transferred to area A. That day, when I was doing the standing exercises, Zeng and Zhao hit me on the hand with a stool. My hand became swollen immediately. He called for Dou, who took me to a dark room. There was a board that said, "Multi-function Room." Dou closed the curtains to block daylight from the outside, and then beat me. After I was beaten to the ground, I stood up and did the exercises again. This went on for a few times, until I could no longer get up. Only then did Dou stop hitting me.

On March 24, I practiced the exercises again. This time, Dou Xianglin and Liu Pingliang came by. Dou kicked me. When Liu saw that I still practiced, he slapped me in the face until my nose began to bleed. Seeing me doing the exercises, they began to hit me very hard and for a long time. Every time I fell to the ground, collaborators made me stand up. When I became muddle-headed, I saw cellmates turning their back towards us row after row, they were afraid to see those people doing this to me. After a while, they stopped beating me. I heard Dou saying in a cruel voice, "If you practice again, I will pull your leg until it is dislocated." He also said that he would beat me to death and throw my body into the Xiangjiang River as fish food.

This time I was very badly injured from the torture. My entire body hurt, my blood pressure went up to 170, and my heartbeat sped up so much that I couldn't go to sleep. On March 31, when I practiced the exercises again, Zeng and Zhao turned my limbs face up and tied them to the bed posts. I was in this position until 10 p.m. and the entire next day. When I was released from that position the morning of the third day, my hands were numb. My left hand was injured the worst. I could lift my hand, but I couldn't turn it. Today, October 9, nearly 6 months have passed, and I'm still in pain. As a result, I lost part of my ability to work.

After that I stopped doing the exercises. Around May 20, the guards came again. Liu began to abuse me during a meeting. On June 2, Dafa practitioner Liu Jinyu waved her hand and shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" I also shouted it once. They covered my mouth and dragged me to area C. I was transferred to Room 215 in area C for close monitoring.

On July 25, my one-year term was up. They made it very difficult for me. Criminals who continue to do bad deeds can gain early release after only two-thirds of their sentence is up. On the other hand, the forced labor camp staff extends the terms of Falun Dafa practitioners who are good people. When practitioners are released, the guards force family members and officers from their hometown to pick them up. If they don't come, the practitioner's term will be extended.

For the past seven years, the Communist Party has persecuted Falun Gong. They either fine them one day or ransack their homes the next day. Staff from the Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp has been assisting the evil to do bad deeds and has been persecuting practitioners non-stop.

November 21, 2005