(Clearwisdom.net) Just as "The Second Mainland China Internet Experience Sharing Conference" was about to conclude, Teacher's new article "Mature" was published. In my understanding, Teacher wrote this article especially for practitioners in China. Teacher also specifically mentioned the "Internet experience-sharing articles." I think this is not accidental. In fact, I could feel Teacher's immense compassion. So, I would like to write down my understandings and share with fellow practitioners in China. Please point out anything improper.

After reading the announcement for the Internet experience sharing conference, my initial thought was, "I do not have anything to share--I did not cultivate well, and have also performed poorly, so what can I write?" However, from the Fa I knew that I should actively participate in our Dafa practitioners' Fa-conference.

"Dafa is harmonizing all sentient beings, and all sentient beings are also harmonizing Dafa" ("Expounding on the Fa" from Essentials for Further Advancement).

I would like to thank Teacher for his compassion, and also the practitioners working for Minghui Net (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net). So I went to talk with some practitioners, encouraging them to write experience sharing articles. Most of them had feelings similar to mine, "Not much to write about." I thus thought I should start with myself. This is to harmonize Dafa and to eliminate evil, so I have to write.

While writing this article, I strongly felt the deep meaning of this experience sharing conference, as well its importance to Dafa and Dafa practitioners. When looking back, I not only found my shortcomings, but also regained my righteous thoughts. I also realized that my situation of not being diligent was arranged by the old forces, and I understood why they did that. I decided to once again immerse myself in the Fa-rectification and in the state of being clear-headed and rational with wisdom. The elements that interfered with me for a long time, such as laziness, sentimentality, and numbness, were all gone before I realized it.

After studying Teacher's new article "Mature," I became clear-minded and was able to regain my righteous thoughts. By looking at the big picture from the perspective of the Fa-rectification, I was able to see the incorrect state imposed on me and other practitioners by the old forces. I also became clear that the old forces caused interference in order to impede the momentum of withdrawals from the CCP and its subsidiary organizations. We need to be clear on this so that, with righteous thoughts and righteous actions, we can oppose all the arrangements made by the old forces.

In my own understanding, Teacher's article "Mature" not only encourages Dafa practitioners to write more experience sharing articles but also tells us how to write.

"The papers mostly involve rationally analyzing and uncovering shortcomings, and they exchange thoughts for the purpose of validating the Fa, reducing losses, helping fellow cultivators to think and act righteously, thinking of ways to help fellow cultivators who are being persecuted, and saving more sentient beings." ("Mature")

Teacher said,

"I find that none of them are written now with human attachments; there is no sense that the papers were written to complete some task, nor, in either form or content, done using clichéd, bogus, vacuous Party-style rhetoric; absent is the attachment of reporting accomplishments with the mentality of 'If I don't tell people, how will they know'; and for the most part they are free of the Party culture's logic." ("Mature")

In my understanding, Teacher not only praises those mature practitioners' articles, but also wants and encourages other practitioners to do better.

While writing this article, sometimes after finishing one topic, when looking back I was surprised, "How come it seems 'done using clichéd, bogus, vacuous Party-style rhetoric'?" Then I would write it again. The process of rewriting is also a process of purifying myself. Sometimes, I did have the thought, "If I don't tell people, how will they know?" So I removed that thought, purified myself, and then continued to write. Sometimes, I was afraid I had the attachment of showing off. In this process, I did find and rectify many human notions that would otherwise have remained unnoticed. In this way, by studying Teacher's article "Mature," I felt even more the importance of writing this experience sharing article.

Compared to the requirement of Fa-rectification, practitioners in China have not improved enough as one body. Many people are being interfered with and they cannot fully focus on Fa-rectification, but are already (or in the process of) falling behind. In his article, Teacher said,

"My overall impression is that most Dafa disciples have matured."

"When all Dafa disciples are like this, the evil will be completely eliminated and Gods and Buddhas will grandly manifest." ("Mature")

Dear fellow practitioners, in my understanding, this article is written to practitioners in China. Then, since the evil has not completely been eliminated in China, could it be related to the immaturity of practitioners in China? In my understanding, whenever reading stories of practitioners overseas, I was often moved to tears by their selfless, diligent, and compassionate efforts. I often found the gap between myself and them, as well my human notions, and realized that I did rather poorly. If so, aren't we falling behind?

I think that Teacher has recently been repeatedly publishing new articles, lectures, and comments on practitioners' articles. This is because we have too many problems forming one body. We really need to pay attention to doing the three things well. While cultivating to unlock the constraints of the old cosmos upon us, as well as the constraints of human notions upon us, we need to be clearer about practitioners' mission so that we can save all worldly people and sentient beings. This is what Teacher hopes. In fact, this experience sharing is also part of it.

In my opinion, for those practitioners who have not written yet, please write down your understandings even if the due date for the Internet experience sharing conference has already passed. We need to recall the path we have walked. Even if the article is not published, it is still very important for Fa-rectification and cultivation.