(Clearwisdom.net) I am a 17-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner who obtained the Fa many years ago. I have been practicing with my celestial eye open and have seen many beautiful and spectacular scenes. I often see visions from other dimensions when I send forth righteous thoughts. I am writing what I saw to remind fellow practitioners to pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts.

Scene I. The mountains are not green and the water is not blue. Flowers, grasses, and trees bend their heads and are wilted. My parents are telling me, "They are the current status of the sentient beings in your world. They are waiting for you to save them." I suddenly woke up and realized I should utilize my time well to study the Fa and to send forth righteous thoughts. Another time I saw a beautiful scene, where many sentient beings knelt down to me and thanked me for saving their lives.

Scene II. I saw a humongous red dragon sitting right on the sports field of our school. In addition, many dark red balls of gas hovered over our school. I saw that the red dragon had many bleeding wounds all over his body. I stood right beside the dragon. My classmates stood near me. Then I saw them start walking toward me. I waved to them but nobody waved back. More surprising to me was that they were not walking toward me but toward the red dragon. When I ran over to block them, I couldn't believe how they brushed me away so effortlessly. Their faces had no expression. No matter how loudly I called to them, it was no use. I watched my classmates as they were absorbed into the wounds of the red dragon right in front of me. A few minutes later, they came out of the wounds. The wounds were healed, but my classmates were stained dark red from head to toe! At that instant, I found myself powerless and could not help my classmates. I felt miserable! Although the old wounds on the red dragon were healed, many more new wounds appeared on its body. I also heard several loud, hopeless cries from the red dragon.

Recently, my schoolteacher talked to me several times, asking me to join the Communist Youth League. He said that I was a very good kid and asked why I didn't want to join the Youth League. I refused with righteousness. A good person should never join an evil organization of the wicked Party.