(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in March 1999, but the brutal persecution in July of that year resulted in the loss of my group Fa study and exercise environment. Since my understanding of the Fa was still rather shallow when the persecution started, for the next two or three years, I stayed at home to study the Fa and practice the exercises.

Sometime later I purchased a computer so that I might read Teacher's new articles. Although I was not computer literate then, Teacher's Law Body arranged for me to meet a practitioner who was proficient in computers. Under the guidance of this practitioner, I learned how to use the internet, download, print, and burn CD's. Although all of these skills sound rather hard to master, it was in fact not hard at all, but rather easy to learn. The first time I saw Teacher's photo on the Clearwisdom website, I was extremely excited. I felt like a lost orphan who had finally found his relatives. Since then, the Clearwisdom website has become part of my daily life, and I visit it daily without fail. Clearwisdom was like a light illuminating my path, and through it, I became firm in my Fa study and cultivation. It also helped me to strengthen my righteous thoughts towards validating the Fa. After reading many articles from the Clearwisdom website and discussing cultivation experiences with other practitioners, I finally became aware of my shortcomings. I felt time was indeed short, and many sentient beings needed to be saved.

Finally, I decided to validate the Fa.

While encountering countless sentient beings, I told them in my heart, "Poor sentient beings, I'm coming for you. I came with a responsibility and a mission bestowed on me by Teacher, and I hope to save all of you." In early 2003, I took truth clarifying materials to the Fengjing District and gave them out to the sentient beings there. Many people came forward to ask for some truth clarifying materials and CDs, and I was truly happy for them. When I returned to the vehicle, the driver was having an afternoon nap and therefore the vehicle did not leave on time. As a result, I was arrested and sent to the National Security Bureau.

It was around 7 p.m. when I arrived at the National Security Bureau. However, I knew that Teacher would strengthen me and so I was not afraid. I also felt that since I was here, there must also be sentient beings I should save. The police severely interrogated me and prohibited me from sleeping, but I refused to cooperate with them. Initially, I clarified the truth to them, and then I asked Teacher to strengthen me. Around 12 p.m. when it was time to send forth righteous thoughts by practitioners globally, I sat in a double lotus position and sent forth righteous thoughts for nearly two hours. I could strongly feel Teacher strengthening me during that period of time. At dawn a so-called senior officer came in to interrogate me. They had found truth clarifying materials in the vehicle. I told him, "We are doing something which is the most righteous thing in this world. You do not have the final say. It's my Teacher who has the final say." Soon, another police officer came to take over the shift, and I was sent to another room. I remembered reading on the Clearwisdom website that practitioners could freeze the evil policemen with their supernormal capabilities. I decided to send a thought, "Freeze the evil policeman so that I can leave this place safely." Under the protection of our compassionate Teacher, I managed to escape from the evil den safely.

At that time, my righteous thoughts were very strong and I was not afraid at all. My righteous thoughts were strong because I read many articles from the Clearwisdom website and discussed many cultivation experiences with other practitioners. I developed the attachment of fear after returning home, and there was a period of time that I did not visit the Clearwisdom website. During this period of time, my xinxing also fell drastically and I did not clarify the truth much. I clearly felt that my cultivation level was dropping. I was in such a state for one whole year before realizing that a practitioner should stay close to the Fa as well as the Clearwisdom website. Especially in China, where the environment is evil, not visiting Clearwisdom would be equivalent to not wanting to have a discussion with other fellow practitioners.

When I compared myself with those practitioners who did well, I found that our gap in cultivation level was extremely great. Luckily, under Teacher's repeated compassionate hints, I managed to pull myself together, and visit Clearwisdom regularly again. I should do the three things well and catch up with the progress of Fa rectification, in order to be a true Falun Dafa practitioner.

Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to write this article for the Clearwisdom website. Before writing this, I wrote another short essay as well. It was a letter that asked for help. As it was poorly written, I did not expect it to be published; however, after some careful amendments by the editors, they published my article, which clearly conveyed what I wished to say, and this strengthened my confidence. I hope that those practitioners who still do not visit the Clearwisdom website will wake up. Those practitioners who have not yet written to the website, I truly hope that you will boldly write down your cultivation experiences and share them with everyone.