Ms. Niu Yuhuan is a fifty year-old retired railroad worker from the Jiamusi City Railroad Station. On October 17, 2004, policemen from Qianjin District Police Department in Jiamusi City arrested her. For the whole afternoon, they heavily beat and cursed her, leading to a relapse of her heart disease. Ms. Niu Yuhuan was detained in the Police Department for 28 days, although she was unable to walk because of her heart problem, and was in an extremely weak physical condition. Even in her condition, they sentenced her to three years in a labor camp.

On March 2, 2005, prison guard Li Xiujin (female) from the Jiasusi City Labor Camp deceived Ms. Niu and got her to put her fingerprints on a document that was allegedly for her release. Later she learned that her fingerprints were placed on a brainwashing agreement. Ms. Niu and several other Dafa practitioners all wrote Solemn Declarations that their fingerprints, obtained through deceit, were null and void. A prison guard hit Ms. Niu where her body had previously had skin cancer, which worsened her heart disease symptoms. Since that happened, she has often lost consciousness and her life is greatly endangered. On numerous occasions, she was taken to the hospital and the doctors recommended hospitalization. The prison guards refused.

On June 6, 2005, prison guard Li Xiujin (female) forced her to work in the factory. Because she could neither walk nor work, she was punished by being forced to lie on the cement floor for two months. During that period of time, the prison guards even took away the cushion under her body and forced her to sit up. Because Ms. Niu was already experiencing whole body paralysis with severe heart symptoms, she could not sit up. Li Xiujin struggled to carry her onto the Tiger Bench, and called it the "comfort chair." Every time they wanted her to go to the factory or to the dining hall, the guards always forced the other inmates to drag her, instead of carrying her. The friction from being dragged on the floor caused her whole body to experience unbearable pain. The guards still yelled at her nonstop, causing her physical body and her spirit to be greatly damaged. She became terribly skinny. When her family went to visit her, they were refused.

Finally, the prison guards noticed the deterioration of her condition, and sent her to the Central Hospital and the No. 2 Hospital. The doctors there diagnosed her as suffering from kidney failure. The guards were afraid that she might die in the Labor Camp. Only then was she released to return home.

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