The No. 2 Women's Prison of Yunnan Province is a place where many female practitioners are illegally detained with heavy sentences. Currently, there are about 50 practitioners being detained in this prison.

Ms. Zhou Tao, 22 years old and firm in her belief, was illegally sentenced to seven years of imprisonment. When the prison guards ordered everyone who crossed the security line to say, "Officer, a criminal has crossed the line," Ms. Zhou said, "A Falun Dafa practitioner has crossed the line!" instead. As punishment, the police forced her to stand for an entire day. In order to protest against the persecution, Ms. Zhou went on a hunger strike that lasted more than a month. During that time, the police ordered criminals without medical knowledge to insert a tube into her throat for forced feeding, and this made her neck swell badly. Her life was in danger because of this, but the police still tried to force her to admit guilt to crimes that she did not commit. Despite being devastated to such a weakened state, Ms. Zhou still shook her head, insisting on her innocence. Seeing this, even the guards were deeply moved.

When Ms. Zhu Lan first came to the prison, she was persistent in her belief in Falun Dafa, so the police often punished her by forcing her to stand under the baking sun, often until she fainted. However, she was deceived by some collaborators and was consequently "transformed."

Ms. Guo Ling, about 40 years old, worked in the Local Product Company in Kunming City before being illegally sentenced to seven years of imprisonment. Because she had contracted polio when she was a child, her movements were already severely impaired. However, the police still forced her to walk several kilometers every day without any help. They also ordered three criminals to monitor her around the clock to ensure that she did what she was ordered. She was even monitored in the toilet and prohibited from talking to others. Ms. Guo went on a hunger strike, but the police tied her thin body to a bed and ordered criminals to force feed her. Under such circumstances, she persisted for 56 days. She was often kept in confinement. She has been detained for nearly six months, and her current status is unknown.

Ms. Wei Yumei, about 50 years old, was illegally sentenced to five years of imprisonment. She was firm in her practice of Falun Dafa and was righteous in her thoughts and actions. Not long after she was bailed out for medical treatment, she was again illegally arrested by seven to eight police officers. Without any reason, the police officers dragged Ms. Wei, who had a severe heart problem, along the ground before imprisoning her. Currently, she has been in confinement for half a year because she refuses to admit guilt to crimes that she did not commit. Ms. Wei's heart problem is extremely severe and, because of her condition, she should be bailed out for immediate medical treatment. However, the police have even refused to allow her daughter to see her.

Ms. Miao Qing, 41 years old, was an art teacher in Yunnan Art School. She was illegally arrested from her class in October 2003. Her husband was also an art teacher in the same school. Both Ms. Miao and her husband were talented artists. When she was arrested, her husband's cash, computer and art tools, valued at more than fifty thousand yuan, were confiscated. Such means of illegally arresting individuals and confiscating property are typical of the 610 Office and State Security Police. After Ms. Miao was illegally arrested, with righteous thoughts and actions, she persisted in resisting the persecution by repeatedly going on hunger strikes. When the police and criminals tried to tie her up and force-feed her, she tried to get away by jumping down from a high building in order to resist the force-feeding. As a result, she injured her back and broke one of her legs. Yet, the prison did not give her any medical treatment at all at this time, so it was by Master's compassion and protection that she recovered her health. Ever since her imprisonment, her status has been unknown.

Since March of this year, the No.2 Women's Prison of Yunnan Province has been severely persecuting many Falun Dafa practitioners. Their hideous deeds include confinement, forcing practitioners to admit being guilty of crimes that they did not commit, prohibiting practitioners from cleaning themselves and many other tactics. Everyday, practitioners are only allowed to have three toilet breaks. Some practitioners are forced to sit on a small stool without moving for 16 hours a day, while others are handcuffed to beds. The guards use electric batons, electric beds, handcuffs, standing punishments and many other means to persecute practitioners. The police guards even command the criminal inmates to hit practitioners with stools in order to compel them to admit their guilt. The No. 2 Women's Prison of Yuan Province is considered a "cultured and civilized" unit in the province, yet their so-called "humane management" is just another lie to deceive the public and the world.

At present the Yunnan police have gone to Sichuan Province for further training in their persecution skills. They hope to use these skills to persecute more Falun Dafa practitioners and receive promotions.