(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Sheng Lixia from Dandong City, Liaoning Province originally had a very happy family and a good job. She persisted in Falun Dafa cultivation and was a good person who lived according to "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." However, because of the persecution of Falun Dafa, the lawless officials' constant brutal harassment compelled her husband to leave Ms. Sheng and she became separated from her son. Her life was suddenly in great danger.

In May 2002, Wang Yuntao and Zhao Shengchen, employees at the company where Ms. Sheng worked, attempted to force her to give up practicing Falun Gong. When they didn't achieve their purpose, they sent her to the local forced labor camp's brainwashing sessions for further persecution. Because Sheng Lixia persisted in cultivation practice, the male police officers put her in handcuffs and used two electric batons to alternately shock her head and body. When Sheng Lixia was released, both wrists were covered with bruises and she couldn't move. Her body showed lines of bruises.

One night in September 2002 at 11:00 p.m., the police broke into Sheng Lixia's home and forcibly took her to the police station. They handcuffed her in a metal cage. Her twenty-month-old daughter woke up in the middle of the night crying for her mom. Sheng Lixia went on a hunger strike to protest the abuse and the trampling of her rights. She was sent to the detention center investigation room and handcuffed on a metal chair for six days and six nights, interrogated for twenty-four hours and forbidden to sleep. She was even subjected to the tortures of the "big hang-up," forced half-squatting and had to endure brutal force-feeding. Sheng Lixia went on a hunger strike for thirteen days and her life was endangered. Her family members paid for her release on medical bail. Seven days later, personnel from the police bureau used the excuse of asking for some information, deceived Ms. Sheng Lixia's family members and took her to the police bureau, where they incarcerated her in the detention center again.

In November 2002, Ms. Sheng Lixia was sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp and tortured. At that time, Masanjia was trying hard to "reform" the steadfast Dafa practitioners under force. In the beginning they would use threats, then sleep deprivation, forced squatting, and forcing practitioners to stand for extended periods of time. If the perpetrators did not achieve their goal, they would then send practitioners to the "Assisting Education Group." The Assisting Education Group was in reality a group of thugs hired by Masanjia to brutally "transform" practitioners.

Sheng Lixia was sent to the Shenyang Assisting Education Group. A male prisoner working with the Assisting Education Group attempted to force her to sit on a Dafa book. When she refused, they beat her brutally, and slapped her face repeatedly. When they were tired of beating her, they threw Sheng Lixia against the wall with such force that her head hit the wall and she lost consciousness. They pinched an accupressure point on her philtrum for a long time and she finally came to. When one male police officer from the Assisting Education Group saw Ms. Sheng on the floor, he went up to her and kicked her several feet. Ms. Sheng Lixia protested this new round of abuse with a hunger strike. They forced her to sit in the meditating position and tied a rope around her body. Ms. Sheng was fixed in that position for ten hours. Later, they put her legs in the double lotus position and twisted them like a pretzel, injuring Ms. Sheng Lixia so badly that she could not walk for over a month.

Because Ms. Sheng Lixia refused to give up cultivation practice, in January 2003 police officer Xuefeng took her to the captain's bathroom. He handcuffed both of her hands behind her back, attached another handcuff to the first set and connected the other end to the heating pipe. Because Ms. Sheng Lixia is short, she was suddenly hanging in the air. The handcuffs cut into her wrists. It was extremely painful. There are still visible handcuff marks on her wrists.

In May 2003, during another round of escalated persecution, Ms. Sheng Lixia was locked in the Second Team captain's bathroom. She didn't cooperate with the unreasonable demands of the evildoers and shouted, "Falun Dafa is great" and was pushed to the bathroom floor. Because she had not slept for several days, Ms. Sheng Lixia was exhausted. She fell on the floor and could not get up, and stayed on the cold and wet bathroom floor for another day and night. The next morning, police officer Xue Feng taped Sheng Lixia's mouth shut with adhesive tape and handcuffed her hands behind her back. When the other practitioners went downstairs to eat, the perpetrators carried Ms. Sheng to the first floor storage room to continue abusing her. They wound a rope around Sheng Lixia's chest several times and then tied it tight and hung her on the heating pipe with her toes barely touching the floor. They grabbed her hair and slammed her face into the wall, making it difficult for her to breathe. She almost lost consciousness, and she lost control of her bladder as a result of the shock. After that, they only allowed Sheng Lixia to sleep for four or five hours a day and forced her to do hard labor. The hard labor was often beyond her physical ability. Under such savage abuse and torture, Ms. Sheng started to show symptoms of heart failure.

In December 2003, the time designated to "reform" practitioners was lengthened, and the abuse under the persecution was allowed to go on even longer. Sheng Lixia was sent to the Benxi Assisting Education Group. They handcuffed her hands behind her back, only this time one hand was brought down over her shoulder and one hand was brought up from behind her back. Her legs were forced into the lotus position and tied with rope. They used rope to tie her head and the rope together, forcing her body into a ball shape, then they placed Ms. Sheng on a Dafa book. Her arms were injured, and she developed severe heart problems. Sheng Lixia often had rapid heartbeat after that and often lost consciousness and even went into shock.

At the end of April 2004, Sheng Lixia developed chest pain. She was taken to the hospital. Police officer Ren Hongzan forcibly injected her with an unknown substance. When Ms. Sheng Lixia tried to remove the needle, Ren Hongzan pressed down both of her hands tightly and used his elbow against her throat, preventing her from breathing until her whole body shook uncontrollably. Later, Ms. Sheng Lixia was locked in a bathroom.

On December 2004, a fellow practitioner gave Ms. Sheng Lixia one of Master Li's articles but it was discovered by the guards. Ren Hongzan did a body search and took the article away by force. Ms. Sheng Lixia called out loudly, "Falun Dafa is Great!" Police officer Huang Haiyan locked her in a small, cold cell and extended her term by three months. At that time it had just snowed and the weather was extremely cold. The window of the small cell was left open and the temperature inside the cell was the same as outside. Ms. Sheng Lixia didn't have a winter coat, and she was freezing and shaking. In the middle of the night she had leg cramps. During the ten days of her lock-up in the small cell, the guards forbade Ms. Sheng from washing her face and brushing her teeth. They allowed her only three daily bathroom breaks. She was only given steamed buns and salted pickles to eat, and had to drink water from a big bucket in the bathroom; who knows low long that water had been standing in the bucket.

After she was released from the small cell, Sheng Lixia protested with a hunger strike and was force-fed. Dr. Cao, who oversaw the force-feeding by the police, was extremely cruel. They roughly shoved the tube into Ms. Sheng's nose and mouth, tearing her nasal cavity and mouth. After struggling for over half an hour and with a lot of effort, they managed to insert the tube into her stomach. During one incident of force-feeding through Ms. Sheng's nose, blood ran all over the ground. When they removed the tube, Ms. Sheng Lixia vomited a lot blood. Being force-fed a half basin of semi-cooked corn gruel made her stomach hurt and gave her heartburn. This twice-daily force-feeding was charged to the practitioners at a rate of approximately 160 yuan and the cost of the feeding tube and needles was additional. The captain immediately deducted this amount from Sheng Lixia's canteen credit card.

Sheng Lixia's hunger strike lasted for eighteen days, and she became extremely weak. When her family came to visit her and saw how her health was so bad, they asked Captain Su Jing to allow her to get a physical check-up. Su Jing promised she would take care of it. Later, when she saw Sheng Lixia eating, she didn't mention the physical examination anymore and avoided her parents. Later yet, Ms. Sheng's father found Su Jing and requested an explanation and the names of those responsible for the torture of his daughter. Su Jing said sarcastically, "Feel free to sue us!" Her parents were then referred to the captain in charge, Wang Xiaofeng. However, Masanjia abused Falun Gong practitioners on personal orders from the director, instigated by the captain in charge. The captain protected those who persecuted Dafa practitioners and had become afraid of repercussion because of their bad deeds. Wang Xiaofeng then promised Ms. Sheng's parents they could have her released on medical bail for hospitalization, but when her parents left they changed their mind right away.

Two days before the Chinese New Year, Zhou Yuzhen, Wei Yanhua and many other Dafa practitioners were illegally sentenced and sent to the Shengyang Prison. Seeing her fellow practitioner being thus persecuted, Ms. Sheng Lixia loudly called out, "Falun Dafa is Great! It's sinful to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners," and, "Stop persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners!" In the afternoon, guard Huang Haiyan called Ms. Sheng out. Four officers approached from behind and pushed her to the ground, dragged her along and pulled her into a small cell. On the way Ms. Sheng Lixia called out, "Falun Dafa is Great! Stop persecuting Falun Gong!"

When she got to the small cell, the guards handcuffed Ms. Sheng Lixia to a metal chair, one hand fixed on each side. A male guard cruelly kicked her chest and said ruthlessly, "If you shout again, I'll beat you again." Sheng Lixia said loudly to him, "Persecuting Falun Gong practitioners is a sin!" The guard walked up to her and slapped her face several times. She still loudly called out: "It's a sin to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners!" The guard walked away, angry.

Ms. Sheng Lixia and four other Falun Dafa practitioners were locked in the small cell. It was quite cold in the small cell. Ms. Sheng Lixia was shackled to a metal chair and could not move. At night she could only sleep sitting up. A loudspeaker played noise at high decibels that could make one deaf in twenty-four hours. This prevented them from sleeping, a brutal form of psychological torture.

Sheng Lixia had chest pain from the loud noise and lost consciousness; the police, however, still used the loudspeaker to play this earsplitting noise. Ten days later, after she was released from the small cell, Ms. Sheng Lixia had been tortured to an extremely weak condition. She still refused to cooperate with the persecution and would not wear the prison uniform. Guard Huang Haiyan forcibly put it on her. Ms. Sheng promptly took it off. With Huang Haiyan tearing at her, Ms. Sheng experienced chest pain again and her whole body shook constantly. Afterwards, she protested with yet another hunger strike. Five days later, Ms. Sheng came out of the evil's den; however, she had been tortured to the point of complete exhaustion and was close to death.

The persecution that Ms. Sheng Lixia suffered is only the tip of the iceberg of how the personnel at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp savagely persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. In the non-stop brutal persecution, many Dafa practitioners have been injured, paralyzed and some have been tortured to death.

After she returned home, Ms. Sheng Lixia studied the Fa and practiced the Falun Gong exercises. She quickly recovered her health.