(Clearwisdom.net) I used to work for a government agency in Northeast China. In December 2000, because of going to Beijing to validate the Fa, I was arrested and illegally detained in the county prison for half a month. I was fined 8,500 yuan and not given a receipt. My employment was also terminated.

With the rapid advance of Fa-rectification, I became even clearer on our mission and the responsibility bestowed by history. In order to save sentient beings and completely oppose the old forces' persecution of me through my employment, I went to the township government to clarify the truth. My first thought was to save sentient beings. Only by keeping every single thought with the Fa, can we save sentient beings--which is the ultimate goal. Through clarifying the truth with righteous thoughts, I have regained my employment in an open and aboveboard fashion.

Ultimately, our cultivation needs to be guided by the Fa. On the other hand, through reading articles on Minghui and sharing with other practitioners, we can correct each other and improve together. Now I will document the battle between good and evil I experienced, as well as other interference. This way, we are sharing our understandings and will be able to do better.

Compassion has great power

On August 13, 2004, I went to the township government head to clarify the truth. After explaining why I came, I talked about the great improvement I experienced both physically and spiritually since I started practicing Falun Gong. Finally, the township head asked, "Is what you said true? You had so many illnesses, and they were gone without taking medicine?" I said, "Yes. Because I practice 'Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance', I will not lie. The illnesses actually would not be gone if one were unable to meet requirements of Dafa." At that moment the township head said, "I understand your request. Let's do it in this way. You can go and talk with the party secretary and deputy secretary, because they are in charge of human resources. I will attend the meetings discussing this. I will say things on your behalf, so please do not worry."

I then went to see the party secretary and deputy secretary. I could not find the party secretary, so I with talked with the deputy secretary and clarified the truth to him. He did not quite understand what I said. I understood very clearly that this was because of rotten demons in other dimensions. I thus returned home and sent forth righteous thoughts for two days, to eliminate any evil elements, rotten demons, and dark minions in other dimensions that manipulate and instigate him to persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples. Then I went to see him again. This time, I talked with wisdom, and it worked very well. Although he did not state his attitude clearly, he was not against it, either.

I then went to see the party secretary again, but still could not find him. I thus planned to write a letter to him, so that I could explain things more comprehensively and the effects would be better. Therefore, I wrote a letter on August 20, 2004, and handed it to an office secretary so that he could pass it on to the party secretary. I then returned home to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. After three or four days, I went to see the party secretary. I was told to wait for a while and the party secretary would return soon. At that moment, more and more government officers accumulated there, more than 10 people. Some of them I knew, and some I didn't. They came up to me, and some former colleagues--with good intentions--suggested that I write a "statement of guarantee" to give up practicing, so that I could go back to work. They said that the office would soon be re-organized, and in this way I could then retire. Upon hearing those words, I felt very bad because they did not know the truth. However, since they were now here, I could not lose this opportunity because they had a predestined relationship.

So I told them why I practiced Falun Gong and the contrast before and after my practice. I talked with them for a very long time, with a righteous and solid mentality. I also asked Teacher for help. They asked me many questions, and I answered them one by one. It was just like an open discussion, and went very well. Finally, they were all very happy and said, "I see, now I know what has happened." I was very glad that they could know the truth.

The Party Secretary makes the right choice

After clarifying the truth to them, the Party Secretary came back, so I went into his office. Since he was just recently assigned from another place, we did not know each other. I said hello to him and introduced myself. As I continued to talk, he said, "I have read your letter carefully. I understand your situation and am sympathetic. You can come back to work because it is just a personal belief whether or not you practice Falun Gong. I will not ask you if you want to continue to practice, nor will I ask you to write a 'statement of guarantee.' I know you practitioners cannot make those statements, even orally, to give up practicing. So I will not ask you to do that."

I deeply felt the great compassion from Teacher, and was in tears after seeing this young and kind person make an upright decision. He told me, "You can go back and wait. And I will tell the office manager to make arrangements for you, and let you know."

Four days later, on Friday I received a notice to start working on Monday. However, on Monday morning, before going to work I was notified by the deputy Party Secretary that I was not allowed to work. It was really a battle between good and evil, and the resistance was enormous. Later I heard that they had held several meetings regarding my re-employment, but were still unable to reach an agreement. At the last meeting, the Party Secretary said, "She is a good person, and did not do anything wrong. I decided to reinstate her job. You can discuss it and notify her." The Party Secretary also gave them the letter that I wrote to him, so that they could read it.

Let go of human notions and do not acknowledge the persecution

It was very clear that the reason I could not go back to work was due to interference from the old forces, dark minions, and rotten demons. I looked inward to see if I had done things inconsistent with the Fa, so that I could rectify myself in time. Meanwhile, I also sent forth righteous thoughts and studied the Fa.

Then another government officer (also a practitioner) told me, "You need to be careful. I heard clearly that the Deputy Party Secretary and Party Secretary were saying that you need to write a 'guarantee statement' in order to go back to work; otherwise, you will not be allowed to go back to work."

I told her not to consider things from the side of the evil. Then I met another practitioner who said to me, "You do not need to look for a job, since you will not agree to write a guarantee statement anyway." I told her, "What were you thinking when you said those words? Such thoughts are really bad for you, because you are a Dafa practitioner. Every being is looking at this because, after all, what we are doing is validating the Fa and saving sentient beings."

Oppose the old forces' arrangements and follow Teacher's guidance

Nobody could shake my determination. Three days later, I went to see the Deputy Party Secretary again to clarify the truth to him, because he had not quite realized the truth earlier. I sent forth righteous thoughts as I was walking (in fact, I sent forth righteous on the hour every day). I also asked Teacher for help, to not allow him to ask me if I would continue to practice, let alone ask me to write any statements giving up my practice. If he did, it would be very bad for him. From my heart, I kept asking Teacher for help--I had to save him.

Upon arriving there, it did not take long to find the Deputy Party Secretary. He smiled at me, "You can come to work today. If someone asks whether you are still practicing, you do not need to answer directly." I said, "A practitioner needs to mind his or her speech. So I will give careful consideration of what to say, and what not to say." He was satisfied with my reply. In this way, I was able to go back to work on that day openly and nobly.

Only when we do things correctly can sentient beings be saved

No matter what we do, we need to have a righteous frame of mind and keep every single thought with the Fa. Everything Dafa disciples do will eventually work out.

For example, before resuming my job, I met strong resistance from friends and family members, who did not want me to seek re-employment. After seeing that those arrangements did not work, the evil came out in other forms, and therefore I received all kinds of suggestions such as writing and turning in a statement to give up my practice; otherwise, it would be very risky for me. My family members also suggested that I buy some gifts for those officials, and I refused. How can they know what is on my mind? I was thinking of following the Fa and saving sentient beings: only by doing things righteously can we save sentient beings and successfully carry out whatever we do.

My re-employment was a big shock in my local area. Some people were saying, "You see, even that practitioner has got her job back. Probably Falun Gong's innocence will be redressed, and Falun Gong will win." Someone said, "Seems to me that Falun Gong was not wrong; otherwise, how can she go back to work?" Another person said, "I think she should have gotten her job back a long time ago, since she is such a good person." I was very happy for those officials with conscience: they made the right choice, and I wish them a great future.

(An article for the Second Written Experience-Sharing Conference)