1. Each time Teacher lectures the Fa, He emphasizes studying the Fa, because this is fundamental to our reaching consummation. It is the inevitable requirement of the Fa principle "taking the Fa as master." Among Falun Dafa practitioners, there are either those who misunderstood the Fa after being arrested or those who were arrested because of being busy with doing things or because of fear. Those who gave up may have this or that reason. But there must be a common reason, that is, neglecting Fa study, or being unable to learn the Fa, or being unable to study the Fa with a peaceful mind. Of all the interference done by the old forces, there is none greater than interference with Fa study. At present, to oppose the old force arrangements completely, the most important thing is to study the Fa with a peaceful mind. One can only do the three things well when he studies the Fa well.

2. The time left is becoming shorter. There are so many worldly people who haven't been saved. Therefore, I reminded myself: Treat the Fa study seriously each time. Treat sending forth the righteous thoughts seriously each time. Let go of every attachment seriously. And pass each test seriously.

3. Clearwisdom.net contains many reports on cases of persecution every day. It is nerve-wrecking to them. Our fellow practitioners live a bitter life in the evil den. For them, one day is like a year. Teacher has been also enduring tremendously for the sentient beings in the universe. The world's people don't know that their lives are in danger because of being poisoned by lies. How many sentient beings can a Falun Dafa disciple save in the world! Fellow practitioners, let's reach an agreement: play less, sleep less, watch TV less, and talk nonsense less! Strive to do the three things well! Strengthen the righteous thoughts of fellow practitioners in tribulation, never stop being diligent, and never slack off, until the point when the Fa rectifies the human world.