Because of the righteous thoughts and righteous actions of the Falun Dafa practitioners in our region, our cultivation environment has become more harmonious. Almost everyone from our village knows that Falun Dafa is good and "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" is also good and that practitioners are good people. Now when unlawful people come to our village and try to arrest practitioners, everyone berates them by saying that they are doing nothing but evil deeds.

Last year, when our village held an election for a service position in the village, everyone voted for the Falun Dafa practitioner because they knew that practitioners are honest people. Thus, this practitioner, who was once illegally detained on July 20, 2003, was elected.

This year, some non-practitioners and practitioners filled in the ditches alongside some streets in our village. The non-practitioners said that they would like to practice Falun Gong. They also said: "We won't listen to anyone who says that Falun Gong is not good." Therefore when we clarified the truth to them, they told us that they understood. Among them were two people who were relatives of practitioners. They shared how after they learned the truth about Falun Gong, they regained their heath. Falun Dafa gave them new life when they were near death.

Since July 20, 1999, when the persecution began, practitioners from our region have suffered tribulations and devastation to various degrees when we clarified the truth and validated the Fa. The same thing has happened in other regions. I would like to take this opportunity to share with fellow practitioners how we managed to counteract the persecution over the past few years.

In 2000, there were several practitioners from our region who drove their three-wheeled vehicles to Beijing to validate the Fa, but ended up being illegally arrested and held at a detention center by the County 610 Office for over 20 days. The cadres from the village government were afraid that practitioners would go to Beijing again, so they rounded up all Falun Gong practitioners to brainwash them. The Secretary of Village Politics and Jurisdiction Committee and a few cadres from the village defamed Dafa and Teacher at the meetings. Dafa practitioners couldn't accept such disrespect, so they stood up and said: "What you said is not right; among so many practitioners, are there any bad people? Among those practicing Dafa, who is not trying to be a good person?" They also described the changes that happened to them after practicing Falun Dafa and how their moral standards had been raised. In the end, the village leaders threatened us by saying: "Whoever continues to practice has to sign this book." At that time, for the sake of proving that Dafa was good, seven Dafa practitioners signed it. The next day, unlawful people took these Dafa practitioners to the village police station, and then transferred them to the county detention center where they were illegally detained for 15 days.

In the summer of 2001, the County 610 Office held brainwashing sessions, and county cadres came and tried to lure us into attending. However, the practitioners discussed the situation and decided not to be taken in by them. They said, "We didn't prosecute you last year when you illegally detained us. Which laws are we violating by cultivating "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" and being good people?" They said, "You are not breaking any laws." We then said, "If we are not breaking the law, what's the point of sending us there? We are not bad people; since we don't do bad deeds, we shouldn't be sent to the brainwashing center for "transformation". We refuse to go." Under our collective righteous thoughts, the officials got in their cars and drove away.

Later, staff from the 610 Office of the County Police Bureau and village police station came to our village to harass us. We used our righteous thoughts and wisdom, and therefore their efforts ended up in vain and they left in an undignified way. At this time, practitioners seized the time to clarify the truth to the villagers, and printed large quantities of truth-clarification materials. The truth-clarification process went very well. A few practitioners had the attachment of complacency, which was taken advantage of by the evil. Consequently, on July 20, 2003, unlawful officials took about 12 practitioners away, and some were sent to a forced labor camp. I was also interfered with.

One afternoon, as I was repairing a TV at home, a fellow practitioner arrived and said to me, "Hurry up, pack up your Dafa books, the 610 Office is coming to get you." After he left, I put my book away, and then I left my house. Soon after, a few policemen entered my home. At that time, my son was home alone watching TV. After a little while, I thought that I should go back. I remembered Teacher's words: "Since the old evil forces insist on giving us a chance to eliminate them, make good use of it. History has never seen this before, it's hard to come by." ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington D.C. International Fa Conference"). After I went home, the authorities tried to take me to the County Police Bureau. I asked, "Why do I have to go with you?" They replied, "Because you delivered flyers to others." I said, "I didn't violate the law; I am not going with you." They threatened us: "Although you don't want to go with us, we still have to take you." I ignored them and said to myself: "Whatever you say doesn't mean anything." When they saw that I wasn't moving, three of them started pushing me out the door. At that time, my mother joined in to help me, and she and my son started pulling on me in order to prevent them from taking me away. I started sending forth righteous thoughts, as the perpetrators ripped my clothes. I thought that I shouldn't only use my human force, I should use wisdom instead. My mother stood in front of the car blocking the door, as my son was pulling on me. One of my feet was against the car, and I was sending forth righteous thoughts. Although they pushed me several times they couldn't get me into the car. When I was still sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil, the officials stopped pushing me as they had become exhausted, out of breath, and were sweating hard. When more and more people came and surrounded us, I quietly escaped. I walked for about 60 meters before the police noticed my absence. They had no choice but to leave.

On October 1, 2003, officials from the village police station came to harass me again. I wasn't at home, so they went to my neighbor's home to ask where I was. The neighbor said he didn't know, and told them: "Aren't you coming over here to take money from them?" When the police realized that my neighbors wouldn't help them to find me, they left. Other villagers were concerned about my safety and wouldn't let me return to my home. I thought that cultivating Falun Dafa was a fortunate thing, and that practitioners shouldn't be unable to return to their homes; we should not only have homes, but also a positive cultivation environment. Under the assistance of fellow practitioners and other villagers, I returned to Fa-rectification in an open and upright manner. This couldn't have happened without Master's benevolence. The whole experience made us feel the great power of righteous thoughts and righteous actions, and the power of working as one body.

Now, everyone in our village understands that it is the authorities committing bad deeds who are "destroying social stability." Whoever has committed evil deeds towards Dafa will not be tolerated by divine beings.