The police arrested Mr. Wang Yonghua, a disabled farmer from Suining City, at the end of August. They have detained him ever since. His wife was forced to leave home with their 10-month-old son to avoid the persecution.

Mr. Wang Yonghua, 31, is a disabled individual without a left hand. He lived in Taiping Township, Sanjia Town, the Anju District, Suining City, Sichuan Province. In August, the police from the Anju District went to Mr. Wang's home numerous times to harass him but he wasn't home. On August 30, Suining City Beimen Police Department officials sent the police to his home again to ransack it. They knocked over his parents' furniture and took away a cellular phone and a family portrait of Mr. Wang with his wife and daughter. They also beat Mr. Wang in front of his parents and took him away to Suining City for interrogation.

The police searched desperately for Wang's wife, hoping to arrest her as well. Mrs. Wang took their 10-month-old child and left home to avoid being illegally arrested. A few days after Mr. Wang's arrest, police officer Zhang Liang from the national security brigade of Tongnan County, Chongqing City, went to Suining to personally persecute Mr. Wang.

Just before October 1, the police extorted 300 yuan from Mr. Wang's family. It's now October 10, but they haven't released him.

The farmers are now busy working in the fields. Wang Yonghua's father is sick and can't work, and his mother is over 60 years old. The farm work was Mr. Wang's responsibility, but he is still being detained in Lingquan Temple Detention Center, Suining, Sichuan Province.